Bleeding Heart Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flower symbolism has a very big significance for human kind. We expressed our deepest emotions and feelings with flowers and used them as symbols of our deepest feelings.

Whenever we couldn’t say what is on our heart, flowers did that instead of us. Their symbolism is very important and still present in this day and age.

Flowers were often used as symbols in art and literature, both as negative and positive. Their significance in art is especially astonishing, since artists used their subtle, hidden symbolism to express their deep dissatisfaction towards government and everything that represented oppression.

Flowers symbolism was created by our ancestors and every culture has its own vision and thoughts about each flower.

Every flower has its specific meaning that represents something special to us. Flowers have the great ability to represent emotions and feelings we can’t share with others. Their beautiful colors not only make our lives more beautiful, they are also there to help us say farewell to others and to welcome others in symbolic way. We celebrate our birthdays and weddings with flowers, and as a gift they are still unassumingly the most beautiful present you can give to someone.

Meaning of the Bleeding heart flower

Bleeding heart flower has its own specific meaning. Every flower sends a unique message and the meaning behind it can teach us a lot about life in general. Meanings of the Bleeding heart flower are:

  • Speaking about your emotions
  • Passionate love
  • Rejected love
  • Sensitivity and emotionality
  • Compassion and unconditional love and
  • Spiritual connection.

Speaking about your emotions – Bleeding heart flower is a symbol of speaking about your emotions and being open about your feelings. Other people can’t get into our hearts and souls, so we have to share what we feel towards them by speaking the truth. There is a beautiful story linked to this beautiful flower that teaches about the importance of speaking out the truth. Whatever lies on your heart, share it with the person you love and don’t let your greatest love to slip between your fingers.

Passionate love – Bleeding heart flower symbolizes passionate love between two people. This flower, like no other, hides a very touching story that is a lesson for all of the lovers in the world. This gorgeous flower that resembles a bleeding heart or heart stabbed by a dagger is the ultimate symbol of love and strong romantic feelings.

Rejected love – Bleeding heart flower symbolizes rejected love, especially to the Eastern cultures. This flower is a powerful symbol of unrequited love that makes us feel sad. The story that is hidden behind the origin of the name is a great example of great but unreturned love that we all felt at least once in our lives.

Sensitivity and emotionality – This flower symbolizes emotionality and sensitivity, especially when it comes to romantic feelings. Bleeding heart flower is a symbol of touching emotions and feelings that we share with our closest people. Bleeding heart flower is a great symbol of deep emotions, and you can gift it to send a clear message to someone important for you.

Compassion and unconditional love – Just like the name says, Bleeding heart flower symbolizes unconditional love and compassion towards someone. This flower makes us feel warm and bubbly inside but it also a great example of unrequited love and rejection. This flower teaches us to be compassionate and loving towards other people no matter how hard it is to sometimes forgive certain things.

Spiritual connection – Bleeding heart flower is also a symbol of spiritual connections and connection that go beyond life and death.

Bleeding heart flower – Etymological meaning

Bleeding heart flower got its name because of the peculiar appearance of its flower. The petals are shaped like hearts that have a longer bottom part that almost looks like a tear or a drop of blood that is dripping from the heart-petal.

There is also a scientific explanation for the Bleeding heart flower name. This flower is best known as the Dicentra spectabilis, and in translation it means two spurs and spectacular. In literal translation it means two spurs worth looking at. This is the term that perfectly fits this gorgeous flower and it caught people’s attention from the first moment they saw it.

Bleeding heart flower – Symbolism

Bleeding heart flower is a perennial plant that, with its multicolored hearty flowers, adorns the terraces, balconies and gardens for a very long time, and requires little attention and care. In some areas it is called a glacier.

Bleeding heart flower has been cultivated for centuries in China, Korea, Japan. In 1740, German botanist J. G. Gmelin, first brought this plant to Russia for a botanical garden. The first specimens of this plant in Western Europe were brought by Scottish botanist Robert Fortune in 1840 from Japan.

The name Bleeding heart flower is very vivid. The botanical name of this plant is Dicentra spectabilis is very descriptive. Greek words – dicentre means two mammals, and – specitabilis means worthy of attention or spectacular, which this plant really is. The English name for this plant is Bleeding Heart, which is derived from the flower’s looks.

