Dandelion Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Dandelion flowers bring back memories of summer and spring and green landscapes full of this feather-like flower. Their peculiar appearance is not the only things interesting about them. Dandelion flowers have been used in recipes around the world, usually as ingredients in delicious salads.

Dandelions grow around the globe and their growth has several phases. They start off as beautiful yellow flowers that announce the beginning of the spring and end up as fry, feather-like flowers that announce the beginning of summer. It is safe to say that we enjoy seeing these mesmerizing flowers, but what many might not know is that dandelions are actually weed.

Gardeners around the world struggle to clean backyards and fields of dandelions. As a weed, they can grow in almost any soil and any living condition. They are very resistant to the outside conditions and have a long lifespan. No matter what you think about dandelions, spring and summer can’t be imagined without their bright and beautiful appearance.

Meaning of the Dandelion flower

Every flower has its own, unique meaning. Sometimes this meaning is simple and easy to understand, and other times we have to get to know more about a certain flower in order to understand a meaning behind a flower.

Dandelions have many secret meanings that make us want to know more about this, on first glance, ordinary flower.

This humble flower hides these secret meanings:

  • Healing in physical and emotional way
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Heat and the power of the sun
  • Youthful attitude and long lasting happiness
  • Surviving through all of the difficulties and
  • Wishes coming to life.

Healing – Dandelions might look simple and humble, but they are certainly symbols of healing. Even leaves of this peculiar flower have healing powers that can make our bodies and souls feel rejuvenated. Dandelion leaves have been used to cure many illnesses and pains, but as a flower symbol, dandelion is the symbol of emotional healing. Since they can endure almost any living condition, they represent overcoming every hardship by standing strong and proud.

Emotional intelligence – Dandelion is a symbol of emotional intelligence and being able to understand some things without struggling to accept it. People with strong emotional intelligence understand how emotions work and how to save themselves from pain. This is an important skill to have in life and those who struggle with it can find it hard to understand human relationships.

Heat and power of the sun – Dandelion is a symbol of the sun. It is pretty obvious why this particular flower symbolizes the sun and its power. Bright yellow color and round shape give it a unique appearance and we can’t avoid being reminded of the sun. If we take into consideration that dandelion grows when it is sunny and warm, there is just one more reason to consider it as the symbol of the sun. If you want to bring some sunshine into your home, pick a beautiful bouquet of Dandelions and place them on your coffee table. This way, you will have sunshine in your home even if it is raining outside.

Survival – Dandelions are flowers that can persevere through all of the difficult living conditions. Because of this, they are considered as symbols of survival and overcoming all of the difficult moments in life. They are also perfect proof how even the smallest and most humble people can be strong and powerful and overcome everything that gets thrown on their way. When you place Dandelions in your home, they can be pleasant reminders about how important it is to fight against problems and to stand courageously when hardship comes your way. Many people consider Dandelions to be perfect examples of how even the smallest and most humble people can withstand great hardships.

Happiness and joy – Bright, yellow color of a Dandelion flower is a perfect symbol of happiness and joy. Even one glance at this simple flower makes us remember summer and spring, two of the warmest and most alive seasons of the year.

Dandelions can be used in celebrations and as decorations in parties that represent something joyful and happy for you. They can be used as decoration in children’s parties when you want to accentuate the joyful nature of an event. Even if you choose this flower to be your bedroom or living room decoration, you will get an instant hit of optimism and joy in your life.

Wishes coming to life – Dandelions seeds have been used to make a wish for as long as we can remember. Picking up a flower and blowing to make the seeds fly into the air, and then making a wish is something I did as a child and probably you have too.

Some of those wishes did come true, while others still have time to come to life. Next time you see a dried Dandelion, pick it up and make a wish while you blow off the seeds. Perhaps the stars are going to join in and make your wish come to life.

Dandelion – Etymological meaning

Name Dandelion was created in the 15th century. Word Dandelion was derived from the words “dens lionis”, which mean lion’s tooth.

The seeds inside the flower, when it is dried down, reminded them of lion’s teeth therefore this name was created.

Slowly, the words Dens lionis transformed into dent-de-lion, which in French had the same translation. This is the name most people use today, since it still is a perfect representation of the flower’s appearance.

Of course, different cultures have different names for this flower, or even several different names.

