Delphinium Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flowers are not only beautiful decorations in our homes, they are also very important in a symbolic sense. Flower symbolism is something that has been valuable to the human kind for centuries.

We began worshipping flowers not only because they were beautiful, but also because they had something deeper inside of them that taught us how to persevere and withstand all of the hardships in life.

Ancient cultures used flowers to celebrate important dates of the year, and each and every flower was picked carefully to complement the occasion that was being celebrated. Flowers have the same role today and we use them to express our emotions or to celebrate dates that are important to us in some way.

Flower symbolism is also an important part of art and culture in general, and many artists used flowers as symbols in their works of art, to send hidden messages to the observers that weren’t supposed to be understood by just anyone.

In today’s text, we will talk more about the Delphinium flower and the symbolic meaning that lies behind it. This beautiful flower can now be found all over the world, but once it was available only to one part of our planet.

Meaning of the Delphinium flower

Every flower hides a certain symbolic meaning behind it and we need to understand it. Meaning of a flower is not only important when we gift it to someone; it is also interesting to find out how a certain flower got this hidden meaning and what the influence behind it was.

Meanings of the Delphinium flower are:

  • Striving for success
  • Protection
  • Enjoying life
  • July birthday
  • New opportunities
  • Celebrating and being happy

Striving for success – Delphinium flower means striving for something greater and much more important. This flower can be a perfect gift for someone who is about to sail on a new business adventure, and gifting this flower can be a perfect symbol of support for this person.

Protection – Delphinium flower symbolizes protection as well. This is the kind of flower you can gift to someone who is very dear to you and whom you want to see protected by all means.

Enjoying life – This beautiful flower symbolizes enjoying life and living every day like it is your last. Gift this flower to someone who is down and depressed and motivate them to live their lives to the fullest.

July birthday – Delphinium flowers are perfect gifts for everyone born in July. Delphinium flower is also the flower of the month of July, which makes it a perfect birthday gift.

New opportunities – Delphinium flower symbolizes new opportunities and celebrating new chances we are getting.

Celebrating and being happy – Delphinium flower in general symbolizes celebrating life and being happy. This is the kind of flower you can use for almost any occasion to celebrate something important to you, and its wide variety of colors allows you to find the perfect color to mark every event.

Delphinium – Etymological meaning

The Delphinium flower is a meadow flower and it got its name from the Greek word for dolphin. This beautiful dolphin got its name because its flower petals reminded people of leaping dolphins, especially if you looked at them from the side. Other names for this gorgeous flower are knight’s spur, lark’s spur and bird’s claw.

Delphinium – Symbolism

The Delphinium flower is a beautiful meadow flower that grows in many parts of United States and Europe. Because of its rich color, Native Americans used it to color their clothes and other objects. They had special recipes to extract the color from the flower and use it for coloring.

Besides being used as a dye, Delphinium flower was also a flower that represented positive communication and pleasant interactions. This flower was also used as protection against evil spirits and negative things. There is even a practical explanation why the Delphinium flower was used for protection and that is because its smell scared away the scorpions. Because of this, people carried it in their pockets to protect themselves. Delphinium flowers are often planted near graves, especially in dark blue color in honor of the people who have passed away.

It is also a gift people give to each other when they want to show support in something important.

Delphinium – Color meaning

Gorgeous Delphinium flower comes in several different colors. Each color adds something special to the meaning of this flower and it either supports the original symbolic meaning of the flower or it completely changes it.


  • Color white is a symbol of innocence and purity. White Delphinium flowers are usually gifted to newborns or used as decoration in weddings and baptisms. This flower is both gentle and strong in a symbolic sense, and the color white compliments this symbolism perfectly.


  • Color blue represents trust and it goes perfectly with the symbolism of the Delphinium flower. Blue Delphinium flower is a perfect gift for someone who needs your support regarding something important.


  • Color pink symbolizes romance and love. This gentle color goes perfectly with the symbolic meaning of the Delphinium flower and can be used as a gift for Valentine’s Day or for your anniversary.


