November Birth Flower – List and Meaning

Flower symbolism dates back thousands of years ago. People used flower symbolism to express their emotions and feelings towards others, but they also used them as decoration. Beauty of flowers is undoubtable and without them our planet would be much duller. Their bright colors and beautiful scents can light up our days and make us feel full of positive energy.

Birth flowers are equal to birth stones. Every person has its own birth flower and birth stone. In a way, birth flowers are good representations of our character but we can use them as gifts for people we love. When you are in doubt which flower to choose for someone, just pick that person’s birth flower and you won’t make a mistake.

Birth flowers have their own symbolic meanings and we can learn a lot by exploring them. Each birth flower has its own specific life cycle and gives us a basic idea about the existence of beings on the planet. Even though we often underestimate flowers, their lives are often times amazing.

Flowers and life in general can grow in most unexpected places and resist even the hardest living conditions. In this article we will be focusing on the November Birth Flower and the symbolism it has for us.

November birth flower– Characteristics and Botanical facts

If you are born in the month of November, then your birth flower is Chrysanthemum. This birth flower can also be linked to the Zodiac sign of Scorpio, so you already get the sense of what kind of personality you are, if you are more familiar with Zodiac signs.

Chrysanthemum is a flower symbol of the Japanese royal family, but these beautiful flowers can be found all over the world and they belong to one of the most beloved flower species in general. Other names are winter rose, forest, rose petals, voluminous eyes.

The flower can grow up to 50 cm tall. The chrysanthemum tree is relatively thickly branched, and the leaves are randomly distributed. There are several varieties and colors. In some varieties of chrysanthemums the flower is white, and at the bottom it is yellow or purple, in some it is quite yellow, pinkish, orange, red, or even purple. The flowers are of different sizes, and they range from tiny to bigger, and can grow up to the size of 15 cm. Flower petals can be simple, layered and full.

The chrysanthemum tree can be replicated with two cuttings and by bushing. Planting is carried out with cuttings, which should be obtained from a healthy mother plant. You can take the cuttings from the end of February/March to May. Best cuttings are taken from the branches on top of the plant that go directly to the root. It takes about 4 weeks for the chrysanthemum to adapt to the ground, and after that the chrysanthemum is ready to be planted in a pot as a house or garden plant, or even as a tree for a yard.

The distance for planting chrysanthemums should be about 40 cm apart from each other. The bush removal should be done in March, April. If we want to accelerate the growth, we cover the root with a bowl. It is necessary for the plants to cut the top shoots while they are young, in order to grow evenly. It is necessary to protect the plants from frosts by covering them with foil.

It is best suited for growth in pots and in gardens. To save their flaky petals, we should place them in a sunny place. After flowering they should be shortened to a height of about 20 cm. During the winter, you should remove them from the frozen ground from and keep them at a temperature of 7 degrees in a compost box. And if you put it in them a pot, the temperature should be the same.

When young shoots begin in the spring, they should shortened and also add potassium and nitrogen-based nutrition to improve growth.

Chrysanthemum flower describes a personality which is:

Sweet – every person born under the chrysanthemum flower rule is sweet and kind. This is the first impression everyone has about the people whose birth flower is the chrysanthemum. They are kind to other people and love being close to the people who are dear to them. Having their friends and family around them is what makes them happy. They are also very vibrant people with a lot to offer to the world and to the ones who accept them.

Sunny – When you are around this person, you will feel that your energy levels have risen. They are a joy to be around with a lot of interesting stories to share. Spending time with them will make your day much brighter and full of positive energy.

Endearing – They simply have a way to get under other people’s skin. Others simply fall in love with them the first time they meet them, because they are radiating so much positive energy.

Sensitive – People born under the rule of chrysanthemum flower are also sensitive. They can easily be hurt by other people’s actions and words. Almost everything gets to them and they begin making up stories in their minds. This can later lead to the buildup of negative energy in them, which might result in emotional outbursts of energy.

Emotional – Like I mentioned above, people born under the rule of chrysanthemum flower are very sensitive and emotional. They can easily be hurt by something that wouldn’t normally be the case with other people. Having them as enemies is definitely not something you would want, because they will use almost everything to get back at you.

Devotion – chrysanthemum flower is also a symbol of devotion, both romantic and devotion in general. You are someone who loves taking care of people who are dear to you and making sure they have everything they need. Chrysanthemum birth flower makes you a great friend and companion for life. You rarely give up on your friends and their well-being is sometimes even more important than yours. You are a devoted co-worker and partner to other people in all adventures, which is why many people consider you a friend for lifetime.

