September Birth Flower – List and Meaning

Birth flowers are flowers that belong only to the people who are born in the same month. We all know our horoscope sign, but not many of us are aware of that special flower that belongs only to our month of birth. Unlike horoscope and other signs, birth flowers don’t necessarily influence our character but they are representations of general characteristics of people born in a particular month.

Even though we are a lot different than plants and flowers, there are still some basic characteristics we can all connect with. For example, some flowers are much stronger than others just like some people are stronger than others. Some people can endure a lot in life without breaking, while others have a much tender heart and break easily.

Every flower has its own specific symbolism and historic value to humans. Our ancestors respected nature much more than we do now, and they valued each gift that they received from beautiful plants.

Besides healing and feeding purposes, flowers made our lives much more colorful and beautiful in every possible sense. Their presence simply makes us feel warmer and happier inside, no matter how old we are or whether we are male or female. Flowers helped us express emotions we couldn’t share with others, because we had no strength to speak out.

They were our helpers when we were sharing our emotions and when we felt at our most vulnerable. We say hello and goodbye with flowers, or simply make our day more beautiful by adding a bouquet of fresh flowers in our home. World without flowers would be dull and sad, so we should pay them more respect than we are doing right now.

Discover your birth flower and find out more about it, in order to have a special flower that exists only for you and others that have been born in the same month. If you are interested to find out which flower is your birth flower, this is a perfect opportunity.

How to know your Birth Flower?

Birth flower lists were created by florists based on flower color, appearance, scent, and growing habits. Every flower has something special about it that makes it unique and perfect to be your flower of the month.

To find out your birth flower, all you need to do is to look at the list and find the flower that is unique for your birth month. Sometimes these flowers are linked to the blooming month and other times they are simply picked by florists because of other characteristics.

The tradition of flower of the month began a long time ago. The Romans were the first ones to celebrate their festivities with flowers and they began the tradition of giving flowers as birthday gifts. Many other cultures then and now used flowers to celebrate important events and festivities. This is something we have taken on today and something we still do no matter which occasion it is.

Flowers can represent sadness or happy moments, and their colors are perfect to express emotions and different feelings. Whether we want to say goodbye to someone or welcome this person into our life, flowers have been our loyal companions for centuries. Flower of the month is just another reminder of how we are all a part of the nature and how we share mutual characteristics.

Symbolism of your Birth Flower

Flowers of the month of September are the Aster and the Morning Glory. These two flowers look very similar and many people confuse these two. Even though they are both flowers of September, they have their unique symbolism and meaning. Their bright purple-blue color is what they share and what makes them stand out from the dark green landscapes in the late summer.

The Aster flower symbolizes powerful love and positive emotions. With their beauty, they bring a pinch of positivism in the late summer days and remind us about the upcoming fall. The Morning Glory flower is the symbol of affection. Just like their name says, Morning Glory flowers open up in the morning and they close their petals during the rest of the day.

Colors in flowers can have significant meanings as well. Colors give us a good idea about the symbolic meaning of something. They send a strong message to the receiver and the symbolism of colors s widely recognized in the entire world. It is unnecessary to explain what a certain color means, no matter where you are in the world.

Aster flower comes in two different colors and those are the blue-purple color and the pink.

Even though all Aster flowers symbolize grace and elegance, there is certain significance to the color blue. Color blue symbolizes loyalty, honesty, responsibility and trust. Since Aster flower can be gifted to anybody, you don’t have to worry too much about the significance of the color blue, but you can if you want to send an extra message to someone special to you. Flowers that symbolize grace and elegance are great gifts for people you love and find to be good friends.

Pink color Aster flower is also a symbol of elegance and grace. Color pink symbolizes subtleness, romance, beauty and femininity. Pink Asters are a great gift for a younger person and someone who is very dear to your heart. If this person is born in the month of September, a big bouquet of pink Asters is going to make their day even more special.

Morning Glory comes in many different color variations and colors. Each color has its own specific meaning and symbolism, you can use to surprise someone you love and send them a more specific message.

Blue Morning Glory is the most common color of this flower. Color blue symbolizes trust, responsibility, honor and loyalty. They are a great gift for someone born in September and for the person you find to be a great friend or close family member.

Purple Morning Glory is another variation of this flower. Color purple symbolizes royalty, prosperity, beauty and luxury. They are a perfect gift for someone very dear to you and great decoration for your living room or garden.

