Eustoma Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

You might think that the flower symbolism is not important, but when you think about it, flower symbolism is everywhere. You can’t just go out and buy any flower for your loved one, this has to be a flower which represents your deepest emotions.

Whether you want to express love or admiration, the flowers you pick for the bouquet are essential.

The color of the flowers as well as the symbolism that has been tied to the flower, are very important. Picking the wrong flowers can cause confusion and receiving of the wrong message that was not intended.

Eustoma flower is also known as the Stock flower or Lisianthus. In this article, we will be exploring more about the hidden symbolism of this simple, but still beautiful flower and what is the message that this flower hides.

Meaning of the Eustoma flower

Every flower has its own symbolic meaning and we need to understand it before we decide to gift it to someone we love. You certainly don’t want the other person to get the wrong message from you, therefore it is important to know the hidden meaning behind a flower.

Eustoma flower has several meanings and they are:

  • Appreciation
  • Friendliness
  • Admiration
  • Sweetness
  • Desire for openness
  • A long and happy lifetime
  • Peace and charm.

Appreciation – The Eustoma flower meaning is appreciation. This makes it a perfect flower for someone to whom you want to show great admiration and respect you are feeling.

Friendliness – This is another meaning of the Eustoma flower. Gifting this gorgeous flower to a friend won’t make him or her feel insulted and it won’t send the wrong message to the receiver.

Admiration – Similar to the first meaning, Eustoma flower is also a symbol of admiration, so it is a perfect gift for someone you highly respect.

Sweetness – Eustoma flowers are small and gentle, which makes them easily linked to this symbolic meaning. They are perfect as sweet gifts for the people you love.

Desire for openness – Gift Eustoma flowers to someone you want to see as a more open person. This meaning also asks for opening of the heart and soul of an individual.

A long and happy lifetime – Eustomas can be gifted as birthday gifts or gifts for your relatives. Their meaning is wishing this person a long and happy lifetime.

Peace and charm – Another meaning which makes them a perfect gift for almost any person who is dear to your heart and who you want to see happy.

Eustoma – Etymological meaning

The name Eustoma comes from ancient Greece and this particular flower was well known there as a love charm. Name Eustoma is combined from two words, eu (which means goodness) and stoma (which means mouth).

In translation, this flower was known as “good mouth” and it symbolized love, affection, peace and love in general.

Eustoma – Symbolism

Eustoma flowers were very well known as sociable flowers, or flowers you gift when you want to express your good social skills. In ancient Greece they were known as “good mouth” and usually represented love, contentment and peace.

These flowers were gifted in social gatherings and also for various other occasions.

Their symbolic value is also linked to love and expressing love. Eustoma flowers can be an ideal Valentine’s Day present for your loved one, especially if you want to try something new and different this year.

Eustoma – Color meaning

Eustoma flower comes in several different colors. These colors are:


  • Purple Eustomas symbolize royalty, nobility and beauty. These flowers are ideal for ceremonies and special occasions like weddings. Color purple adds to the elegance and beauty of this simple flower, making it the perfect wedding decoration.


  • Yellow Eustomas are symbols of joy and happiness. They can be used in almost any occasion and are perfect eye-catching decorations for your home. Color yellow in general demands our attention but it also wakes up positive emotions in every person.


  • White Eustomas are perfect gifts for friends, but they also symbolize spirituality, innocence and purity. This beautiful flower can also be a perfect wedding decoration and even a beautiful addition to your wedding bouquet.


  • Pink Eustoma flowers are symbols of love and romance, and are a perfect gift for your partner. Don’t restrict yourself to only your partner, because these flowers can be gifted to your friends as well.


  • Orange petals symbolize friendship, but also joy, happiness and positive energy. You can place a gorgeous bouquet of Eustoma flowers in your home to invite some positive vibes.


  • Green Eustomas symbolize money and wealth, and they are great gifts for almost anyone. You can even place a bouquet of green Eustomas into your home, to open up doors to wealth and prosperity.

Eustoma – Botanical facts and characteristics

Eustoma, also known as Eustoma, Texas bells, Prairie lynx or Prairie Rose, and botanically as Eustoma grndiflorum, is suitable for growing in almost all climatic areas. The flowers of the Eustoma are also adorned with blends of flowers in the gardens. Especially popular as a cut flower and used in flower arrangements.

Luxurious flower lilies, similar to rose, appears not only in shades of blue and lilac colors, but also in pink, light green, and also white. The flowers can be single or double. Some varieties have flowers with a “necklace” that is darker in color along the edges and in the middle.

Although some instructions for the breeding of the Eustoma indicate that the planters should not cultivate plants of different colors of flowers, most sources contradict it, and recommend that you choose similar species because there are varieties that can grow too much and are not suitable for growing in the garden. The plant Eustoma reaches 60-75cm in height, unless you cultivate some of the dwarf varieties that are most suitable for growing in pots.

Plant Eustoma can sprout from tiny seeds, if you have the right environment, however, it is more often bought as an herb. Growers say that it takes 22 to 24 weeks for the development of seeds, so make it easy for you to grow your own Eustoma in your home garden and simply buy ready-made plants.

Do not hesitate to transplant leaf plants when you bring them out of nursery. Eustomaa are not suitable for growing in small pots because roots can get caught if they remain in small pots, which can permanently hurt the development of the plant (it will be stained). Planting times vary from climate to climate. In areas with frosts, begin planting when the danger from them passes. In warmer zones, you can start planting a bit earlier, for example, in March.

The planting of the Eustoma is done in a well-cropped soil in a sunny place. The Eustoma should be planted at a spacing of 15-20 cm in order to spread the stems can rely on one another.

If you get lucky, do not bother to pick up the upper flowers and make a nice bouquet for the house. The flowers of the Eustoma can last up to two weeks in the water.

The popularity of the Eustoma as a cut flower makes it possible to find them in florists all year long. The flower is very easy for growing, you will be surprised how long the flowering season for these plants is long.

Maintain moisture in the soil, but avoid excessive watering of the Eustoma and stop with it until the plant is stationary. Tackling the skill of cultivating the Eustoma will give you pleasure in the long run and will reward you with long-lasting flowers for home arrangements.

Eustoma – Secret message

The secret message behind Eustoma flowers is to always be joyful no matter what. Troubles in life are passable and everything can be solved, only if you set your mind to it. Eustoma flowers wake up feelings of happiness and positive energy, which makes them ideal decoration for our homes.

Besides that, this gentle flower is also a symbol of love and romance, therefore you can opt to choose this flower as your Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one.

Eustoma flowers come in many different colors, which makes them ideal for any occasion. Their simple but still elegant appearance makes them many people’s favorite. This small flower is a perfect example of how even the smallest of us can have such a big importance in life and how every person can add so much to the world.