December Birth Flower – List and Meaning

Flower symbolism is an interesting way to discover more about your personality and character. Flowers have been important symbols in our lives for centuries and we used them to beautify our worlds and lives.

Without flowers, our lives would be much more depressing and uninteresting. We used flowers to express our emotions and send important messages to others. Lovers used flowers to express emotions they had towards each other. We send flowers to people when they want to say goodbye to someone or welcome someone.

Flower as symbols were very important in art and culture. Artists used flowers as symbols and vessels to send a hidden message to the audience, especially if they want to talk more about something that is a very dangerous message to send to the world.

Symbols in art have always been used to express messages that can’t be shared with just anyone, so the more it was used in art and literature the bigger the symbolic value of this symbol was.

Birth flowers are based on lists made by botanists and people who are very well known with spiritual world and symbolism. A person can have more than one birth flower, and lists made especially to determine birth flowers can easily be found.

Sometimes birth flowers are based on botanical facts of the flower, and other times they are based on more symbolic and historic values of each flower.

December Birth Flower – Characteristics and Botanical Facts

If you are born in the month of December, your birth flower is Narcissus. This flower is a well-known symbol and often used in art and culture. Many songs and art works are filled with narcissus flower symbols, but for now we will get into the more scientific approach to this flower.

Narcissus is a perennial plant from the family Narcissus, and a family of bulbous plants, the Latin name (Amarillidaceae).

Narcissus flowers are mostly present in the Mediterranean areas and are most known in Greece and countries surround it. Many legends and even the name of this flower come from ancient Greece. It is usually grown as a decorative lower. Some might not be aware of the fact that narcissuses are actually poisonous and can cause other flowers that grow next to them to die. This also adds up to the symbolic value for this flower, since it can’t stand another flower being next to him.

Narcissus got its name after Narcissus, who was the son of a Greek god Kefis and a Greek goddess Liriope. Narcissus was a gorgeous man and almost every gild in the kingdom wanted to be with him, but would often end up killing themselves because of unreturned love. To punish him, Narcissus was cursed to look at his own face on the surface of the lake for eternity, which caused him to fall in love with himself. He died from loving himself and eventually got turned into a flower.

Narcissus is most often represented as a selfish man who loves others but who is still most important to himself. He is someone who likes making him feel good, which can be seen as rude. Yellow flowers are given to partners who are jealous and who are very insecure deep down inside.

There are many hybrid sorts of narcissus flowers that are being produced in Netherlands and in England. Most sorts come from Netherlands and they are one of the biggest producers of daffodils in general.

This flower can only be seen from March to May. They usually come in two different colors: yellow and white, but some hybrid sorts have been created by humans. Because they have a gentle scent and are beautiful, they are often used as cutting flowers. You need to be careful when putting these flowers in vases because they can’t be placed with any other flower. They contain poisonousness substances and can kill other flowers and plants.

Gorgeous narcissuses are mostly planted in the fall. To plant them, put them in depth which is twice the size of the flower’s bulb. Remember that the distance between the bulbs needs to be at least 10-15 cm. Root needs a lot of water for growing and in case of lack of rain, make sure to water them regularly.

These flowers are mostly planted in gardens, especially because they are by nature wild flowers and they thrive the best when they are in the nature.

To transplant the flower wait for spring just like with any other flower. Before you transplant it you need to be sure that the root has grown out of the pot. In order to grow better, the narcissus needs to be placed somewhere where there is a lot of sunshine and warmth. For the purpose of planting a narcissus in the apartment, use pots, and this gorgeous flower will grow in your home even when it is snow outside.

When planting narcissus flowers, make sure you get a good quality bulbs because they mean a lot for the health of a plant. Bulbs need to be placed in a sol which has a lot of fertilizer in it. It is best to hold the bulbs in hormones and fertilizes, which you can buy at an agriculture pharmacy, in order to make them grow faster and more beautiful.

If you plant them into something, put them in a sunny and warm place. Fill up the pots with ground, and you can add some pebbles to the soil. The pebbles are going to help the bulb grow faster and stronger because it is going to allow the water to be distributed equally.

To make your plant grow stronger and faster, add some fertilizer to the ground each year. Find the fertilizer that is going to be the right one for this plant and make sure you don’t forget to repeat this step every year.

The biggest dangers for narcissus flowers are the snails. They need to be protected by completely getting rid of snails or by placing some aluminum foil over the flower until it grows stronger. Snails are going to attack this plant and eat through the leaves, so make sure you do everything to get rid of them.

