Snowdrop Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flower symbolism is everywhere around us and we can see it in everything. Flowers are usually symbols used in emblems and in heraldry of many countries. Flowers were often used as symbols in art and literature and artists used them to transfer important thoughts to the viewers and readers.

Flowers were used as important additions to every special occasion and event that took place in the past. Ancient cultures even gave flowers as gifts to their gods and goddesses in order to gain their affection

Besides being there to help us decide which flower to choose to make someone we love happy, flower meaning and symbolism is also helpful when we want to learn more about the world around us and the incredible creatures living in it.

Every flower has a magical past behind it that makes it so special and unique, which is something we overlook when we see the flowers in the nature. They even hide messages that can be valuable for us and make us feel excited to be alive.

In today’s text, we will be talking about the Snowdrop flower and the secret symbolism behind it. This beautiful flower is the first sign of spring and it represents a unique symbol of warmer weather and longer days that are coming to us.

Meaning of the Snowdrop flower

Meaning of a certain flower should be taken seriously, because there is so much we can learn from it. Sometimes a meaning for a flower can help us get to know nature around us better and make us more in tune with the beauty of the world.

The Snowdrop flower has its own symbolic meaning that is unique only to this flower and it can be linked only to the Snowdrop flower. the meaning behind it is composed from all the marvelous stories and experiences that people had with it, and it is something that is only associated with this gentle flower. The meanings of the Snowdrop flower are:


  • The small and fragile Snowdrop flower is a symbol of rebirth and overcoming obstacles in life. This gentle flower stands out in nature as a reminder that we can all make great things in life only if we set our minds to it. There is nothing that can stop us or make us fall down, if we truly believe in our goals. That is the only success is going to come to us and we can make a difference.


  • The Snowdrop flower is also a symbol of sympathy and caring for someone. This small flower is a perfect way to say to someone that you care and that there is always someone this person can look up to for consolation and support. The Snowdrop flowers are there to remind us to take care of the people we love and to never let them down in moments when they need us the most.


  • Innocence and purity are linked to the white Snowdrop, mainly because of its color. This gentle flower symbolizes being yourself and staying true to your nature. No matter how small or meaningless you might seem to others, that shouldn’t be your limit in life. Each one of us can show compassion and love, especially to those who we love.


  • And lastly, the Snowdrop flower is a symbol of hope and fighting for your future. This small flower reminds us and the people we gift it to, that there is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel. You should never give up on your dreams, because only those who don’t give up on hope can make a difference in life.

Snowdrop Flower – Etymological meaning

The Snowdrop flower is also called Galantus nivalis. This flower name is a combination of two words that come from the Greek language and they are Galanthus which means milk and nivalis which means snow-like.

When they combined these two words, they got a name that is basically translated as the milk white flower that resembles snow. This is the name that is partially used today, since people call this flower Snowdrop.

Snowdrop Flower – Symbolism

Symbolism behind the Snowdrop flower is rich. In a legend about the Garden of Eden, the Snowdrop flower was linked to Eve and her tears. After God banished her and Adam from the Garden of Eden, she was crying from despair and to comfort her, an angel picked up a snowflake and shattered it across Earth to make Eve feel better. After this story, the Snowdrop flower became a symbol of hope and rejuvenation.

In the German legend, after God created snow to gather flower’s colors each year, all flowers refused to give God their colors. When snow came to the gentle Snowdrop, it decided to make it an offer. Snowdrop will blossom first every spring and announce its arrival, but in exchange it has to give its color to God. The Snowdrop flower accepted and since then it blooms first every year.

In a Moldovan legend, the Snowdrop flower was created in an epic battle between the Lady Spring and Winter Witch. In this fifth for the reign over the Earth, Lady Spring pricked her finger and the snow beneath it melted and created a tiny Snowdrop flower. This announced her reign over the world.

In Victorian times, the Snowdrop flower symbolized death and many saw it as bad luck if someone brings it inside the home. In US, this flower is a birth flower for everyone who is born in January and has the same symbolic meaning as Carnation flower.

Snowdrop Flower – Color meaning

The color meaning of a flower is there to complement its symbolic meaning or to make it into something completely different. Some flowers come in many different colors and shade ranges, while others only have few colors for us to choose from.

