Chrysanthemum Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flower symbolism fills our lives with color and fun. Our lives would definetely be boring without flowers to make our days seem brighter and more colorful. There is not a person in the world, especially ladies, who doesn’t like to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The reason why we like receiving flowers is not only because they are beautiful, but also because they carry a specific message behind them.

Flowers have been used as symbols for centuries and their representation in art and literature has been very important. Flowers were used as symbols especially by artists who wanted to hide their messages so they couldn’t be deciphered by just anyone. Flowers represented rebellion against the government but they were also a way to express your love and gratitude to someone.

Being surrounded by flowers is simply satisfying and it makes us happy. Why we have such a reaction to flowers it is unknown but all we do know is that they make us feel a certain way.

Meaning of the Chrysanthemum flower

Each flower has its own meaning and symbolic value. Depending on how people saw a certain flower and what was their depiction in art and literature, flowers became strong symbols of certain emotions and traits in general.

Chrysanthemum flower has several important meanings:

  • Lasting friendship
  • True friendship
  • God energy and optimism
  • Rebirth
  • Enduring life
  • Loyalty
  • Devotion
  • Love

Lasting friendship – Chrysanthemum flower symbolizes friendship that is not only passable, but a friendship that truly means something to you. This beautiful flower is a great representation of people who trust each other and consider each other to be good friends or even best friends. If you are looking for a flower that is going to express the love you have for your longtime friend, this is the best one to do so.

True friendship – Similar to the above meaning, the Chrysanthemum flower is a symbol of true friendship that is not something you can neglect. This flower should be given as a gift to someone you truly love and consider to be a true friend and someone who you see being there for you no matter what.

Good energy and optimism – Chrysanthemum flower is a symbol of positive energy and good vibrations. This flower can be used as a flower to cheer someone up or even to make your day more beautiful. Their bright colors and beautiful scents are certainly going to make your day happier and much less stressed.

Rebirth – Chrysanthemum also symbolizes rebirth and this symbolism was derived from stories and legends that were linked to this flower. Also, since they bloom in the spring and summer, they were often linked to rebirth because of this fact.

Enduring life – Even though this flower is beautiful, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is weak. They can endure some pretty hard living conditions which is why they were often linked to this meaning.

Loyalty and devotion – Chrysanthemum symbolizes devotion you are feeling for someone and you want this person to be aware of that. This flower is a perfect gift for a friend and someone who has been a part of your life for a long time.

Love – Love doesn’t have to be romantic it can also be the love you are feeling towards your family members and friends. Chrysanthemum flower can be used to represent both kinds of love and you can choose the right color and gift it either to someone you love in a romantic way or to someone you love as a friend.

Chrysanthemum – Etymological meaning

Chrysanthemum flower got its name from the Greek words Chrysos, which means gold and Anthemon which means flower. These two words combined meant a flower of gold or gold flower, and the name itself was the perfect representation of the beauty and value of this flower.

This name or the “gold flower” was transferred into China and Japan, where it is also an important symbol of beauty and value. Chrysanthemum flowers are often used as parts of flower arrangements and are an important part of landscaping in the U.S.

Chrysanthemum – Symbolism

Chrysanthemum, or the so-called “golden flower”, is one of the most beautiful plants that comes from China and possesses the power to attract happy circumstances into our lives. In the East, it is a symbol of the autumn, simplicity and ease of life, and at the same time it is the carrier of Yang energy, and thus itself leads directly to the Sun. In addition to the Chinese, which were breeding chrysanthemums as early as the 15th century BC, this flower is in good taste in Japan, where every autumn is celebrated by the Chrysanthemum Festival, also known as the Feast of Happiness.

And while in Asia, the chrysanthemum for its beauty and elegance belongs to a group of so-called “four gentlemen” (along with plum, orchid and bamboo), at the other end of the world is a symbol of death, so it is not surprising that in many European countries the chrysanthemum bouquet is most often reserved for burials and cemeteries. The Australians, on the other hand, are delighted to give the chrysanthemum to their mothers to show respect and love, while in America it is generally synonymous with joy and happiness.

However, the symbolism of chrysanthemum is most prevalent in Japan, where the flower (mostly golden colors) with sixteen double petals can be found on the state coat of arms, coins, and even on some documents.

