Morning Glory Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flowers are not only a beautiful decoration for our gardens and balconies, they are also there to make our lives more meaningful. Flower symbolism was created hundreds of years ago and people used them to celebrate their most important moments and to make these moments even more beautiful.

Flowers were used by ancient cultures such as Roman and Greek culture as symbols for various important things. Flowers expressed deepest emotions and human sufferings, and many stories were linked to flowers and their beauty.

Flower’s symbolic meaning is not something that should be taken lightly. Flowers can be a strong message especially if you want to express your feelings to someone. Even though many symbolical meanings of flowers are unknown, because people don’t feel the need to look into it, they are certainly interesting and full of fun facts from the history.

Sometimes we can learn so much about everyday things, just by learning more about flowers and the secret meaning and symbolism behind them.

When learning more about the flower symbolism, it is important to look deeper into the historic background of the flower symbolism. There are many extraordinary stories and myths linked to flowers that are all around us. In today’s text we are going to talk about the Morning Glory flower. This small flower can be found in many places around the world, but not many people know that this small flower has a strong symbolic meaning.

Meaning of the Morning Glory Flower

Every flower has its own symbolic meaning and symbolism. Flowers are linked to many stories and myths that are perfect examples of flower’s symbolic meaning. When gifting flowers, but also when you want to know more about the symbolic meaning of the flower. The Morning Glory flower has several symbolic meaning that this hides behind.

The Morning Glory flower has these meanings:

Mortality of love

  • The Morning Glory flower has the meaning of mortality of love. There are many stories and myths about the Morning Glory flower and many of them are linked to love and expression of love. Victorians saw the Morning Glory flower as the symbol of mortality of love.

Unrequited love

  • The Morning Glory flower is also a symbol of unrequited love. These small flowers are symbols of feeling sad after a break up or simply feeling sorrow for the partners who are no longer with us. When you are gifting this flower, make sure you keep this symbolism in mind.

Restricted love

  • The Morning Glory flower symbolism is closely linked to love and feelings of sadness. This gentle flower symbolism feeling restricted and unable to show the full strength of your love. This symbolic meaning is influenced by an old Chinese story about two lovers, who only had eyes for themselves and neglected everything else. This made the gods angry, so they decided to restrict their meetings to only one day per year.

Loving in vain

  • This symbolic meaning is closely linked to the two above meanings. The small Morning Glory flower symbolizes loving in vain and not being able to be with the one you love. Most of the symbolic meanings behind the Morning Glory flower are sad and remind us about the not so happy side of love. This symbolic meaning is also influenced by Chinese culture and it is a perfect example how love sometimes doesn’t matter, if there are much stronger things keeping you two apart.

Morning Glory Flower – Etymological meaning

The Morning Glory flower is also called the Ipomoea. The Latin name is built from the Latin prefix ip which is translated as worm and it is basically the word for “like”. When we combine the prefix and the worm, we get “worm like”.

The reason why the Morning Glory flower got this name is because of its growth or habit of growth. It wraps itself around things and grows like a worm. This was interesting to people so they called it the worm flower.

Morning Glory Flower – Symbolism

The Morning Glory flower has many symbolic meanings and it is widely used as a symbol in many cultures. In Chinese culture, the Morning Glory flower is a symbol of love and it represents two lovers that always meet on one special day every year. This beautiful symbolic meaning is something that is widely known in China and everyone who mentions the Morning Glory flower’s name thinks of love immediately. There is even a story hidden behind this symbolic meaning.

According to the story, two people fell completely head over heels in love with each other and started neglecting everyone around them. They only had eyes for each other. After their choirs and obligations got bigger and bigger, they heaven started protesting their love and decided to do something about it. They arranged that the lovers will have only one day to meet each year and not a day more. Since then, the Morning Glory flower began a symbol of unrequited love and eternal desire for someone.

In Victorian times, the Morning Glory flower symbolized eternal love and never ending feelings of love towards someone. These flowers were usually taken to graves as symbols of remembering the ones who were no longer with us. Sometimes this flower was used as a symbol of love that was never given back in return. In Christianity, the Morning Glory flower was related to the mortal nature of life on planet Earth.

Every flower represented one life and it was usually represented by the daylight of the rising sun and dying of flowers. Strong symbolic meaning behind the Morning Glory flower got transferred to popular culture and these symbolic meanings lived until today. These small flowers are best known for these symbolical meanings even today and are seen as symbols of unrequited love and remembrance.

