Sampaguita Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Sampaguita flower grows in the Southern Asia and south Pacific. For many years, this beautiful flower was unknown to so many countries around the world, and those who had a chance to see this flower in person when they went on long travels, were instantly mesmerized by its beauty.

Sampaguita flower comes in several colors and its symbolic meaning was created by civilizations that lived around it.

Flower symbolism might seem unimportant for people, but when we think about it, we use flowers to express our feelings more than we realize. Flower symbolism is taken seriously, especially when you we are trying to decipher the hidden message behind a flower gift. There is a big difference when someone gifts you red roses and when someone gifts you yellow ones.

If you are new to the subject of flower symbolism, this will be an interesting subject to dig deeper into. Flowers have been on this planet more than us and their strength and power is bigger than we might think.

They persevered through some difficult climates and grown in places where conditions are even tough for humans. Flower symbolism of the Sampaguita was created by cultures that inhabited the tropical areas where this beautiful flower grows and the most common symbolic meanings are devotion, dedication and love.

Meaning of the Sampaguita flower

Sampaguita flower is a tropical flower that stuns us with its beauty. Symbolic meaning of this flower assisted people for years and helped them share their emotions and feelings with people they love. Sampaguita flower has several symbolic meanings and all of them are closely tied together.

Sampaguita flower represents:

  • Love
  • Divine hope
  • Dedication
  • Fidelity
  • Devotion

Love – Sampaguita flower is a symbol of love. If you want to show love to someone, this is the perfect flower to do. Their beauty and tropical appeal are going to make the person receiving the bouquet special and loved. Meaning of love was the dominant symbolic meaning for this flower in South Asia and South Pacific, and from there this symbolism spread out across the world.

Divine hope – This gorgeous flower symbolizes divine hope. This especially goes for the white Sampaguita flower, where the color white and the symbolic meaning of this color perfectly align. You can place this flower in your home, where it will be more than a beautiful decoration. Its presence is going to fill your home with divine hope and optimism for the future.

Dedication – Sampaguita flower symbolizes dedication. Besides being the symbol of love, this flower is also a symbol of dedication to someone and surrendering your soul to another person. If you want to surprise your partner and pick something different for this year’s Valentine’s Day, then pick a beautiful bouquet of Sampaguita flowers and surprise your loved one.

Fidelity – Close to fidelity is love. This is the perfect flower for expressing love and complete faith in a relationship. There is no other way to show love to someone than with fidelity and truthfulness. This is the ultimate goal in every relationship and you can easily show your true intentions by gifting this beautiful flower to your partner.

Devotion – Just like dedication, devotion symbolizes your desire to spend a lifetime with a person and offer endless love to him or her. Sampaguita flower is going to help you transfer this message to your partner without you even saying a word.

Purity – Sampaguita flowers have also been symbols of purity for the people of South Asia and Southern Pacific. These flowers symbolized innocence, purity and divine forces, which is the reason they were often used in baptisms and religious ceremonies.

Even today, this symbolism is extremely important and the Sampaguita are often used as decorations in weddings and baptisms.

Sampaguita – Etymological meaning

This gorgeous flower belongs to the Jasminum sambac family. Sampaguita flower belongs to the same family as the regular jasmine flower and many call it the Arabian Jasmine or Philippine Jasmine.

Difference between this jasmine and the regular one is that the Sampaguita flower grows on evergreen vines while the ordinary jasmine grows on smaller shrubs. Scents of both flowers are similar and they are very similar in general.

Name Sampaguita comes from the Spanish word “sumpa kita” which in translation means “I promise you.”. There is even an interesting legend linked to this flower which speaks about a beautiful princess.

According to the legend, a beautiful princess Lakambini inherited the kingdom after her father, the king, passed away. The young princess was inexperienced, so she decided to accept the help from the prince Lakan Galing. The prince and the princess soon fell in love and got married to each other on the hilltop over the sea. The couple promised each other eternal love with words “I promise you.” or “sumpa kita”.

The prince soon went on a journey to destroy the enemies of the kingdom. The princess waited for him each day, but the prince was nowhere to see. She would go up to the hill, where they promised eternal love to each other, and waited for his ship to appear. When she realized that the prince is not coming back, the young princess collapsed and died of grief.

On the place where she died, a small vine started to grow, and the locals decided to call it the Sampaguita.

Sampaguita – Symbolism

Sampaguita flowr is the symbol of love and devotion. The legend about the young prince and princess, tells a story of devotion and dedication to one person. The poor girl died from grief she felt, because her love never returned, which is the reason why this flower has such a strong love symbolism.

Besides being the symbol of love and dedication, the Sampaguita flower symbolizes purity and divine hope.

People who live in tropical areas, where the v flower grows, use this flower in religious ceremonies and in wedding ceremonies. Couples exchange rings, like in most places in the world, but they also exchange the Sampaguita flower as a symbol of dedication and promise to each other.

The Sampaguita flower is the national flower of Indonesia and the Philippines. In China, the jasmine flower in general is a symbol of femininity and female gentleness. Sampaguita flowers are used for the production of essential oils and perfumes. His beautiful scent supposedly cures depression, anxiety and relaxes our bodies.

Another ancient legend says that, if you place a small bundle of dried Sampaguita flowers under your pillow on your marriage anniversary, you will have a long and happy marriage.

Sampaguita – Color meaning

There are only two colors of the Sampaguita flower. This beautiful color comes in yellow and white color, and both of them have different meanings.


The white Sampaguita flower is a symbol of purity, innocence, humility and reverence. Since the Sampaguita flower in general symbolizes love and dedication, this color is the perfect one for wedding decorations.

The combination of innocence and love is the best combination you can think of when you want to send a strong message to everyone who is present on the day when you are promising your life to the person you love.


Yellow Sampaguita flower is a symbol of happiness, new beginnings, friendship and joy. This is a gorgeous flower to have in your home, if you want to bring in a little bit of sunshine and joy into your house. Color yellow in general symbolizes joy, happiness and attention, and you can be sure that this flower is going to cause a positive reaction in everyone you gift it to.

Sampaguita – Botanical facts and characteristics

Sampaguita flower is usually planted in gardens and backyards. Since it rows in vines, you can plant it next to bushes that are going to support the vine and lift it up. The best ground to plant the

Sampaguita flower is the mild sour to neutral ground. It doesn’t take a lot of care and you can expect it to bloom in the late spring. It is necessary to water it more frequently during summer times, because it will need a little bit more water.

Sampaguita – Secret message

The Sampaguita flower has a special message just for us and it is the message of love and dedication. When you want to surprise your loved one with a special gift that is going to transfer your message of love and devotion, then you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous, gentle flower. Choose a beautiful bouquet for your home and bring in some positive energy.