Anthurium Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

What would our world look like, if we didn’t have the beauty of a flower? They make our existence more beautiful with their mesmerizing smells and colors. Ancient cultures believed in hidden powers of nature and everything that grew under its wing.

Anthurium flower belongs to the Arum family that unifies almost 1000 different flowers. Their shapes and colors might be different, but they are all essentially one big family. Colors can range between green, white or pink and they usually have heart-shaped leaves. Anthurium plant flower has tiny blooms that go around the fleshy spiky part that is called the spadix.

Meaning of the Anthurium flower

Arthurium flower represents adapting to any environment, since this beautiful plant adapts to both cold and warm surroundings. This flower is also known as the hospitality flower and you can have it in your home no matter where you live Anthurium flower has several other meanings and those are:

  • Happiness,
  • Abundance

Happiness – Those who have this flower as their birth flower are happy and satisfied people. They enjoy spending time with other people and even the leaves on this beautiful flower remind of happiness and love with their heart shape. If you want your home to attract happy and positive vibes, this is the flower for you.

Abundance – As a symbol of abundance, anhurium flower is going to bring more of everything into your home. This is the type of flower you want to have in your office or even at work, because it attracts everything positive and everything in abundance.

Hospitality – Like I mentioned earlier, anthurium is a symbol of hospitality and many even call it the hospitality flower. Even the appearance of this flower is so inviting and it is simply calling for you to come inside a house.

Anthurium – Etymological meaning

Names of flowers usually derive from ancient words and names that were created by the ancient cultures. Each name is unique in its own way, but many flowers and plants slowly changed their names as the time went by.

People named flowers and plants to represent something that caught their eye or attention, therefore many plants carry names that describe their appearance or survival habits.

Name Arthurium derives its name from two words that were created by the Greeks. These two words are oura, which means tail and the second word anthos, which means flower. When we combine these two words we get the “tail flower” name, which was probably given because of the long tail that grows out of the center of this beautiful plant.

Many cultures around the world had their own names and phrases for this unusual flower. Other names are flamingo flowers, bull’s head flower, cock’s comb and painted tongue flower. As you can already see, all of these names were based on the appearance of the Anthurium. There is a name for this flower in your country, no matter where you live.

Anthurium – Symbolism

Anthurium flower symbolism is defined by these words: hospitality, happiness, adaptation and beauty. Symbolism was based on the behavior of this flower and the amount of work it takes to take care of it.

Flowers usually require less or more care depending on their size, growth habits etc. Anthurium flower requires little attention, and the only thing you have to worry about is watering the plant every once in a while. As a universal symbol of hospitality, Anthurium flower can be placed both in an office and home. With its beautiful appearance it simply invites people to come in and take a seat.

After you cut this flower, it can last for a very long time without whiter.  This makes it an ideal flower for all kinds of bouquets. Bridal bouquets are usually made out of these flowers, so some even link them to marriage, love and happiness. Their heart-shaped leaves are perfect bridal bouquet flowers since they instantly remind us of love and hearts.

Anthurium flower is a symbol of abundance and many people keep this plant in their home to invite exactly that. If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone, who you are visiting for the first time, this might be the perfect gift. It fits well in every surrounding, and since it doesn’t require a lot of grooming it is perfect for everyone.

Anthurium – Color meaning

Anthurium flowers come in different colors. Every color has its own meaning and according to this meaning people usually buy Anthuriums and gift them to others.

When giving someone a gift, especially if it’s a flower, mind the color meaning of the flower and pick the one that suits the occasion the best.


Color white in Anthurium symbolizes purity and innocence. This is a perfect gift to give to someone you like or find to be beautiful. You can also choose this Anthurium flower for the bridal bouquet and include it in the bridal decorations. White has always been the symbol of innocence and purity, and people usually picked white flowers for weddings, baptisms and child births. Everything that reminds you of purity and innocence can be celebrated with the white Anthurium flower.


Color red symbolizes passion, admiration and love. Anthurium flowers are perfect for the color red, since they are shaped as big hearts. When you combine hearts and the color red, there is nothing more romantic than that. Anthurium flowers in red color can be gifted to someone you really like and you want to make this clear to this special person. Red Anthuriums are perfect for Valentine’s day and relationship anniversaries. If you want to make your other half feel special and loved, pick this beautiful flower or gift her rich bouquet of red Anthuriums as a symbol of your endless love.


Pink Anthuriums symbolize motherly love, compassion and femininity. This is a perfect gift for someone you love but not in a romantic way. If you want to surprise your sister, mother or even a co-worker, this is a perfect gift to give. Color pink can also symbolize kindness and subtle nature of something. if you are not sure about the color of the flower you want to gift to someone, this is a perfect neutral color that can’t be taken in the wrong way. When you are visiting someone’s house for the very first time, the pink Anthurium is the perfect choice.


This unusual color was created recently, but it has become one of the most eye-catching colors in the botanical world. Color purple symbolizes royalty, spirituality and passion. Purple Anthuriums are perfect or those who love to have something unusual and not too-available for everybody else. This exotic flower goes perfectly well together with the color purple, since it accentuates its interesting features even more.


Green Anthuriums are symbols of power, growth, hope and freshness. Green Anthuirums can be gifted to anybody, and the color green is always natural-looking on any flower. Even though the colors can be interesting to see in plants, nothing beats the natural green color of a plant in any home.

Anthurium – Botanical facts and characteristics

Like I mentioned earlier, Anthuriums don’t require too much work and dedication. They are perfect flowers for people who don’t have a lot of time to take care of plants and flowers. These flowers adapt perfectly to almost any living condition, but since they are originally from warmer parts of the planet, they enjoy warmer temperatures.

As a natural remedy, Anthurium was used for centuries. This amazing plant supposedly cures everything from cramps, muscles aches to rheumatism. It works well as a pain killer and muscle relaxer. The only thing you have to worry about is the foliage of the flowers that can be rich in calcium oxalate crystals that can irritate our skin and muscle membranes.

Their primary use is ornamental, due to their gorgeous appearance. People seem to love their heart-shaped leaves, and they are perfect details on every bride’s bouquet and even as a Christmas ornament. Besides watering this plant, there is not much else to do around it.

Make sure you get a big enough pot for this beautiful plant, in order for it to have enough room to spread its roots. Water it few times a week, and don’t use too much water.

If you are interested in the lifespan of cut leaves, they can last in a vase for almost 8 weeks. This is amazing news for everyone who is looking for a decorative flower that can make your home look beautiful and it doesn’t whiter too fast. With this flower you will always have a beautiful flower and ornament on the center of your coffee or dinner table.

Anthurium – Secret message

Every flower has its own secret message to send. We gift certain flowers to other people for a reason therefore it is good to know what each flower represents and which message is hidden behind a certain flower.

Anthurium flower is sending you a message full of abundance and hospitality. This is a perfect present for someone who is moving into a new home or college dorm. They are perfect plants for everyone who doesn’t like spending too much time taking care of living beings and plants.

Pick a perfect color to suit the occasion you are attending and surprise someone you love with this beautiful flower. Choose the red Anthurium to surprise the person you adore or white one to make a beautiful ornament for your bridal shower or wedding.

These heart-shaped flowers are beautiful and easy to take care of, so there is no reason not to make it an eye-catching and inviting flower in your home.