June Birth Flower – List and Meaning

You are aware that each birth date determines a certain horoscope sign, but did you know that you also have your own birth flower? Each month is marked with one specific flower that best describes that time of the year and that month in particular. If it is summer time, then it is probably going to be a summer flower but winter months are marked with own flowers as well.

Flower of the month tells us a little bit more about our personality and the way we are deep inside our souls. They are also great guidelines if you are looking for a perfect flower to gift to someone, because you can’t go wrong with their birth flower. Each flower has its own specific meaning and symbolism.

When we look at paintings and when we enjoy reading a novel that mentions a certain type of flower, we should think more about the hidden message that is behind that particular flower.

Flowers were often used as symbols for many things. No matter if we needed to express our positive or negative emotions, they were always there to say things we didn’t have the courage to speak about. Whether we were seducing someone we liked or grieved for someone we lost, flower symbolism was there to tell our deepest, most hidden emotions.

This is the reason why we respect flowers and so many people groom them with such delicate care. They not only make our gardens and homes look beautiful and full of colors, they are our accomplices and friends in moments when we need that little boost, to say someone what has been on our heart the entire time.

How to know your Birth Flower?

Every month has its own specific birth flower. There is no need to research or read a lot about this topic, because you already have a birth flower that only belongs to you and the people who have been born in the same month as you. Every birth flower has been determined by florists and they have been chosen based on their appearance, color, scent and their relevance as a gift.

It has now become a usual practice to give someone flowers for their birthday. It is believed that the Romans were the first ancient culture that gifted flowers for someone’s birth and birthday.

They would decorate entire halls and rooms with colorful, seasonal flowers in order to make their festivities look more rich and beautiful. Flowers were seen as gifts and decorations that can be used for almost any occasion. The creation of birth flowers is linked to Romans as well, since they were the first ones to pay so much attention to flower gifting.

We have now taken on this tradition to use flowers to decorate our homes, to make our everyday lives more colorful and to decorate our weddings as a symbol of great love and celebration. There are even separate lists of flowers for each day of the month, so that everyone gets its own special flower that best describes the day he or she was born.

Birth flowers have symbolisms that are linked directly to the character and personalities of people born in that certain month. You might even notice these traits if you take a closer look at this person’s behavior. Flower symbolism was something highly important to our ancestors, but it is still present and respected in this day and age.

Symbolism of your Birth Flower

Birth flower for the month of June is the Rose. Roses are probably one of the most famous flowers in the world. Rare are the people on the entire planet who don’t know how a Rose looks like. Like I mentioned earlier, each flower has its own symbolism. Therefore, Rose has its own symbolic meaning that is directly tied to its appearance but also to the way people see this gorgeous flower.

Rose, in general, symbolizes chastity, sweetness and humility. Roses are also symbols of love, passion, beauty, honor and timelessness. If you are looking for a perfect tattoo to paint on your body, your birth flower might be a good idea. Tattoo ideas that involve Roses are endless, and you can incorporate this beautiful flower with something else you really care about.

Roses have been strong symbols in art and literature for centuries, but the color of the Rose has an important symbolic meaning. Colors add something special and symbolic to each object, and they are something we need to pay attention to when we are gifting flowers to others.

Red Roses are symbols of romance and love. They are beloved gifts for Valentine’s Day and the meaning of the red Rose is widely recognized. It is unnecessary to speak about the importance of red roses for love and romance. If you want to surprise your partner and show him or her how much you care, red rose is the perfect way to do this. They are best gifts for someone you love, since gifting them to your family members and friends might send the wrong message. Color red symbolizes passion, love, power and authority, while in negative aspect it represents aggression, danger and anger.

Pink Rose symbolizes grace and admiration towards someone. This is a perfect gift to give to your friend or family member for their birthday. Color pink is a subtle color that can send a pretty strong message of love and affection towards someone. This color symbolizes sweetness, playfulness, charm and femininity.

Dark Pink Rose symbolizes appreciation and gratitude. This gift is perfect if you want to tell someone “thank you” for something. Dark pink color has the same meaning as the pink color, so mind that fact when you are choosing someone for this gift. Same goes for the light pink color.

White Rose symbolizes reverence, purity and friendship. Color white sends a very strong message and it symbolizes faith, new beginning, possibility, safety and goodness. You can always pick a white Rose for someone you really like or you want to say you are sorry for something you have done. This Rose can also be a gift for someone, if you want to show them how much they mean to you and how special you are.

Yellow Rose is a symbol of caring and falling in love. This is the perfect Rose to give to someone you want to show your true emotions to. This person needs to be someone special, and you might want to avoid giving this gift to your family members or friends. Color yellow symbolizes happiness, energy, enlightenment, positivity and loyalty. The person you want to impress is going to love the yellow roses and the message you want to send will be clear.

