Statice Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Statice flower has a unique appearance and belongs to the family of Limonium. There are over 120 different species of Statice flowers that grow around the world. Flower symbolism is especially interesting to explore and to get into, because there is more to them than we think.

Flowers have been on this planet more than we have, but we adopted the flower symbolism much later on. Flowers have the unique power to transfer symbolic messages to people, and we used them to do exactly that.

For hundreds of years we used flowers to express our emotions and to bond with people around us they helped us to express our deepest feelings without saying a single word, and sometimes even gifting a flower meant more than any spoken sentence.

Statice flowers have their own, unique symbolism and today we are going to dig deeper into the hidden meaning behind it.

Meaning of the Statice flower

Every flower has its own symbolic meaning to which we can relate. We use flowers to express our emotions or to make our lives more colorful and bright. Their lovely scents and colors can lift us up and completely change the course of our every day.

Statice flower is best described with these meanings:

  • Success
  • Remembrance

Success – Statice flowers symbolize success. They are perfect gifts for someone you want to see succeeding in life and moving forward. With a lovely bouquet of these flowers you can surprise someone you love and want to see succeed at something important. You can even bring some Statice flowers into your home to invite positive energy and good vibrations.

Sympathy – Statice flowers are often taken to graves and used as symbols of grief. They are gorgeous flowers that simply have the symbolic meaning of sympathy and support. They can be gifted to people who just went through a lot in life, and you won’t send the wrong message if you want to show genuine care for someone.

Remembrance – This flower is also the symbol of remembrance and can be taken to graves as a symbol of grief. Gifting them won’t send the wrong message to someone, but keep in mind this important symbolic meaning of the Static flower.

Statice – Etymological meaning

Statice flower belongs to the Limonium family and the name Limonium comes from the Greek word “leimon” which in translation means meadow. Statice flowers grow in the wilderness and therefore people used this name to refer to them and to recognize them more easily.

Today, Statice flowers are grown and cultivated in much larger proportions. They are now flowers we use in flower arrangements and not only flowers that grow on wild fields. Statice flowers can be found all over the world, even though they are native to the Mediterranean region.

Statice – Symbolism

Statie flower was often used as a symbol of remembrance and sympathy. People used to take bouquets of Statice flowers to graves in order to pay their last respect to their friends and family members.

Because of this, the sympathy and remembrance symbolism in Statice flower is extremely strong. People still pay great attention to the symbolism of certain flowers and are careful when gifting someone a certain sort of flower.

Besides being symbols of remembrance and sympathy, Statice flowers are also symbols of success and reunion. If you are interested about which flower to get to send someone the message of sympathy and happiness, then you can’t go wrong with the Statice flower.

Since they have small petals and they are not large flowers, they are mostly used in combination with some other flower sorts. You can make a beautiful bouquet and gift it to someone who is very dear and close to your heart.

Statice – Color meaning


  • Color red symbolizes love, passion, power and romance. Gorgeous red Statice flowers can be gifted to someone you love or respect, and they will certainly make a beautiful addition to your Valentine’s Day bouquet.


  • Color pink is a symbol of romance, love, subtleness and kindness. Gentle Statice flowers are perfect in pink color and are great additions to your wedding bouquet and wedding decoration. You can even gift a simple Statice flower bouquet to someone who is very dear to you, even if you are not interested in this person in a romantic way.


  • Color yellow is a symbol of happiness, joy, positive energy and optimism. You can place a beautiful bouquet of Statice flowers in your living room and make your day brighter and happier.


  • White is the symbol of innocence, purity, spirituality and beauty. You can use the white Statice flower as an addition in your bouquet or you can even gift beautiful bouquet of Statice flowers to someone you respect and find to be a great friend.


  • Purple symbolizes royalty, beauty, extravagance and nobility. Purple Statice flowers are simply gorgeous and can be combined in colorful bouquets with other larger flowers. When gifting someone purple flowers, keep in mind the symbolism of a certain flower and its color.


  • Color blue is a symbol of loyalty, inspiration, intelligence and you can gift this flower to anyone you consider a good friend and support.

Statice – Botanical facts and characteristics

The Statice flower is very decorative. People often use it in bouquets and flower decorations. The Statice flower can survive a long time after cutting without getting dry. Therefore you can place it anywhere in your home and enjoy its beautiful colors and scent. Statice flowers come in many various colors.

Flower arrangements with this flower are beautiful and even though it is a small flower, it makes a huge difference when you use it in your flower arrangement. Statice flower symbolism might be a little tricky, but when you combine it with the right flowers it is going to send just the right kind of message.

When plating Statice flowers, first determine the herbal sort. The most popular of all are the “Bondewell”, “Crimean Mix” and “Suvorov”. Don’t be surprised when you see the seeds of this flower because they almost look like fruit that can be eaten.

Seeds don’t have to be cleaned up or put into the sifter. Plant the Statice flower in spring, best time would be March or April. This is ideal time to plant the Statice flower, because the seeds will have the perfect temperature and conditions for growth. The ground needs to be loose and light. You can add some fertilizer in order to make the flower grow even better

Plant the seeds in large pots and water them regularly. The larger the pots are the better it is going to be for them. Moist the ground before you plant the seeds and then put the seeds into the ground. Statice flowers are easy to maintain and you can grow them in your backyard. They don’t require too much watering and their blooming period is in the late spring and early summer.

Statice flowers love the sun so you can place them somewhere where there is a lot of light. Don’t just place them somewhere where it is too light, or the flowers might get burned. Statice flowers have a strong and long vertical root, therefore you need to plant them in deep pots. Their roots are going to grow large so the deeper the pot is the more room the flower is going to have to grow. If you want to move your Statice flower, then do that in May. This is the best month to move the flower to a permanent position.

In warm areas, the fig tree is grown on a perennial plant and where the winter is too sharp – like the annual one. It is also possible to grow a statue from the seeds at home, in a conventional flower pot on the windowsill.

Plant Statice flowers with some distance between the bushes because they can grow quite large. The bushes are going to expand over time, therefore you need to leave at least 30cm of space between them.

Statice – Secret message

Just like any flower, the Statice flower has its own secret message to pass on to us. The Statice flower is the symbol of remembrance and sympathy. This is the perfect flower to gift to someone you are missing and to someone you want to see succeed in life.

Whether you use this flower as a part of bouquet or plant it by itself I the garden, it is definitely going to brighten your day and fill it with joy and color.