Magnolia Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Every flower hides a secret meaning and symbolism behind it. Sometimes this meaning is well-known like the one of a rose, but other times flowers hide deep messages that can’t be so easily recognized. This is why it is important to learn more about the flower symbolism and apply it on our lives. Flower symbolism dates back thousands of years and we are all affected by it. Flower symbols are not only pretty for decoration purposes.

Flowers send us important messages and help us make our lives better. The flower symbolism is full of interesting facts about beautiful flowers around us, but it also opens our eyes to what is going on in nature.

Flower symbolism helps us understand how certain symbolic meanings came to life and how they were influenced by many stories, legends and myths. People cared a lot more about flowers and nature in general in the past, but flower symbolism is definitely something we can’t ignore even today.

Magnolias are simply beautiful flowers that also have a strong symbolic value behind them. Even one look at them is enough to know that a flower like this definitely attracted attention of people around it. There are many stories about the Magnolia flower and the origin of its symbolism.

Meaning of the Magnolia flower

Flowers around us were once important symbols of deepest emotions and people’s affections. Even today, flowers are there to express our emotions and to send an important message out to the world. Sometimes this message is clear but other times we have to look deeper into the symbolic meaning of a flower to understand this message. Every flower has its own symbolical meaning and the Magnolia flowers represent:


  • The beautiful Magnolia is no wonder, a symbol of beauty. Every person compared to this gorgeous flower is simply beautiful and it is a pure evidence of life can be beautiful. Magnolia flowers are going to send a clear message to the person you are trying to surprise because this gorgeous flower is going to make a clear statement how that person is simply divine.

Yin feminine side

  • Magnolia flowers are also symbols of the feminine side in every person and females in general. The Magnolia flowers are a perfect gift for someone who is gentle, loving and caring. They are going to make that person feel appreciated and loved by you deeply.

Purity and dignity

  • The Magnolia flowers are symbols of dignity and purity. This symbolical meaning is mostly derived from stories and myths surrounding the Magnolia flower’s origin. This flower is going to let the other person know you are highly respectable and you feel a great amount of appreciation for everything this person has done for you.

Magnolia Flower – Etymological meaning

The Magnolia flower got its name after a French botanist who was called Pierre Magnolia. He was one of the scientists who discovered the Magnolia flower and its families, not just the specie of Magnolia.

Many believe that this is the real origin of the name Magnolia but others disagree. In the East, the Magnolia flower is called hou po and many cultures around the world use their own names and nicknames for this beautiful flower.

Magnolia Flower – Symbolism

The unusual individual fragrant, mostly upright, and sometimes hanging or horizontal magnolia flowers in the past years are increasingly decorating gardens. They also call it queen of spring flowers because of extremely rich and gorgeous flowers in various colors. With its flower are associated different symbolic meanings.

Magnolia belongs to the genus of the same name, which has about 75 natural varieties of deciduous and evergreen trees or shrubs. According to some geological research, the ancestors of magnolia existed from 80 to 100 million years ago. As a form of evolution, in order to protect itself, it developed a specific flower that does not have a strawberry, because then there were no bees.

Magnolia originates from East Asia and North America. Asian species usually flourish before flippers, and the American ones after scrolling. In its natural habitat, the magnolia tree can grow more than 20 m in height. The flowers appear from May to September at magnolias older than 10 years.

All species of magnolia that grow are generally grown as a high bush that can be formed into a low tree up to 5 m high. The exception is the Magnolia Grandiflor that grows like a low tree. The most common species that are today are Magnolia liliflor, Magnolia stellata and Magnolia ovate.

Due to very large flowers, which often appear before the leaves in the early spring, almost all types of magnolia are very interesting. The shape of the flowers varies from cuprous, cuprous, bowl, to star shapes. The flowers can be completely white, pink, purple and in various variations of white and yellow. The leaves are large, shiny, leathery. The fruits are similar to the seeds, and after their shoots their seeds are longer with branches on long threads.

In the spring of 1740, a large magnolia arrived in the French city of Nantes from North America, which was little known in Europe. Botanist Plumie, who was the King of the Sun, Louis XIV, sent the world to explore the plants and collect the most beautiful species for the Garden of Versailles, while he was staying in America, gave this plant the name of magnolia in memory of Pierre Magnol, director of Botanical Gardens in Montpellier.

In China, the magnolia flower is a symbol of strength and loyalty in love. To his faithful subjects, the Chinese Emperor expressed respect for the magnolia flower. In Europe, the rule was that the flower of magnolia was given after the infidelity of the return of old love. Magnolia symbolizes dignity and perseverance, but also love for nature. The color of the magnolia flower signifies a certain symbol. Thus, the flower is a sign of innocence, and pink indicates shyness and is most often given to girls who have not yet realized true love.

According to the feng shui, the magnolia planted in front of the house attracts the energy of pleasure and rest, and if it is planted behind the house symbolizes the slow but sure acquisition of wealth.