  • Purple Delphinium flowers are truly beautiful and unique. The color purple symbolizes royalty and beauty, which makes it an ideal gift for someone who is as unique and beautiful as this peculiar flower.

Delphinium – Botanical facts and characteristics

Delphinium flower sort (Ranunculaceae family) contains about 250 species of annual and biennial plants and perennials found in nature, mainly in mountainous areas around the world, except Australia and the Polar Regions. Delphinium is grown because of its beautiful flowers that are collected in high floral classes of gorgeous shimmering colors from white through gentle pink, red, purple, gentle blue to indigo blue.

The flowers can look like shallow scarves, sometimes they are like a cap, simple or double, and on the back, they have a sharp scarf that is pointed out as eagle’s claw. Most have fibrous or fleshy roots, while some have tuberous. High-class flowers will look beautiful in mixed floral bouquets or on round flower beds where they can be planted as a separate group of flowers that will demand views of people with their special beauty of tall floral blooms. Dwarf species can be planted in stones. All parts of the plant if swallowed can cause major discomfort, and the touch of the leaves can cause skin irritation. All kinds of sorts are resistant to winter cold. Today, many cultivars of these plants are cultivated, which are divided into three groups for the purpose of easier navigation:

Belladonna group – this includes ergonomic perennials with palm-leafed leaves. Tough stems carry poorly elaborate flower-shaped like elephants or elephant caps, about 2 cm in diameter, with spikes up to 3 cm in length. They bloom in the early and late summer. They grow up to 1 – 1.2 m in height and up to 45 cm in width.

Elatum group – This Delphinium cultivar group includes perennials whose leafy and floral shoots form a dense shrubby mass with meaty treetops of blooming slips at the beginning and mid-summer. The plants sometimes bloom again in autumn if the flowers are cut off. Floral scales carry numerous simple, semi-duplex or double flowers that form five large outer petals and a central “eye” formed of eight inner petals.

Pacific hybrids – these cultivars resemble cultivars of the Elate group, but grow as one-year or two-year-old plants that were hand-pollinated for a while to get clean lines of plants, clean, brightly colored flowers, while today they are polluting each other and less uniform. The flowers are short, but they are quite large about 7 cm in diameter and they are half-hearted. They bloom as floral spikes at the beginning and mid-summer. They grow about 1.7 m in height and up to 75 cm in width.

For good growth, they need a fertile, well-drained soil and a sunny position with a strong windy position. In addition to dwarf perennials, most of the cocoons are supported due to the height of their floral sprays; low-growing cultivars with thin raspberry branches, and high-colored blossoms and large floral germs with thicker branches. The supports should be laid by the middle of spring or when the plant reaches a height of 30 cm. In order to ensure good quality of the floral gardens, sprinkle the shoots when they reach a height of 7 cm; leave at least 2 – 3 offsets on young plants and 5 – 7 strong shoots on well-formed adult plants.

During plant growth, plants should be regularly watered and stored with liquid fertilizer every 2 – 3 weeks. Cutting of the tips of the peak floral species leads to the development of smaller floor-cultivated scrubs. In the autumn, after planting, cut all the parts to the ground level.

Season the seeds early in the spring at a temperature of 13 ° C, and you can multiply the permanent species by taking basal cutters, pens and a length of about 7-10 cm, as close to the mother plant in the early spring. Plants can be endangered by snails, various insects and molds as well as cucumber mosaic virus. Most of these problems will be avoided if you plant the plant in the appropriate place.

Delphinium – Secret message

Every flower hides a secret message behind and we need to understand this message and apply it on our lives. The message of the Delphinium flower is to always be careful and protective of others around you. Life is too valuable to throw it away because of our own negligence, so make sure you keep the people you love close to you and in a safe place.

Flower symbolism is something that has been valuable to the human kind for centuries. We began worshipping flowers not only because they were beautiful, but also because they had something deeper inside of them that taught us how to persevere and withstand all of the hardships in life.

Delphinium flower is simple, but yet so gorgeous and it can be a perfect gift for the person you love and want to see smiling and happy. These flowers are also perfect for decoration and every celebration will become much brighter and more beautiful, if you decide to pick this beautiful meadow flower.