Orange Roses are symbols of passion. This is the perfect gift for your partner or for someone you feel very passionate about. Color orange symbolizes sunshine, enthusiasm, success, freedom, sexuality and passion. You might want to avoid this gift, if you want to surprise your family members or friends. Choose the perfect bouquet of orange Roses for your partner or crush, and gift this bouquet for Valentine’s Day or just to show how much you love your partner.

Burgundy Rose symbolizes beauty. Color burgundy is a symbol of aristocracy, leadership, ambition, beauty, prosperity and maturity. This is the perfect color of Roses to gift to someone you love, no matter who this person is. You can choose this Rose for your partner or for your family member. It is best to choose people who are older and more mature, if you want to gift this beautiful color of Rose.

Black Rose is a symbol of farewell and death. Color black in general symbolizes darkness, evil, death, grief and sadness. It is easy to recognize the meaning of this Rose color since it is mostly used for burials and funerals. They symbolize saying goodbye to something or someone and are universal symbols of sadness and death.

Month of June symbolizes celebration

Did you know that most weddings take place in the month of June? This month simply represents the beginning of summer and warmer weather that brings us positive vibes and longer sunny days. June is the month of celebrations and festivities, and Roses are ideal flowers to have in such gatherings. They are at their most beautiful in the beginning of summer, and their petals are the brightest. Colorful roses fill our lives with happiness and joy, and their presence makes everything more special and sophisticated.

What would weddings or birthday parties be without these beautiful flowers? They are ideal decoration, no matter which festivity you are organizing and in who’s honor. There are so many colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect Rose color for that special person in order to celebrate a special date.

Where does the name Rose come from?

Name Rose comes from the Latin word “rosa” which belonged to the Greek and Italian dialects rhodon, and it has an Iranian root vrda-. The word “rosa” was translated as the color pink or red. In many cultures around the world, the names Rose or Rosa are very popular female names.

They are especially important to the people who lived in Macedonia and the Thracian region, but also to the ones who lived in Persia and in Greece.

Interesting facts about Roses

Roses are one of the most important symbols in the world. This can be said with certainty, because Roses have been used to symbolize everything from love and romance to clans and kingdoms.

Their symbolism is extremely strong and powerful and people fell in love with this flower from the first moment they saw it. Rose symbolism is extremely broadly used and the meaning depends on the culture and nation that you are interested in.

In Christianity, Roses are important symbols.  In ancient Rome, Rose symbolizes the devotion people felt towards the goddess Venus. After Christianity became the predominant religion in Rome, Roses became symbols for the Virgin Mary. The Rose flower led to invention of rosaries and many other prayers in Christian religion.

Islamic cultures respected roses just as much as Christians did. Roses were often used in geometrical gardens that were popular in Islamic cultures. Gardens were filled with colorful Roses as well as the surrounding grounds of temples. Roses were highly respected flowers in Iran and all other surrounding lands. In a lyric ghazal, it is said that the Rose flower’s longing is responsible for the beautiful song of the nightingale. This is an image that is very popular, especially in poems written by Hafez.

Roses in Islam are also known because of their link to the Sufi master Jilani, who is known as the “Rose of Baghdad”. There are two very important books for the Islamic culture that are associated with Roses, and those are The Rose Garden by Saadi and The Rose Garden of Secrets by Mahmud Shabistari.

In Catalonia, there is a big celebration on Saint George’s Day when couples exchange red roses in order to show each other eternal love. In England, the Rose flower is the national flower. In fifteenth century war between two of the greatest Houses in England, Rose played an important symbolic role. The House of Lancaster, that was represented with a red Rose and the House of York that was represented with a white Rose flower had these flowers on their emblems and shields. The Tudor dynasty created their own Tudor Rose, that united the red and the white Rose and this was beautifully represented in Shakespeare’s play “The Richard III”.

In the famous ballad “The Rose of England”, king Henry of England was represented with a red Rose. In North America, Rose was the national symbol on floral emblem in the year 1986. Rose is also the state flower of several states in the United States (Iowa, Georgia, North Dakota, New York and Oklahoma).

In Canada, Rosa acicularis is the official provincial flower of the province of Alberta. The Wildrose party is the Albertan political party, that was named after the province’s official flower. In Mexican city of Guadalajara, capital city of Jalisco is names as the “City of Roses”.


As a birth flower, Rose is a beautiful gift to give to someone born in June. Symbolism of this flower is extremely strong and dates back hundreds of years. Choose an adequate Rose color for the person you want to surprise, and make someone’s day more beautiful and colorful with this beautiful flower.