Azalea Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flower symbolism might be something you rarely think about, but there is a lot more to it than just picking the right flower for someone you love. Flower symbolism is everywhere around us and we can see it in everything.

Flowers are usually symbols used in emblems and in heraldry of many countries. Flowers were often used as symbols in art and literature and artists used them to transfer important thoughts to the viewers and readers.

Flowers were used as important additions to every special occasion and event that took place in the past. Ancient cultures even gave flowers as gifts to their gods and goddesses in order to gain their affection.

Flower symbolism is equally important today as it was in the past. Flowers are still used as symbols but also as ways to express our love and devotion towards to someone.

In today’s text we will talk about the symbolic meaning of Azalea flowers. This beautiful flower is widely spread across the world, and it represents an important symbol for many cultures.

Meaning of the Azalea flower

  • Taking care of someone

The Azalea flower symbolizes taking care of yourself and other people around you. This beautiful flower is a perfect gift for someone you deeply care about. You can always choose the Azalea flower when you want to tell someone you care about that person and you want to see her or him get better.

  • Temperance

The gorgeous Azalea flower is also a symbol of temperance. These flowers symbolize a personality that is often restrained from big pleasures and moderate in everything he or she does. This personality is simply modest and kind to everyone, without any false representation.

  • Home sick

The Azalea flower is a symbol of being home sick. If you ever wondered which flower expresses this kind of feeling, this is the answer. When you want to tell your parents or your family members that you miss them and you can’t wait to see them again, sending the Azalea flowers is going to do exactly that.

  • Elegance and wealth

This beautiful flower is a symbol of elegance and wealth. You can always add a dash of elegance into your home by bringing in this gorgeous flower into your home. No matter whom the person is that you are gifting these flowers to, the Azalea flowers are going to be a beautiful gift for anyone you love and respect.

  • Passion

The Azalea flower symbolizes passion and feelings of attraction towards someone you like. This flower can be a great gift for someone who caught your attention and you want to win over his or her attention. This flower expresses strong emotions of attraction and the message is going to be very clear.

  • Death threat

The Azalea flower is also a symbol of death threat. This symbolism came from the symbolic meaning of the flower from the past. There are many stories linked to this symbolic meaning and we will get to them later on in the text.

  • Abundance

Similar to the above meaning of wealth, the Azalea flower is also a symbol of abundance and plenty. This flower symbolizes having a lot of material things and not sparing a dime on expensive things. This makes it a great gift for someone who is on the road to success and going places or someone to whom you wish these things to.

Azalea Flower – Etymological meaning

The Azalea flower’s name in Latin is Rhododendron. This family can be separated in two similar groups. Shrubs of this flower lose their leaves every ear and they are known as the Rhododendron pentantheran sorts.

The Azalea flowers that grow in Japan, however, have Greek origin when it comes to their name. The word Azalea is based on the word azaleas and this means dry. The reason why Greeks called this flower like that is because their habit for quick draining and preference for light soil.

Azalea Flower – Symbolism

The Azalea flowers have a rich history and culture behind them. In Victorian times, the Azalea flowers were associated with temperance. This flower was symbol for this trait and everyone associated with it were considered to carry this trait in them. They represented personalities who were mild, very careful and cautious about their actions and weren’t too keen on exaggerating.

People would usually send this flower to someone who was supposed to make a big decision in his or her life and change their lives completely. In Japan and China, the Azalea flowers associated people with home and being home sick. They would express emotions of sadness every time they saw the Azalea flowers, because they weren’t able to go back home and see their loved ones. The Azalea flowers are also symbols of fragile love that can still fail to blossom and turn into something long-lasting. The reason why people made this association is because the Azalea flowers can easily fall off the bush, even when we slight touch them or when there is a stronger breeze outside. The Azalea flowers are also very poisonous which is why many cultures associated them with death and the dark side.

Azalea Flower – Color meaning

The color of a flower can tell us so much about it. Sometimes colors compliment the flower’s symbolism in a perfect way but other times not so much. Even though the color of a flower is not perfectly in tune with the flower’s symbolism, a different color can certainly give a completely different symbolic meaning to the flower. The Azalea flower comes in several different colors and they are:


  • Color white is a symbol of purity, civility and restraint. This flower looks beautiful in wedding receptions and in every other type of ceremony. They look equally beautiful in flower arrangements and bouquets and you can send a lovely message by gifting these flowers.


