Baby’s Breath Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flower symbolism and meaning is not only there to help you choose the right sort of flower to gift to someone you love. The flower symbolism can also be a great way to inform you about nature and things that are growing inside of it.

People were much more in tune with nature in the past, but this all changed when we started caring more about not so important things. We stayed away from what is important and from what we all came from.

Flower symbolism was worshipped in the past, and no religious ceremony could have been conducted without the use of flowers. They were something that was mandatory and even necessary for the ritual o continues.

Flowers were there to express people’s emotions and fears but also to tell others how we felt deep inside our souls. Every flower is special in its own way and we can learn so much from every single flower in the nature. No matter how small they might seem to us, there is always something to its value than we think.

Today, we will be talking about the Baby’s breath flower and the symbolic value behind it. This unusual flower is something you probably already heard of and seen it many times.

Meaning of the Baby’s breath flower

Each and every flower has its own symbolic meaning and value. No matter how small lathe flower is or how insignificant it might seem to us, there is always something more to it than we think. Flower meaning is usually constructed by the stories and myths surrounding flowers that were created years or even centuries back. The meanings of the Baby’s breath flower are several, and they are:

Everlasting love

  • The Baby’s breath flower is a symbol of everlasting love and emotions that never die. This flower reminds us to always cherish the ones we love and to show them affection. This flower can also be a reminder of a past love that is still in your heart and that still feels like the one, but you passed on it because of something else.

Newborn babies

  • This flower is also a symbol of newborn babies and it is usually gifted to them and their parents. This symbolic meaning is partly based on the white color of the flower and the gentle flower that grows on top.


  • The Baby’s breath flower is also a symbol of innocence and purity. This small flower is symbol of everything that is nice, kind and genuinely honest and loving. Gifting this flower to someone means you have high opinion of him or she and you find this person to be kind and loving.

Holy Spirit

  • The Baby’s breath flower is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit. This flower is often used in Christian ceremonies and we can often see it as a part of flower arrangements.


  • This flower symbolizes self-discipline and it is linked to the ability of people to devote their lives to something more important and higher than themselves. This symbolic meaning is often tied to prayer and ability of a human being to be in touch with the higher forces and not always tempted by the devil.


  • Similar to the above symbolic meanings, the Baby’s breath flower is also a symbol of pureness and it is a lovely gift for anyone who is a pure example of this characteristic. You can gift it in baby showers and all other occasions where this flower symbolism is perfect.

Baby’s breath Flower – Etymological meaning

The Baby’s breath flower is also known as the Gypsophilia flower. The history behind this name is in the word gypsum, which is a mineral that makes the soil thick and heavy.

This flower is also called the Baby’s breath because it was often gifted for baby showers and it sends a very delicate message to the world. in other parts of the world, this beautiful flower has different meanings and they are all based mostly on stories that were passed on from one generation to the other.

Baby’s breath Flower – Symbolism

Baby’s breath flower comes in several colors, and they are all mild and gentle. This flower is usually gifted for baby showers and taken to weddings. There is something simply beautiful and alluring when it comes to this flower, because of its small petals and gentle fragrance. These flowers look beautiful in flower arrangements and can be gifted to almost anyone. This gentle flower is sending a message of love, compassion and innocence. No matter whom the person to whom you are gifting this flower to is, it is not going to send a wrong message or make a wrong statement.

Baby’s breath flower is something that is a must in weddings and bridal bouquets. The reason why it has been so widely used as a part of a wedding arrangement is because of its beauty and simplicity. No wedding ceremony can pass without this beautiful flower. baby showers are also decorated with the Baby’s breath flower, and the name of this flower itself is reason enough to do that.

Baby’s breath Flower – Color meaning

Baby’s breath flower comes in several different colors and they are:


  • The white Baby’s breath flower is a symbol of unity, innocence and spirituality, which goes perfectly with the symbolic meaning of this flower in general. White flowers are a must for every wedding ceremony and every baby shower.


  • Color blue symbolizes honesty, trust and respect. This is a perfect flower to gift to someone who you find deserving of these traits. These are also perfect for baby showers, especially for baby boys.


  • Color orange symbolizes happiness, joy and optimism. This is perfect gift for your friends and family members.


  • Red symbolizes love, affection and romance. The red Baby’s breath flower can be a perfect gift for your loved ones and your partner.


  • Pink is a symbol of gentle emotions, love and romance. This flower color can be gifted to anyone who is dear to you. you can take this flower color to a baby showr, especially if the baby is baby irl.


