Frangipani Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flowers are not only important for the existence of our planet, they are also a valuable part of our lives. They have been a big inspiration for designers, artists and other creative people, who find inspiration in their colors and scents. Their scents and colors are hard to recreate, even with the help of all the technology we have today.

Without flowers, our world would be such a dull and boring place, and we wouldn’t have a beautiful gift for people we love truly.

There are many varieties of symbolism and almost everything we know can have a symbolic meaning. Flower symbolism is still valuable and important, and we continue to take care of it no matter how much time has passed.

Flower symbolism slowly became more and more important as the time went by, and even the early civilizations knew how much beauty there is in flowers. They used flowers to surprise their loved ones and to show appreciation to the gods.

In present time, we use flowers for pretty much the same thing, and we still show or loved ones how much we love them with flowers. Valentine’s Day or anniversary can’t pass without flowers and chocolate. These two gifts are something we have to gift to our loved ones, because without them it just doesn’t make sense. There are many different flower sorts to choose from, but their symbolism is still something we need to think about carefully. You wouldn’t won0t to surprise your loved one with the wrong bouquet of flowers.

In this text, we will explore the symbolism of the Frangipani flower and the importance behind it. This beautiful flower certainly has a lot to offer and we will learn more about it today.

Meaning of the Frangipani flower

Every flower has a hidden meaning and symbolism behind it. The same goes for Frangipani flower, and there are several symbolic meanings you need to take care of when choosing the Frangipani flower. To avoid sending someone you love the wrong message, always check the symbolic meaning of a flower and there will be no need to apologize for being careless.

Meanings of the Frangipani flower are:

  • New life
  • Beauty
  • Charm
  • Grace
  • Spring

New life – Frangipani flowers are symbols of a new life and new beginning. This amazing flower is a great choice if you want to congratulate someone for starting something new or opening a new chapter in life. This gentle flower can be used for various celebrations, and there are many different colors you can choose from to make this celebration just right. Frangipani flower meaning is also new beginning, which means this is a great choice for wedding ceremonies, where two people are starting a new life together.

Beauty – This beautiful flower is also a symbol of beauty. Frangipani flowers are simply gorgeous flowers to look at, therefore it is no wonder they are symbols of beauty. You can certainly gift them to someone you care about or consider to be beautiful and worthy of this important symbolism. Frangipani flowers were often used as decorative pieces in spiritual ceremonies, which is why their beauty meaning and symbolism is so important.

Charm and grace – Frangipani flower is also a symbol of charm and grace. This gentle flower goes perfectly with feminine energy and can be a great gift to someone you find to be a true lady. Frangipani flowers are also beautiful decorative flowers for various occasions and the symbolism they have is extremely mild and can be adapted to almost any situation.

Spring – Frangipani flowers also symbolize springtime and warmer weather. This gentle flower, with its beautiful scent can be used as a symbol of spring and warmer weather. You can decorate your home with Frangipani flowers to invite those springtime vibes into your home or gift someone you want to surprise this beautiful bouquet of gorgeous flowers.

Frangipani – Etymological meaning

Frangipani flower is also called Plueria flower. The name Frangipani actually comes from the 16th century Italy. There is even an old story linked to this beautiful flower, which speaks about the origin of the name Frangipani. An Italian nobleman used to produce scented gloves and sell them to the locals. These gloves had a captivating scent, and everyone adored them.

People soon started to find the similarity between the Frangipani or Pulmeria flower and these scented gloves. The scent of these two was the same, so the locals started to call this flower Frangipani after this Italian nobleman.

Frangipani – Symbolism

The Frangipani flower in Hawaii symbolizes positive enrgy. This beautiful flower was often used as decoration in various ocassions. The Frangipani flower symbolized the relationship status of a woman. This gorgeous flower was a clear sign that a girl was taken or single. If the Frangipani flower was behind her left ear, this meant she was taken and if the Frangipani flower was behind her right ear, this means the girl was single.

In Hindu mythology, Frangipani flower was a symbol of devotion to someone. The Frangipani flower was often used in wedding ceremonies, and in every other occasion which symbolized the love and devotion between two people. The Buddhism saw the Frangipani flower as a symbol of new life and renewal. This symbolic meaning was derived from the botanical characteristics of the Frangipani flower. In Laos, the Frangipani flower was considered to be sacred and spiritual flower.