Magnolia benefits have been known since ancient times. In its traditional medicine, the Chinese and Japanese have used the medicinal extract of her bark for 2000 years. Today, this extract is used in medicine, but mostly in the cosmetics industry. Many shampoos with extract of magnolia, various preparations and baths based on its odor are known.

Magnolia Flower – Color meaning

Some flowers come in many different colors and color shades. Sometimes the colors are perfect in tune with the symbolical meaning of a flower, but other times they give it a completely different meaning and symbolism.

When choosing the right color of flowers for every occasion and every person you love. Color of a flower is here to help you make that flower into an arrangement that is going to express all of your deepest emotions and feelings. The Magnolia flower comes in several colors and they are:


  • Color yellow is a symbol of happiness, joy and friendship. This flower is a perfect symbol for friendship and it can be a beautiful reminder of caring for the people you love and showing them love and affection.


  • Color pink symbolizes romance, love and femininity. This beautiful flower is going to be a beautiful gift for the one you love and it will make a clear statement that you have strong affection and love for this person.


  • Color purple is a symbol of spirituality, royalty and feelings of dignity. The purple Magnolia flowers can be gifted to almost anyone, and gifting them won’t send a wrong message to the one who is receiving the flower.


  • Red symbolizes passion, love and romance. The red Magnolias are truly eye-catchers and they demand our attention. Even though this color is not as often as the pink or purple, it is still a strong symbol and a reminder to always show love to the people who are dear to us.


  • White is a symbol of purity, innocence and spirituality. The white Magnolia flower is there to send a message of kindness and innocence to anyone w love. This beautiful flower is going to be a strong reminder of living your life according to your desires and to the desires of others.

Magnolia Flower – Botanical facts and characteristics

Large, scented, white flowers are just the beginning of the magnolia tree magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora). This attractive tree also has bright, dark-green leaves and a large exotic-looking exotic look that opens in autumn and reveals bright orange-red berries in which birds and other wildlife enjoy. Magnolia tree is cultivated all over the world in parks and gardens.

Magnolia plant originates from East Asia and the Himalayas, eastern North America and Central America. Decorative wood magnolia can grow up to 5 meters in height. Depending on the species, magnolia can be evergreen, semi-evergreen or deciduous. Some of the deciduous species bloom in the early spring before the tree develops leaves. The evergreen magnolia bloom in June and July, and it can bloom for longer.

One of the difficulties in cultivating magnolia is to control large, crisp leaves that are constantly falling from the tree.

Growing magnolia should be done in a place with “decent” sunshine. Magnolia loves a lot of sunshine, but it can satisfy even a mild shadow. Also, this place should have enough space for the growth of the tree of magnolia in its full natural height.

Make sure the earth is fertile enough. Magnolia loves slightly acidic soils with a lot of humus and moisture.

Although the seeds of magnolia can be purchased, you can pick it up around the magnolia of the tree. When you have magnolia seed, peel off its outer shell. Put the seeds in a bowl of warm water overnight to soften. After that, seed should be seized, which will facilitate the uptake when the planting occurs. The magnolia tree requires a long time to grow, so do not expect quick results.

It is especially important that young trees water well until they become established. Save the magnolia when the flower buds begin to swell, with a slow-spreading fertilizer. Young magnolia plants need to protect the root from freezing over winter.

Cutting of Magnolia is another factor of basic care of wood magnolia. Magnolia trimming should be carried out slowly and with great care. In the late spring, after flowering magnolia, remove the damaged and intertwined branches. Wounds are healing slowly, so keep the pruning to a minimum. Treating refers to the reduction of the branches’ branches. Although it may sound contradictory, this actually stimulates the growth of new flowers and this will make your tree grow faster.

The propagation of magnolia can be carried out by vegetative means (with the help of cuttings or sticks), but also with the help of its seed.

After breaking the fruits of magnolia, you will notice its seed hanging from branches on certain threads. Otherwise, the magnolia seed is light red to orange red. Sowing is done in the autumn, at a temperature of up to 5 ° C, but we recommend sowing on the spring due to the danger of frost. The seeds of magnolia should be placed shallow, at a depth of 1 cm, and regularly watered until sprouting.

Reproduction of cuttings is carried out with the help of cuttings 8-10 cm long, taken in July. It is necessary to remove the leaves from the magnolia of the magnolia and then snap them into the sand. After the formation of the root, magnolia is transplanted into a pot.

Reproduction is done in the early summer, by planting the plant in a mixture of equal parts of garden soil, peat and sand. You can wait up to 18 months, and then separate from the parent plant.

Magnolia Flower – Secret message

Flower symbolism dates back thousands of years and we are all affected by it. Flower symbols are not only pretty for decoration purposes. Just like flowers have their symbolic meanings, they also have strong secret messages behind them that make them so unique.

The message behind the Magnolia flower is to always be stable in life and to go through life with your head up high. Flowers send us important messages and help us make our lives better. The flower symbolism is full of interesting facts about beautiful flowers around us, but it also opens our eyes to what is going on in nature.