Dandelion – Symbolism

Since Dandelions are weeds, they didn’t make it into the Victorian language of flowers. They simply didn’t consider it a flower, even though it had the appearance and even the beneficial characteristics that were helpful to people. Even though royalty didn’t accept this beautiful flower, medieval peasants knew that a plant like this needed to be shown some respect.

Peasants used this weed as a cure and even as a food source. They discovered early on that the leaves of this weed had good taste and can be used in salads and other dishes. Dandelion flower has many beneficial healing benefits, so they used it in this purpose as well.

In modern times, Dandelion is considered as a symbol of overcoming all the difficult moments that happen to us in life. The ability of this small flower to persevere through some difficult living conditions is extraordinary and praise-worthy. The bright color of this flower reminds us of something joyful and happy, so we often pick Dandelions and use them as decoration in our homes.

Dandelions are also symbols of the sun and emotional recovery. Persevering through everything and standing proudly is the ultimate goal in life. Rising every day just like the sun does is something we need to do and something that this small flower can give us inspiration to do.

Dandelion – Color meaning

Dandelions only come in one color, no matter which species of Dandelions we encounter. Color yellow has its own specific meaning and symbolism, which is shared with this humble flower.


Color yellow symbolizes happiness, freshness, positivity, energy, optimism and in negative aspect it can be the symbol of jealousy, caution and sickness. Since Dandelions are yellow, you can gift these flowers to everyone and there is no mistake if you decide to bring this flower as a gift to somebody. You can use it as a decoration in your own home if you want to bring in some freshness and optimism into your own home.

Since color yellow can symbolize jealousy, it is probably for the best to avoid gifting this flower to someone who might take it the wrong way. Instead, make a beautiful bouquet of Dandelions and place them in your bedroom or living room to bring in some color into your day. Color yellow can be used to encourage conversation and as a symbol of remembrance. This is a perfect flower to choose when you are visiting someone’s grave or you want to pay your respects.

Color yellow also activates our brain cells and makes us think more. It builds our confidence and makes us feel more courageous and engaged in activities. This color is usually used to attract something we need to see and to catch our attention.

Therefore, we can often see it on signs and billboards when there is something important we need to see. Light yellow color in combination with black is the perfect combination for reading something, especially if it somewhere in the distance.

Dandelion – Botanical facts and characteristics

Dandelion can be found all over North America and Europe. After the development of trade and commerce, this beautiful flower was introduced to the entire world. Like I mentioned earlier, Dandelions can endure difficult living conditions without a problem.

They grow in spring and stick around until the late summer. Not many people grow them in their homes, since they can be found outside almost everywhere. Dandelion flowers are edible, so you can use them as an ingredient in your salad or as an ingredient inside some other dish.

Even the flowers on the Dandelion are edible, and they are a bit less bitter than the leaves. In some rural parts, people still use Dandelions to make Dandelion wine. Root of the Dandelion is known for being very healthy and it has been used for curing bladder and kidney issues. You can make tea out of Dandelion flowers, leaves or root and drink it in order to relieve these problems.

Dandelions only grow during summer and spring, but they can also be used in dry condition as a cure. Fresh Dandelions can’t stay fresh for a very long time, so they are not the type of flower you can pick and keep in your home for longer than several days. Dandelions go perfectly with other bright color flowers, but you can combine them even with some neutral colors flowers as well. They are great to use for children’s birthday parties, in days when you want to celebrate summer or when decorating any event that is extremely joyful and happy event in your life.

Dandelions remind us to be strong and to persevere through anything, and their bright color reminds us of the warmth of the sun and its power. Color yellow is very well known as the color of optimism, so add this color to your day whenever you feel down or depressed. Dandelions also have pleasant smells, so you can enjoy their presence in an aromatic and visual way.

Dandelion – Secret message

Every flower has a secret message and meaning hidden behind it. Dandelion flowers give us an opportunity to make a wish and hope for something better to come. They are also telling us to be strong and to persevere through all of the hard moments in our life, just like this plant does no matter how cold or warm it is outside. They are universal symbols of happiness and joy, and their bright yellow flowers simply bring optimism into our lives.

Pick a gorgeous bouquet of Dandelions and place them somewhere where it is going to light up your room and make you feel more optimistic and positive. They can be your living reminders to fight against hardships and to survive everything that is difficult to handle in life. Be as strong and humble as a Dandelion, and the world is going to give back to you everything you deserve.