Though it is originally a golden yellow color, today there are thousands of different types and colors in the world that naturally have their meaning. Thus, the white chrysanthemum is linked to the truth, clarity of thought, proper action, and can also serve as an excellent meditation object; red is a sign of love and accentuated passion; purple symbolizes decency and nobility; blue carries with it calmness and inspiration, orange is a sign of progress and warmth; while yellow, apart from traditionally positive interpretation, can still be regarded as a symbol of unrequited love. It is interesting to add that the East is deeply rooted in the belief that one single chrysanthemum vase in a glass of wine provides a long and healthy life.

From all of the above it is not difficult to conclude that chrysanthemums are one of the most powerful, and certainly the most beautiful symbols of optimism and caring life. If possible – enter a bit of their positive energy into your garden and yard, and let your imagination at will. With this flower all combinations are possible and welcome.

Whether planted individually or in a group, its round flowers of colorful colors will attract not only the attention of the environment, but also the happy circumstances of which, you will agree, never enough! The only thing that chrysanthemum in return requires is plenty of sunshine and good protection against the wind. You can get them to the bar so much!

Chrysanthemum – Color meaning

Chrysanthemum flower comes in many different color varieties. Some colors are natural to this flower and some were created by people later on.


  • White Chrysanthemum flower is a symbol purity, innocence and spirituality. This flower can be gifted to almost anyone you find to be an important part of your life. There is no limit when it comes to symbolism of this flower, and its symbolism is not going to send the wrong message to anyone you direct it to.


  • The red version of this flower can be used as a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. If you want to make some changes to your ordinary gifts this is the perfect way to do so. Chrysanthemum are symbols of friendship and devotion, but you can use this symbolism and gift this flower to your partner. Red color sends a much stronger message and it represents much stronger emotions in general.


  • Color pink is a symbol of romance and love so you can use pink Chrysanthemum flower to surprise your partner and someone you love. This flower is a perfect addition to your bouquet that is meant for someone you love and like a lot.


  • Color yellow in general symbolizes happiness and joy. You can use this flower to make your day much brighter and full of happiness or to surprise someone who is very dear to you.

Chrysanthemum – Botanical facts and characteristics

Chrysanthemums are an important symbol of the Japanese royal family. They find these flowers to be the perfect symbol for such a high position in society, and this only speaks about the great respect they have for chrysanthemum. Even though they originated in the East, from there they had spread and captured the attention of the entire world. Some other names for it are winter or autumn roses or chamanthi flowers.

Chrysanthemums are best to be placed in gardens since they grow in large bushes. Placing them in a pot or somewhere restrictive is not going to allow the plant to grow to its full potential. In order to have a very rich looking and full bush of Chrysanthemum, place it somewhere it is warm and sunny.

Chrysanthemums are propagated by cuttings, and they are mostly planted outside, from the months of June and July. It is best to place them in soil full of humus because they might become fragile and sick otherwise. Best cuttings are usually taken directly from the root of the plant, but before you do that ask someone more experienced for an advice.

The space between chrysanthemums needs to be about 40 centimeters. They can be planted and grow individually or in groups. When you combine with some other evergreen species, they can give a very decorative look. You shouldn’t plant the Chrysanthemum too late in the year, because the rains might slow down the process of growth.

Plant cuttings in a shallow sand and mix it with peat. Water them only when the sand is completely dry. In the early stage of chrysanthemum development, don’t leave it dry, as this will cause the plant to grow slower. Chrysanthemum needs a lot of sun to grow so place it somewhere where it can receive a lot of sunshine and warmth.

When watering, make sure you avid watering the leaves because this can cause the leaves to become dry and dark. This doesn’t add to the overall appearance of the flower and it is not healthy for it either. The snails are a great danger to the Chrysanthemum flower. It is best to take measures in the spring in order to get rid of snails completely and protect the flower. If nothing else helps, place an aluminum foil over the plant to protect it.

Chrysanthemum – Secret message

Every flower has a secret message just for us. The Chrysanthemum flower is telling you to never give up on your dream and to always chase something better. No matter how hard it seems right now, there is certainly a chance to make things better and recover from all the difficulties.

This flower is going to be a reminder about that so place it somewhere where you spend a lot of time. Chrysanthemum is gorgeous flowers and their scent is something that keeps us mesmerized with it. They can be beautiful additions to our homes, but also gorgeous plants for our gardens and backyards. Either way, this royal flower has a very strong symbolic meaning behind it and for that we respect it even more.