Alongside the plant, Bleeding heart flower is tied up with a story about a prince who desperately tried to conquer the heart of a beautiful princess. The prince brought her wonderful gifts from her travels, but she did not notice him. One day the prince returned from a long trip with a special gift. He first presented to her two magic pink bunnies that he placed on two outside sides of the flower petals. The princess just sighed and barely looked at the bunnies. Prince didn’t give up, so he gifted her two of the most beautiful silk slippers. The princess took them, but told him she could never love him.

Hoping to win her over, the Prince puts a pair of magic earrings on two long white petals and presents them to the princess. The princess barely looked at them, and the poor prince’s heart was completely broken. He pulls the knife out of the cover and kills himself. In the place where the price killed himself the first Bleeding heart flower sprung. The princess only then realized then how much the prince loved her. Sadly, she realized late that she loved him and that her heart would bleed for the prince forever.

Bleeding heart flower – Color meaning

Every flower has its own specific meaning but the color of the flower can add even more symbolism. Bleeding heart flower is special because his heart-shaped petals go perfectly well with the pink or purple color.

There is also a white color Bleeding heart flower but it is very rare. Colors give special significance to objects and we can share a much stronger message with someone if we choose the right color.


  • Color pink symbolizes romance, love, subtleness and kindness. Bleeding heart flowers in pink can be gifted to anyone you love and adore. This is the perfect gift for your partner or the person you love. You can even gift this flower to a family member or a dear friend. Even though the symbolism behind the Bleeding heart flower is strong, you can still gift it to anyone who is dear to you. Since it symbolizes the unconditional love, it can be gifted to anyone who represents the world to you.


  • Red flower Bleeding heart flower is, of course, a symbol of love and romance. There is nothing more beautiful than a romantic story behind a beautiful flower. The heart-shaped petals really stand out when they are in the red color. Color red is a symbol of love, romance, passion, power and strength. This flower can be gifted to the person you really love and care about, to your partner or even to a very good friend.


  • White Bleeding heart flower symbolizes innocence and purity. Even though the white Bleeding heart flower is rare, it is a beautiful gift for someone who you find to be a kind and generous person. You can gift this flower to your family member or friend who has been your support and there for you no matter what. Color white symbolizes purity, innocence, faith and clearness, so you can combine the symbolism of this flower with the symbolic meaning of the color white in order to send a clear emotional message to someone.

Bleeding heart flower – Botanical facts and characteristics

The Bleeding heart flower is usually planted in large pots, boxes, gardens. Plant with copper leaves should be planted in a sunny place, and the one with green leaf color n semi-sunny place. The distance between the plants should be between 15 inches.

A Bleeding heart flower thrives on neutral or base soil, looking for a loose, moist, well-watered land. In order for the plant to flow abundantly, it needs to be regularly watered. The soil between the two watering must be well dried so that the water is not retained in the substrate. A lot of moisture will cause plant degradation. A Bleeding heart flower can withstand heavy heat and drought, so you can safely plant it outside without being worried about it.

If the Bleeding heart flower is in the pots when it cools down and frosts start, put it in the house where it will continue to flourish, if it does not get too hot and if it does not get too moist. Find the room in your home where there isn’t too much heat and isn’t too much cold.

To make the Bleeding heart flower progress and bloom more, it needs to be fertilized with a fertilizer for flowering of the garden plants. The fertilizer is going to help your flower grow faster and richer. If you are not sure which fertilizer is the right one, ask the person who knows something about plants.

The Bleeding heart flower is reproduced by dividing the root, and can be raised from the seed. The root is divided in the early spring or autumn, while the plant is stationary. The root tolerates very low temperatures, can withstand frosts below 20 degrees.

With a little care of a Bleeding heart flower, you will have a nice decoration in your open space. A Bleeding heart flower with its leaves and interesting hearty flowers gives not only beautiful colors, but also a romantic accent to the terrace, balcony or garden.

Bleeding heart flower – Secret message

Every flower has its own special meaning and symbolism that sends us an interesting message about life in general. These messages can help us understand life and difficult moments we face, because we can learn from examples in nature how to handle them. Bleeding heart flower is telling you to speak your emotions loudly.

You can only regret the words you never spoke, because there will be no time to say them if you miss that right moment. Never miss out on a chance to say someone how you feel and what is on your heart. There is no need to hide your true self and your feelings, because you weren’t born to hide in the shadows. Cherish emotions you have and share them with people who are close to you.

Bleeding heart flower is a perfect example of how even rejected love is better than silence. Speak your truth and expect nothing in return, because the mere release of these emotions from your heart is going to make you feel much better.