The small and gentle snowdrop flower only has one color, which is something it is best known for. This simple flower with such a gentle and simple color is still so full of symbolic value and worth.


  • The white color of the Snowdrop flower is a symbol of purity, innocence, hope and rebirth. This color is something that goes perfectly well together with the symbolic meaning of the Snowdrop flower itself. This gentle flower can be a gift for someone going through some rough moments in life and for someone who needs to be lifted up from a dark place. Snowdrop flowers have a strong symbolic meaning to them and it can give us optimism and strength to move forward in life. Color white is also associated with spirituality and stories that link he Snowdrop flower to the Garden of Eden and other religious myths are a perfect example of that symbolism. This flower is only a proof how even the smallest of us can make a significant change in the world.

Snowdrop Flower – Botanical facts and characteristics

Snowdrop is the first spring flower that bloom after the winter frosts, often lurking through the snow cover. It grows in gardens and in pots, and creates a visually interesting effect in nature. This garden plant is very resistant and easy to grow. In the garden, you should choose a place that will be exposed to sunlight in the winter and in the spring, for example by the edge of flower pots or lawns, with lower densely shrubs of fine branches close to them.

They can also be grown in pots. Match their soil similar to the forest soil, lush and slightly sour. The bulbs of the Snowdrop are sown in September and October, at depths of planting 5 – 10 cm, with a spacing of 10 cm. Drink them in groups of 15 to 20, in order to create a beautiful flower surface in time, because old bulbs will break new, young ones. In addition, when the flower matures, a fruit is formed, a yellowish toothpick that breaks out and drops seeds from which new stabilizers will develop. The blossoms of the Snowdrop are two-sided and the bees love them.

Snowdrop is suitable for a shattered, slightly acidic soil, rich in nutrients, with a little clay. It is also suitable for forest land, which is its natural habitat. Snowdrop is propagated by seeds and from bulbs from which young bulbs come out.

At the end of the flowering period, when the sleeping period of the Snowdrop passes, it dries down. It is best to plant them when the leaves begin to yellow, and the bulb is fresh. Bulb is planted at a depth of 5 to 10 cm, in groups of 15 to 20, because it will look so much better when it grows. There is enough space between the bulbs, since each of them will create numerous bulbs, and in a few years it can cover the entire surface.

In order to flourish in the garden of Snowdrop for years to be planted in a sunny or partially shadowed place, in addition to the rare ornamental shrubs and trees.

Snowdrop is replicated by seeds. Its flowers are easily pollinated by bees. After flowering, yellow-green flowers are created, which break down when the seeds and shoots emerge from them, which disperse ants and other insects, and propagate Snowdrop.

In autumn, they will begin to grow. In order to develop more flowers, it is necessary to cover the places where the layer of these flowers grows, and in the spring it should be fed with a complex of minerals.

Every three years, after flowering, the Snowdrop should be transplanted. When carefully dig up, bulbs are separated by hand, and again planted in damp soil. The Snowdrop that is in pots is best transplanted when they are in standstill, in July or August.

In addition to being in wild environments, it can also be obtained in cultivated forms and numerous cultivated species, so many plant species and colors of Snowdrop (Galanthus), Crocus, Anemone, Sunflower (Narcissus) or Leucoium. These species in nature are mostly self-propagating by seeds or side-bursts, creating big groups of gentle plants of different colors. If we want to convey the impression to our garden, the planting of spring species in autumn is recommended, especially in the groups, because the aforementioned herbs, although very durable, appear to be striking primarily in the groups.

Snowdrop Flower – Secret message

Besides being there to help us decide which flower to choose to make someone we love happy, flower meaning and symbolism is also helpful when we want to learn more about the world around us and the incredible creatures living in it. Symbolism of the Snowdrop flower ranges from stories from the Bible to many legends and myths from latter history. There are many beautiful symbolical stories linked to the Snowdrop flower and it is something that will still continue to live on.

The Snowdrop flower is also hiding a strong message for all of us that we need to implement on our lives and make our lives more meaningful. The message behind the Snowdrop flower is positivity, rebirth and bright future. This strong message can help everyone who is struggling with problems in their lives to make a decision to move forward from this negativity and find something meaningful to fight for. No matter how small this flower is, it has a great symbolic value to it and we can always take a valuable lesson and apply it on our life.