  • Color red is a symbol of passion and romance. This flower can be a great gift for everyone who is dear to you and it can be a great gift for Valentine’s Day. The red Azalea flowers are going to be a great decorative piece for your home and office.

Dark pink

  • The dark pink Azalea flower is also a symbol of romance, love and passion. This gorgeous flower is going to send a strong message to the person you love and it will make your partner feel loved and cared for.


  • The purple Azalea flower symbolizes royalty and nobility. This flower is not going to send a particularly strong personal message to the people you love, but it can be a nice way to say thank you to someone.


  • The pink Azalea is also going to send a less personal message to someone who did something nice for you.


  • The color yellow symbolizes friendship, happiness and positive energy. This bright color is going to be a perfect gift for your family members and friends and you can always opt to choose this flower color to surprise them.

Azalea Flower – Botanical facts and characteristics

Rhododendron is an evergreen plant that we can often see in gardens across the world. If you are thinking about planting rhododendron yourself, there is few things you need to know on how to perfect breed and maintain this beautiful plant.

According to the name we can conclude that this beautiful, well-stocked plant originates from India, however, and it was imported in Japan around 1910, but at that time all that came from the Far East was called Indian.

During the Second World War, Azaleas disappeared completely from our flower shops and from our homes. The reason for this is mainly the fact that these lilac little tree bushes were imported from the Netherlands and Belgium where they were bred in specialized gardening. Azalea flowers were usually lurking already in the December, but unusually bloomed from January to March.

Appearance, characteristics and origin the rhododendron plant in nature is located on almost all continents, and it is often seen in all areas of the world. It is particularly widespread in the mountainous regions of Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. This evergreen perennial plant is characteristic, for its large, dark leaves and fragrant flowers and are ideal as decorative flowers.

Flowers of rhododendron appear at the end of winter, and come in various colors and shades like red, pink, purple, orange, yellow and white. Growing and maintenance as for the cultivation of this specific plant, it is not at all complicated or demanding. Rhododendron likes half-shaded and airy places, which means it’s not good to plant it in direct sunlight. It is important to emphasize that for successful growth and development it is necessary to ensure well-drained and humus acidic soil. In addition, Azalea is a plant that does not tolerate any lime, which means that it should not contain the soil in which we plant it.

It should also be taken into account that we do not plant rhododendron too long because it has very shallow roots. Watering and pruning plants regular watering is very important in order to avoid leakage and leakage of leaves. Rhododendron is best watered with water from the rainwater, primarily because it contains no calcium and thus does not change the acidity concentration in the soil. The plant should be watered at least once a week, in the summer and more often. As for pruning, rhododendron should not normally be overly pruned, but if you decide to do so, it is best to do it immediately after flowering.

It is generally believed that azalea is very difficult to maintain so that all its buds boom, and to prosper for next year is considered to be a fairly rare one. It is true that azalea breeding is somewhat more complicated than all the other indoor plants, but the very success in breeding such plants is a true pleasure for the lovers. As azaleas will probably appear again in many cases, each breeder will be able to survive for a number of years, but at least it can be successfully preserved during a flowering.

Azalea is usually obtained or obtained at the beginning of flowering or in the pompom bloom. If the plant is not in full bloom, it should be kept in a room that does not lie in the vicinity of the window. When the buds are opened, or if the plant is in full bloom, we can keep it in a light room in a light place, but not exposed to direct sunlight, which is often heated by the glass during the winter (February) and early spring months (March). Plants should be protected from drafts and large differences in temperature. Dry flowers should be regularly removed so that the plant is not consumed by creating unnecessary seeds. Also be careful to remove all the posters from extinction over time. Because otherwise the leaves begin to fall. Only when the plant grows, we allow young shoots to develop.

Azalea Flower – Secret message

Flower symbolism is everywhere around us and we can see it in everything. Flowers are usually symbols used in emblems and in heraldry of many countries. Flowers were often used as symbols in art and literature and artists used them to transfer important thoughts to the viewers and readers. Just like every flower has its own symbolic meaning and value, it also has a very important message behind it that we should all learn from and implement on our lives.

The Azalea flower is telling you to be thoughtful to the ones you love and to yourself. People who love you and who are dear to you should always feel that love and affection coming from you. This is the only way you are going to form meaningful relationships in life and make your life more beautiful. The Azalea flower’s symbolism and meaning is definitely rich and we can learn a lot of interesting facts about these beautiful flowers. If nothing, you can always use this symbolism when you are choosing the right flower sort to surprise your loved ones and make them happy.