Single Red Rose – Meaning and Symbolism

With the roses for Valentine’s Day, the relationship of the two lovers is celebrated. Therefore, it is appropriate to look at the number of roses in the bouquet according to the duration of the relationship.

So it’s a nice idea to take the number of weeks, months or years as the love relationship already exists. If it is still a very young love, of course, the days counted and their number will then be taken for the bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day. More: Give a whole bunch of roses or a single rose?

There are big differences in the meaning between the colors and if you want to give roses away, you should always make sure to choose the right color, because the floral language regarding roses is very important here.

Otherwise, it can quickly lead to embarrassing situations or the gift can even have a negative impact on the future. This is the case, for example, if you give your boss a bouquet of red roses for your birthday, or your partner a bouquet of yellow roses.

Also, be careful if you give a rose or a bouquet of roses.

So that does not happen, it is important to know the symbolism behind the individual colors and be careful when choosing the roses to buy the right colors.

With this in mind, nothing can go wrong, and roses are a perfect gift for a variety of occasions

What Does the Single Red Rose Flower Mean?

You are one of the lucky ones who are regularly surprised with flowers beyond Valentine’s Day, Birthday & Co? Well, one thing is certain: You are envied by millions of women. But no matter if your sweetheart is an avid flower thief or only gives the Rosenkavalier on very special occasions: the choice of his bouquet says a lot about him and your mutual relationship. Whether carnations or tulips, lotus flowers or daffodils, pink or red roses: flowers have a meaning.

The idea of ​​expressing his feelings “through the flower” originated with us in the 18th century, in the Romantic era. At the time people tried to convey what they did not dare to say with a special flower code.

Since then every flower has its own meaning. What could be nicer than expressing his secret feelings through the hidden language of the flowers? But let’s be honest: apart from the importance of the red roses – which naturally symbolize the very big, the passionate, and the true love – we usually do not know much about the symbolism of the flowers.

Too bad, because the language of the flowers is not only poetic and romantic but also extremely diverse and rich in nuances.

Etymological Meaning of the Single Red Rose Flower

Legend has it that Eve secretly took a rose with her when she was expelled from Paradise and thus brought her into our secular gardens.

Since then, the link between the rose with love for Adam and deep sensation has been a feature of all of contemporary history.

Symbolism of the Single Red Rose Flower

You love him, he loves you – or maybe not? You want each of your gestures to be proof of great love? You want to know which bouquet is suitable to convey your feelings to your sweetheart? You are eager to know what message is hidden behind his flower gift?

Whichever applies to you: we have put together a small flower ABC for you, so that the language of the flowers has no more secrets for you! The red rose stands like no other flower for the passionate love. Not without reason are red roses gladly given away for Valentine’s Day, Anniversary or other romantic occasions.

If the man of your heart gives you a red rose, he will doubtless just say one thing to you: “I love you above all else.” What he may not know is that with red roses, the number of flowers is also important.

Here are the most important numbers that you should remember: But of course, the number of roses can also be adapted to the very personal situation and correspond for example to the 5th anniversary, the 10th wedding anniversary, or simply the date of the first date.

In the number of roses so some freedom is allowed. But what about the different rose colors? One thing is for sure: with red roses you always play it safe when it comes to love. But avoid a faux-pas if you give away roses: yellow roses are a real no go! Unless you want to convey a less romantic message through the flower. Because yellow roses are very negative and stand for envy, jealousy and infidelity in the partnership!

If you still want to vary with the classic red roses, you can change to orange roses if necessary. They may not look as romantic as the red roses, but they are quite suitable for conjuring a glow on the face of the gift recipient. Because orange roses symbolize optimism, enthusiasm and warmth!

The Single Red Rose Flower Facts

Like no other flower, the rose is representative of love and is given as a single copy or a lush bouquet on Valentine’s Day. Legend has it that Eve secretly took a rose with her when she was expelled from Paradise and thus brought her into our secular gardens.

Since then, the link between the rose with love for Adam and deep sensation has been a feature of all of contemporary history.

In the Middle Ages, the rose was considered a proven love, in Roman mythology, it was attributed to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and in Indian Tantra, the rose symbolizes the heart.

Meaningful Botanical Characteristics of the Single Red Rose Flower

The rose is given away primarily as a single flower or in lush bouquets. If you want to enjoy the flowers for a long time, you should follow some simple care tips.

First cut off all stems with an oblique cut. Make sure you use a sharp knife – a cut with the scissors leads to injuries of the Rose bush!

Before placing the rose in the vase, all leaves that could come into direct contact with water must also be removed. Roses like to stand in deep water, so the vase should be filled with water at least half way up the stem.

So that the rose feels well, the water should be lukewarm; also the feeding of rose food is an advantage.

As soon as you detect discoloration on the bottom of the vase, the water must be changed – so the rose radiates several weeks in full bloom.

Single Red Rose Color Meanings

The color red is the best known among the roses. They are available in all possible nuances from light red to dark red, even almost black.

The dark red roses symbolically do not correspond to the red roses. They are discussed below in the paragraph “Black roses”.

Behind this color stands the most famous symbolism and almost everyone knows what it means to be given red roses.

Red roses express great love. They show passion and after giving a bouquet of red roses there is no turning back.

Single red roses are the beginning of a relationship to say for the first time that you love the gifted person.

But red roses not only look very handsome, they also smell very strong and stimulate the senses. For this reason, they are also popular in Feng Shui, and after this one should decorate the partnership corner with red roses.

The Single Red Rose Flower Message Is

Red as the color of love and passion conveys real feelings. If you want to surprise a secret flock on February 14 or show your affection to a fresh acquaintance, you should choose pink roses for your flowery present.

The delicate color stands for budding feelings and seals the alliance of the newly in love ones.

On Valentine’s Day, anyone who is close to us is happy about a loving gesture, who would like to make friends and family happy on this day should also choose the graceful rose here: Elegant red roses, for example, subtly say “thank you” for long-term relationships, deep red Roses symbolize joy and inspire even the best friend on the day of love.