Morning Glory Flower – Color meaning

Colors of a flower can give such a strong symbolical meaning to a certain flower but they can also give it a completely different meaning than it already has. Flower color is especially important when gifting a flower to someone who is important to you, because it can send the right kind of message or completely wrong one.

The Morning Glory flower comes in several bright colors and they are:


  • Color red is a symbol of love, passion and romance. When you see the small Morning Glory flower in color red you will instantly think of your loved one. This color goes perfectly well with the symbolic meaning of the Morning Glory flower and it complements it completely.


  • Pink symbolizes gentle feelings, romance and caring for someone. Color pink therefore, goes perfectly with what the Morning Glory flower represents. You can always gift this flower to someone close to you, family member or friend.


  • Blue is symbolism for trust, respect and deep emotions. When someone is your true friend and you know that this person is trustworthy, the blue Morning Glory flower is a perfect gift for that person.


  • Color purple symbolizes royalty, nobility and beauty. The purple Morning Glory flower is a beautiful gift for someone who is special in your life and someone who is you good friend. Color purple compliments the Morning Glory flower’s symbolism and goes perfectly well with it.


  • Yellow symbolizes positive energy brightness and positivity. The small Morning Glory flower in yellow is a symbol for all these emotions and can be a perfect gift for someone who is your good friend. These bright small flowers are also going to make your garden colorful and beautiful.


  • White is a symbol for spirituality, innocence and virginity. The whit Morning Glory flowers are going to be a beautiful addition to your garden and you can even use them in special ceremonies and events that are especially important for you.

Morning Glory Flower – Botanical facts and characteristics

Ipomoea sloters (synonyms: Ipomoea cardinal climber, Ipomoea x multifida, Quamoclit multifida, Quamoclit slotera) is a one-year climber from the Convolvulaceae family. Ipomoea sloters are hybrids of the Ipomoea quamoclite plant Cypress Vine and Ipomoea coccinea. It grows over 2 meters in height and it likes the sunny position and tolerates drought very well. It is very characteristic because of its bright red flowers, which are half the size of the “classic” ornamental slugs are often grown in vast majority region.

It needs support for climbing, and it is recommended to plant it with wire rails. It clings by wrapping the tops of the plant around the support, so there is no danger of falling down. It is grown with seeds of the flower, either early in the spring in closed, or later, after the danger of frosts passes in the open. It grows and progresses quickly, and it begins to climb very early. It is also characteristic of dark green, deep cut leaves that also work very decoratively.

It starts blooming already in the beginning of summer. The pups are elongated, and the tubes are trumpet-like, bright red with a whitish shadow. Like other types of ipomoea, ipomoea soltera is brightest mainly for the most part of the morning, and less during cloudy days.

Although it blooms since the beginning of the summer, the first seeds from this hypomoea are collected far later on in the year. This is something that occurs very often in many cases, and the “fruits” are just worn out in most cases. You don’t have to worry because this is something that happens in a lot of instances.  Even though it is somewhere in the world and an invasive species, sometimes the Morning Glory flowers don’t produce their seeds right away. The seed is produced in green “fruits”, which, as dawns become dry and brown, contain up to 4 black seeds. The seeds are harvested only when the “fruit” is completely dry. For seeds, be careful as with other types of ipomoee, because they are dangerous if swallowed.

The Ipomoea sloter is a one-year climber that is very vulnerable to low temperatures and the first frosts are completely destroyed. In order to have her next year, gather the seeds before that. And more advice on the end: put it in groups – it comes to the fore when it comes to a multitude of tiny red trumpet flowers at the same time.

Morning Glory Flower – Secret message

Flowers are not only a beautiful decoration for our gardens and balconies, they are also there to make our lives more meaningful. Flower symbolism was created hundreds of years ago and people used them to celebrate their most important moments and to make these moments even more beautiful.

Besides being symbols for our emotions and symbols of people’s lives in general, flowers also have a secret message just for us that we can apply to our lives and understand.

The Morning Glory flower is telling you to always be gentle to others and kind, but to show strength when needed. This small flower only seems gentle but it can withstand some difficult living conditions and endure a lot in its lifetime. If you listen to the hidden message of the Morning Glory flower, you are going to live a much happier and fulfilled life.

Flowers were used by ancient cultures such as Roman and Greek culture as symbols for various important things. Morning Glory flower symbolizes mortality of life, restricted love and unrequited love and has been an important symbol in many cultures.