Passionate – People who have this birth flower are very passionate people who know what they want in life. They are very determined to succeed and their ambitions are never low. Their goal in life is to have as much as possible without holding back. They are sometimes even prepared to walk over corpses, especially if they are doing something for revenge. Their energy levels are high and when they love someone they do not hold back. If you are someone loved by this person, then you will definitely sense it.

Chrysanthemum birth flower – Symbolism and Meaning

Chrysanthemum flower has a very rich symbolic meaning. They send the message about winter and how even this cold time of year can be beautiful. They are symbols of joy and beauty of the world that can’t be outrun by darkness. Chrysanthemum are the national flowers of Japan, and in this country, they are widely respected and worshipped. Chrysanthemums can be found in art and as symbols in literature all across Japan, where they represent royalty, devotion, nobleness, beauty and kindness.

In Australia, chrysanthemum are usually gifted for Mother’s Day and the Victorians considered it to be a flower of friendship and good wishes. Red chrysanthemum weren’t often gifted to people, because they represented strong passion and love for someone that is out of this world. In the U.S. chrysanthemum flower means joy and positive energy. During the All Saints Day, chrysanthemum flower is a symbol of honoring the dead and it is also called one of Four Gentleman in Chinese culture, which is only a reminder about the importance of chrysanthemum in art.

Chrysanthemum Birth Flower – Color Meanings

Chrysanthemum flower comes in several different colors. Every color has its own symbolic meaning and it can send an even stronger message to the person you want to surprise.

White chrysanthemum Birth Flower – Color white is the symbol of purity, innocence, justice and spirituality. White chrysanthemum flowers can be gifted to someone you love and want to surprise. This flower was used to repel snakes from gardens and people usually plant them near homes. According to some old legends, white chrysanthemum are also symbols of fertility and some believed they can promote it as well.

Red chrysanthemum Birth Flower – The color red symbolizes love, passion, romance but aggressiveness as well. Red chrysanthemum are usually symbols of love and are a great gift for someone dear to you. Even though chrysanthemum don’t usually represent a romantic flower, they can be an ideal replacement for roses and some other flowers that are usually gifted for Valentine’s Day. Their beauty is something that can’t be denied, and they will be a great gift for your partner and something slightly different than usual.

Pink chrysanthemum Birth Flower – Color pink is the symbol of romance, love and gentleness. The pink Chrysanthemum flower was usually used in love spells in order to attract someone you loved but couldn’t get on your side. People strongly believed in the magical power of flowers and their ability to influence our lives.

Yellow chrysanthemum flower – Yellow chrysanthemum flower is a symbol of happiness, joy, positive energy and friendship. This is a perfect gift to give to someone who is your dear friend and colleague. You can show great amount of respect and love for this person if you choose a yellow chrysanthemum flower as a gift, since these flowers in general are symbols of friendship and devotion.

Chrysanthemum Birth Flower – Etymological meaning

Chrysanthemum flower has an interesting history and meaning behind it. Chrysanthemum flower Latin or scientific name is easy to remember because it is similar to many other flower species in the garden. The name chrysanthemum comes from the Greek words Chrysos which means gold and Anthemon which means flower. The Greeks loved chrysanthemum and considered it to be one of the most beautiful flowers in nature. To them, the yellow chrysanthemum reminded them of gold, which is why they gave it such a memorable name.

This name is also used in China and Japan, even there is more than one color today. Chrysanthemum flowers today come in many different colors but their name “golden flower” will remain forever. The orange flower is probably the most popular flower color for landscaping in the U.S.


Chrysanthemum birth flower can be linked to the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. People born under the rule of Chrysanthemum birth flower are sensitive and emotional, caring and sometimes overly passionate. Chrysanthemum birth flower is mostly associated to the personality that is determined, secretive and full of energy. You are someone who likes to be surrounded by people you know well and enjoying all the pleasures of life. Your energy is what attracts other people and makes them stick with you.

Chrysanthemum flowers are flowers that are usually given in bouquets and they are often used as gifts for various occasions. They mostly symbolize friendship and because of this, chrysanthemum are best gifts for people who are not your partner or someone you are romantically interested in. For these people, it is best to choose a plant that is well known gift in a romantic sense of the way, or simply choose the red chrysanthemum and you won’t make a mistake.

Chrysanthemum flower has a long history and is a part of many cultures around the globe. People used chrysanthemum flowers as parts of potions in order to influence other people to do something. The most popular spell and magic potion was the one made from pink chrysanthemum flower that was used to attract someone or as a love potion.

Either way, chrysanthemum flower is a great gift for someone born in the month November, especially if this person is born under the rule of Scorpio Zodiac sign. You can’t make a mistake by gifting someone their own birth flower, just choose the right color to match the message you want to send.