Heather Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flowers are not only there to make our homes and gardens colorful and beautiful, they are also there to represent our deepest emotions and feelings. When you think about it, we always use flowers to express the love we feel towards others.

We can’t just gift any flower to the person we like, because it has to be the perfect flower in color and symbolism so that our message is clear. It is easy now to get to almost every species of flowers because our world has merged and the flowers have spread all around the globe.

Flowers were always a big part of our lives no matter what the occasion was. We still use flowers for the same causes, but we definitely learned a lot from our ancestors and their stories. Some of the meanings that are alive today and linked to certain flower species date back hundreds of years and are created by cultures that lived near these flower species and learned from them.

In today’s text we are going to learn more about the Heather flower and the hidden symbolism behind it. This beautiful flower has a rich symbolical meaning and today we are going to learn how this meaning was built and what it represents today.

Meaning of the Heather Flower

Every flower has its own symbolical meaning and we need to know more about it, at least for the times when we are searching for a perfect flower for someone we love. Every flower has its own meaning and symbolism, and they were created by cultures that lived near these flowers and used them as decoration for various events and ceremonies.

Flowers held a specific symbolism and some ceremonies couldn’t even be imagined without certain flowers. Besides that, flower symbolism was used in art and flowers transferred messages to the observers and to the readers as well.

The Heather flower has its unique meanings as well and these meanings are:


  • The Heather flower is a symbol of independence and it can be a great gift for someone who you think is in need for this kind of recognition. The person who is best described by this flower is the person who is highly independent and confident.

Good luck

  • The Heather flower is also a symbol of good luck and fortune. This flower can be gifted to someone who needs a little bit of luck and fortune in their life. This flower was also considered to be a symbol of good luck if you bring it inside your home and if you carry it with yourself at all times. Bringing it inside your home is definitely going to attract luck to you.


  • The Heather flower is a symbol of admiration as well. This flower is a clear sign that you are feeling admiration to the person you love and this flower is a clear sign of respect you have for this person. No matter whom this person is you are going to send a clear message and let that person know that you really care.

Heather Flower – Etymological meaning

The name Heather for this beautiful flower is derived from the English word hather which actually means open fields full of flowers. The heather flower grows on almost rocky and hilly areas and these places are the ones that are the best places for Heather flower to grow.

This flower was considered to be a very strong flower because of the fact t grows in very difficult places. Name hather was later transformed into Heather.

Heather Flower – Symbolism

The Heather flower has a very strong and meaningful symbolism. This flower had a strong symbolic meaning in the history. In Scotland, this flower symbolizes protection and back in time people used to wear this flower in their pocket in order to protect them from negative energy.

Also, many wars were happening in that time in Scotland and in these battles, heather flower was often worn as a protective amulet and many believed in the powerful strength of the Heather flower.

The red and the pink Heather flowers were seen as symbols of blood and bloodshed which is the reason why nobody wanted to bring these flowers into their home.

They were avoided in a broad circle. Another meaning of the white heather flower is that fairies live nearby these flowers. Another legend is linked to the third century and the story about the maiden Malvina who was the daughter of poet Ossian. The beautiful Malvina was in love with Oscar who was a powerful warrior.

After he killed in a battle, the beautiful Malvina cried her eyes out all over the fields. Her tears turned the purple flowers into the white Heather flowers. She decided that these flowers are going to give luck to anyone who stumbles upon them.

Heather Flower – Color meaning

Color of a flower can be a perfect additional symbolic meaning to the flower meaning it already exists. Flower color can add a lot of symbolic meaning to the flower but it can also change it completely and add something new to the entire symbolic meaning.

The Heather flower comes in two colors and they are:


The purple heather flower represents admiration and respect towards someone. This flower color is a perfect gift for someone who means something important to you. This flower is going to send a perfect message to that special someone and you can always give it as a gift to someone important.


The white heather flower represents good luck and fortune. There is even a legend linked to this flower and it dates back hundreds of years.

Heather Flower – Botanical facts and characteristics

Heather is often referred to as the queen of winter because it blooms in the winter, even under the snow, with luxuriant bellflowers of red, pink or white. The evergreen has the needles on the branches and it most often grows as a garden plant with a height of up to 30 cm and a diameter of 50 cm.

Heather species has more than 800 varieties, some of which grow a few feet up. The highest is Heather (wood of the heath) that can reach up to 7 meters.

It is often mistaken with the Erica flower (the honeysuckle, Calluna vulgaris) that once belonged to the same genus, but the botanists later distinguished it as a special (Calluna).

The shade of the Heather differs in that it has fewer leaves (2-15 mm, and 2-3 mm), a smaller flower (the Heather has a bellflower that goes to the ground and the beard has a floral crown of separate latices) and time flowering (Heather bloom in winter and spring, and raisins in summer and in the breeze).

Heather is also referred to as the winter or spring heat, and the moonlight are summer or autumn. Indeed, numerous varieties of erythos are able to grow in different conditions (from planters to plants to thick ones) and bloom at different times of year, from low shrubs to stables. For our gardens the most interesting Heather carnea and Heather darleyensis, which bloom from late autumn to spring, are everlasting, and with strong cold needle colors change in bronze. Heather gracilis and Heather hyemalis are grown as indoor plants.

Heather is mainly autochthonous plants of South Africa, and only some species originate from Europe. In nature they grow in mountainous plains, on acidic soils. And in the garden they prefer acidic soils, but they will adjust to the soil they grow, even if they are slightly alkaline. It is essential that it is planted on a humid, rich and well-drained soil, in a sunny or slightly shady position. It requires a lot of moisture, so it has to be watered in the summer every day, and during autumn and winter when needed, so it will never be dry.

During the flowering of Heather, feed every two weeks with liquid fertilizer acid reaction. After flowering, at the end of the winter, it is necessary to prune the shoots to reveal a compact, shrunken appearance and kick off a new flowering cycle at soon as possible.

Seedlings from nurseries are transplanted from August to late autumn. When purchasing seedlings, look for those fresh, green leaflets that do not shrivel and don’t have twigs. Test them by turning the pot and shaking it lightly. It is breaded with cuttings (in July and August) and by sharing busses (in August and September).

Twigs are taken for cuttings of 3-5 cm long. Put them in the ground and protect them with a nylon or plastic bottle, so periodically raise them to get the plant to get air. For three weeks, the plants will be rooted and then seeded into pots. You plant them for a permanent place in the garden.

In the garden can be planted as solitary low bush, along the paths, in rocky grounds, in front of tall perennials, in balconies, are also popular as graves of flowers. Soil covers can also be used if they are grouped on larger areas, so-called. moor. L

et them be at least 5, and the spacing at planting should be at least 25 cm. Consider that in the second year of growing the plant will expand rapidly – brighter specimens up to 50 cm in diameter

Heather Flower – Secret message

Flowers were always a big part of our lives no matter what the occasion was. We still use flowers for the same causes, but we definitely learned a lot from our ancestors and their stories. Just like every flower has its own symbolic meaning every flower has its own secret message that we need to understand and implement on your life.

The message behind the Heather flower is good fortune and good luck. This flower is reminding you to always look at the brighter side of life and to never get down and feel depressed.

Some of the meanings that are alive today and linked to certain flower species date back hundreds of years and are created by cultures that lived near these flower species and learned from them.

The Heather flower is rich and dates back hundreds of years and it is definitely a reminder to keep believing in the good things in life.