  • Color purple is a symbol of nobility, royalty and beauty. This small and gentle flower is going to be a perfect statement in every flower arrangement if you choose the purple color. Purple doesn’t send a wrong message to the people we gift them to, so you can use it as a gift for almost anyone.


  • Color yellow is a symbol of happiness, joy and friendships. The yellow Baby’s breath flower is a perfect gift for your friends and family members. This flower color is also going to be a bright point in your flower arrangement and make it a really unique arrangement.

Baby’s breath Flower – Botanical facts and characteristics

Probably you know the flower or Baby’s breath grow in flowerpots – always present in wreaths, bouquets and flower arrangements – however, you may not even have thought of it as a garden plant.

Baby’s breath  flower (Gypsophila paniculata) is an addition to a perennial garden that requires little maintenance. Like lavender or Kitten grass, Baby’s breath flower in a garden gives a charming, gentle look. Since this plant blooms from the beginning of the summer to the autumn, it is a great flower that will hide other perennials when they finish the flowering season. Pair the Baby’s breath with delphinium, a feather, a lampfire, a bulb, a Kitten grass (hajdučka grass) and other flowers that are usually grown in gardens that have English style.

Cottage Garden is a specific English style garden of informal design for which traditional materials (wood and stone, for example) are used, characterized by thick planting and a mixture of decorative and edible plant species.

The Baby’s breath, most commonly occurs in a well-known white variety, but the plant can also have flowers in several shades of pink and purple. There are annual and perennial varieties of Baby’s breath, and perennial can survive in the garden if there is not too much moisture in the soil, and before winter the soil should be mixed with sand and sawdust.

For the cultivation of Baby’s breath, you need seedlings from the nursery, and you can start with the cuttings that you will take from someone who already has these flowers. You can also grow seedlings from the seed, but if you opt for this method, do not expect to flourish in the first flight. Place the Baby’s breath seed in a bowl that is filled with light leafy soil. Cover the seed with a very thin layer of soil – about 15mm and orosite the container using a spray bottle. Cover the seeds with plastic foil and store in a warm place. Seeds are best served when the temperature is around 210C.

Baby’s breath cultivation will be more successful if you plant these flowers in a sunny place. The land must be well-watered and have a pH value of about 7. If the soil is sour, add a little lime to increase the pH value. Make heavy, clay soils with plenty of organic matter, such as compost, manure and sphung (dry moss), as the plant will rot during the long and moist winter.

Baby’s breath does not require excessive care, and too much fertilizer and water can lead to rapid growth and poor flowering. Baby’s breath loves dry soil and is resistant to drought, so make sure that the soil is not too wet, and add balanced fertilizer in small quantities in the spring when new shoots appear.

In the middle of the year, trim the flowers if the flower branches start to stiffen and act erratically. Trimming accelerates the new flowering from mid-summer to autumn. Tall plants should be supported by the infusion. Baby’s breath belongs to perennials that do not require division. Mixed carrots (more precisely, tubers) are brittle and can be easily damaged, so it is better not to touch the plant, but to control the growth by cutting. Varieties with a double flower are grafted, so be careful not to sow under the coil because the plant will take on the characteristics of the substrate.

Baby’s breath is grateful for growing because it rarely has problems with insects and diseases. You can prevent the occurrence of molds if you distribute the plants so that the air freely circulates, and the watering is done by drop-drop method instead of sprinklers.

From the many of old varieties, there are also Gypsophila paniculata (swallowed meal or plain gipsofil), typical for Central and Eastern Europe, which can grow up to 1.2m in height and in width, as well as Gypsophila repens (also known as alpine gipsofil or creeping flower glider) that grows up to 20cm in height and 30-50cm in width, or as a blanket.

Of the annual varieties, the most popular is Gypsophila muralis (also known as Gipsy), which is mostly used for flower and balconies, and is extremely popular for making wedding bouquets, not as a supplement, but as the only type of flowers. This is one of the most beautiful and the most colorful varieties of the Baby’s breath flower because of its wide variety of uses.

Baby’s breath Flower – Secret message

People were much more in tune with nature in the past, but this all changed when we started caring more about not so important things. We stayed away from what is important and from what we all came from. Flowers are still there to remind us to go back on the right path and get more in touch with nature that surrounds us. Flower symbolism was worshipped in the past, and no religious ceremony could have been conducted without the use of flowers.

Baby’s breath flower is telling you to always be close to your loved ones and show them the love they deserve. This beautiful flower is a must on every wedding ceremonies and baby showers. It symbolizes innocence and purity, but also love and affection towards people we love.