The Mayan culture considered the Frangipani flower as a symbol of birth of gods. The Frangipani flower supposedly gave birth to all of the gods, which is why the Frangipani flower was extremely important for the Mayans.

Frangipani – Color meaning

Colors of the flowers you want to gift to someone have a strong influence. Sometimes the color can add or completely take away from the symbolic value of a flower, depending on the symbolic meaning of a certain flower. Frangipani flowers come in many different colors and can be used for various occasions. Some colors are more compatible with the symbolic meaning of the Frangipani flower and others not so much.

Frangipani flower comes in these colors:


  • Color white can be used for almost any occasion. This neutral color (not so much a color but still we will call it that), can be gifted to almost anyone you love or find to be an important part of your life. White Frangipani flowers can be used as decoration for the wedding ceremonies and baptisms, because of the spiritual symbolic meaning of the Frangipani flower. Color white in general symbolizes spirituality, innocence and purity.


  • Orange Frangipani flowers are perfect gifts for people you find to be full of positive energy and optimism. Color orange is a symbol of passion, optimism and positive vibes. There is really no fear when gifting the orange Frangipani flower to someone, because people won’t get the wrong message for sure. This strong but also harmful color can be a perfect flower color for a friend or even your partner, if you want to try something new.


  • Color yellow is a positive color which demands attention. Yellow Frangipani flowers are a perfect eye-catching piece in your home or a perfect gift for friends and family members. Color yellow symbolizes positive energy, optimism and friendship. This is a safe color to gift to almost anyone, but for your romantic interest, it is better to choose a more clear statement flower color.


  • Pink Frangipani flowers can be a perfect gift for your partner. These gorgeous flowers can be an ideal switch-up for Valentine’s Day, if you want to choose something different from last year. Color pink, which symbolizes gentleness, love and romance, goes perfectly with the spiritual and innocent meaning of the Frangipani flower.


  • Color red is a clear symbol of passion, romance and love. The red Frangipani flowers are a perfect gift for your partner, if you want to make a clear statement about your emotions. Color red is definitely a bold color and we can always go for red flowers when we aim to send a clear message to our partner.


  • Color green is a symbol of energy, renewal and nature. This gentle color goes perfectly with the symbolic meaning of the Frangipani flower and you can gift this flower color to almost anyone. You can even use it in your home as a perfect decorative piece.


  • Purple Frangipani flowers are just the right gift for someone who is a little bit different and out of ordinary. Color purple symbolizes beauty, uniqueness and royalty. The purple Frangipani flowers can be a perfect decorative bouquet in your home, especially if you want to add some elegance and style to your home.

Frangipani – Botanical facts and characteristics

The Frangipani flower is a tropical flower and the reason behind its popularity is very much its scent. The Frangipani flower is often used as an ingredient in perfumes and people simply adore its beautiful scent. The Frangipani flowers love warm weather and can’t stand frost or cold outdoors.

The Frangipani flower grown on a tree or in a small bush that can resemble a Bonsai tree. It belongs to the oleander family and there are around eight species of this plant. We can find the Frangipani tree in warmer climates, while the biggest amount of these trees is grown in artificial conditions.

Flowers usually grow in clusters and come in several different colors. The Frangipani flower can be found in white, green, purple, pink, red, yellow and orange color. They can last for a long time as cut flowers, which is why they are usually used as decoration flowers for various occasions.

The Frangipani flower is now available for the most of the world, but to grow it is still necessary to have the right climate and allow the tree to have enough room to grow and spread its roots.

Frangipani – Secret message

Very flower has its own secret message that we have to understand. The Frangipani flower is telling you to be joyful and happy in life. We never know what can happen to us and how hard the life can become. Therefore, we need to be happy and appreciate what we have now. Some people have a lot less than you do; therefore you have to be grateful for all the blessings in your life. Frangipani flower is telling you to live every day like it is your last, because you won’t regret not living a fulfilling life afterwards.

Flower symbolism slowly became more and more important as the time went by, and even the early civilizations knew how much beauty there is in flowers. They used flowers to surprise their loved ones and to show appreciation to the gods. In present time, we use flowers for pretty much the same thing, and we still show or loved ones how much we love them with flowers.