Pink Morning Glory is a symbol of affection, subtleness, romance and grace. This is the perfect gift for someone younger and who you care about dearly. Morning Glories love being outside, so it would be best to keep them in your garden. Color pink has been linked to femininity for years now, even though the color blue was the color of woman for centuries.

Fuchsia color Morning Glory flower is a symbol of passion, courage and confidence. This is the perfect flower color to gift to someone you like very much in a romantic way. This bold color is going to send your message straight forward to the person that needs to know it. This is a great color when you want to impress someone or show deep fondness towards this person.

Red is the color of romance and love. Red Morning Glory color flower can be a perfect gift for someone you love, like your partner or girlfriend. This is the perfect surprise for Valentine’s Day, especially if this is the birth flower of that special someone. Morning Glories are humble flowers that can send the message of love just as straight forward as any other flower.

Yellow Morning Glory flower symbolizes happiness, positive energy, clarity and remembrance. This is the perfect flower to gift to someone you love to show how much you appreciate this person. The perfect thing about Morning Glory flowers is that they are humble enough so that they can be given to a romantic partner and to a friend just as easily.

Light blue Morning Glory flower color is very common. This color symbolizes honesty and trust, which means you can gift them to everybody you find to be a great friend and support in life.

Dark blue Morning Glory flower color symbolizes elegance, richness and sophistication. This color of flower can be gifted to anybody no matter what this person means to you. This is a great gift for a friend or co-worker, or even a family member.

White Morning Glory flower symbolizes religion, trust, kindness and goodness. They are perfect gifts for someone who is very dear to you or who you find to be a good friend. White Morning Glories can be great gifts for your friends and family members, no matter how old they are.

Month of September calls for recollecting energies

September is the month when we recollect on our experiences from the summer and think about all those fun moments we spent in warm weather. September is the month of preparations for the winter and colder times. This is when Morning Glories and Aster flowers perfectly stand out on orange fields of dried down grass.

Their beautiful pop of color makes our fall much prettier. They make that transition between summer to fall much easier and more joyful. Both flowers don’t request too much care and they pretty much take care of themselves.

Where do the names Aster and Morning Glory come from?

Aster flower got its name because of its similarity to stars. The name of this flower comes from ancient Greek and it was used to represent all of the flowers that had the similar shape, or a star-like shape of petals. The Morning Glory flower of Impomoea came from the Latin prefix ip which means the worm or worm-like.

The reason why the Impomoea flower got this name is because of the way the flower grows. When it grows, the Morning Glory flower resembles a worm and it slowly opens up its petals afterwards. The Morning Glory name came from the behavior of this flower. Morning Glory flower opens up its petals in the morning and closes them later on in the day. So, we have to wait until the morning to see its beautiful colors.

Interesting facts about Asters and Morning Glories

Aster flower has a very long history and cultural significance to many cultures around the world. In Greece, the Aster flower was used to scare away snakes and mean spirits.

They would burn Aster flowers and the scent they released would scare away the reptiles. Myth about the goddess Astraea tells the story about her death and her turning into a star by the god Jupiter during the great flood. After she wept for the lost lives, her tears got turned into stardust and fell to the earth. In the place where her tears fell, the Aster flower sprung forth. Asters flowers were sacred to ancient Greeks and they would often place them on altars and other sacred places.

According to a Native American legend of the Cherokee people, two Indian girls got lost in the woods and a herb woman saw that they are going to be in great danger. When the girls fell asleep, the herb lady turned them into flowers, and the girl in the blue fringed dress got turned into the first Aster flower.

In United States, the Aster flower symbolizes month of September and the 20th wedding anniversary. Also, the Aster flower was considered to be magical both in Germany and England.

The Morning Glory flower in Chinese culture represents unrequited love and there are many stories in Chinese folklore about them. In Victorian era, Morning Glory flower was often brought to graveyards to represent endless love and respect. To Christians, the Morning Glory flower represents the shortness of life and soul.


Asters and Morning Glories are beautiful flowers that mesmerize us with their simplicity and humbleness. They are gorgeous flowers that have a very long history in many cultures and folklores around the world. September birth flowers announce the ending of summer and the beginning of fall, which can’t be avoided. They are universal symbols of grace, elegance and femininity.

You can gift these flowers to anybody you like and who is dear to you. It doesn’t matter if this person is your friend or family member, or your long term partner. If you were looking for great tattoo ideas, then your birth flower might be the way to show others which month represents you are what are the characteristics linked to your personality.