Before you plant the bulbs, you should sink the bulbs for 30 minutes in a mix of fungicides that can be found to you in an agricultural pharmacy. This is going to help chase away the snails and keep your plant nice and healthy. In case you don’t do any of these steps, there is a big possibility that the snails are going to have a nice meal from your beautiful narcissus.

Narcissus birth flower represents a personality that is:

Sweet – People represented by the narcissus flower are very sweet people and everyone who meets them for the first time, is instantly attracted by their energy. There is something kind and good natured about them that make them pleasant to be around. They are crowd’s favorites and they love engaging with other people.

Confident – If you are born in December, you are mostly likely very confident and full of self-esteem. Everything about you screams confidence and you love being in the center of attention. You can easily adapt to different social groups and become a part of almost any crowd. Your confidence allows you to become the leader of your group of friends but also a leader on your workplace and in life in general.

Vain – With beauty comes vanity, and you are a person that can be described as vain. You love making yourself beautiful and you love when people who you attention. Having someone drool for you is your goal, but that doesn’t necessarily just represent the outside appearance. You love being in the center of attention when it comes to behavior and manners as well, and you often seek other people’s approval in order to feel important.

Ambitious – People represented by the narcissus flower are very ambitious people and no one can prevent them in their ideas. They strive for big things in life. You are a goal getter and if you have an idea in your mind, no one can make you give up on it.

Creative – Creativity is another big part of your life and together with ambition you can make great things happen. When you have creativity it is easier to adapt to almost any job position or workplace, which is something very important especially today. Your creative nature needs to be expressed one way or another, and you will find a way to make that happen.

Beautiful – People born under the rule of December birth flower or narcissus are very beautiful inside and outside. Their appearance is usually what attracts other people to come closer but their inside is what makes them stay. Even though you can be a bit hard to handle, your intentions are mostly kind and honest and your beauty shines through all of your actions.

Good communication – Communication is a big part of your charm. People get attracted to you because of your communicating skills and you are someone who known how to get out of trouble with your speech.

Narcissus Birth Flower – Symbolism and Meaning

Narcissus flower is a very popular symbol across the globe. Many cultures used it to express a range of different emotions and symbolic meanings. No matter how far actual cultures were, somehow the Narcissus meanings were always somewhat same. There are many stories and myths linked to the Narcissus flower that often represent different symbolic meanings. Some of these stories have a positive depiction of the narcissus flower and some of them not so much.

Narcissus flower represents modesty, respect and faithfulness. This gorgeous flower is often used as a symbol of these three things, especially in art and literature. Even though there are few negative symbolic meanings of the narcissus flower, there are far more positive ones. Narcissus flower represents a person who is a little bit over obsessed with its beauty and appearance but also a person who is very confident.

The flower itself got its name based on a myth about a Greek young man called Narcissus who was over obsessed with its appearance, so much that he drowned in water because he was looking at his reflection for too long. Narcissus flower represents a chance for improvement and future success. They are also symbols for people who are centers of attention and always the focus of everyone’s obsession.

In China, narcissus flower is the symbol of wealth and prosperity while Victorians considered it to be a flower that represented egoistic personalities.

Narcissus Birth Flower – Color Meanings

Orange narcissus birth flower – Color orange symbolizes positive energy and friendship. This is the perfect flower to gift to someone who is your dear friend or colleague, because orange narcissuses won’t send the wrong message to this person.

White narcissus birth flower – Color white symbolizes purity, innocence and spirituality. White narcissus flowers can be gifted both to people you are romantically interested in and to your friends and family members. Narcissus doesn’t send a particularly strong message so you can always include it as a gift for your loved ones.

Yellow narcissus birth flower – Color yellow symbolizes positive vibrations, energy, friendship and joy. Yellow narcissus flowers are actually the most common ones, so in general they are best described as symbols of positive energy and happiness.

Narcissus Birth Flower – Etymological meaning

The narcissus flower got its name based on a legend about a young man called Narcissus. Story about Narcissus was already mentioned earlier, and it definitely sends a strong message about the symbolic meaning behind this flower. Narcissus flower belongs to the family of Daffodils and the name comes from the Greek word for narcotics. There are actually 50 different flower varieties of narcissus flowers.


Even though the narcissus flower has a very interesting meaning that can be interpreted as both positive and negative, it is hard to deny the positive symbolic meanings. Narcissus flowers are symbols of confidence, sweetness and beauty. Their negative symbolism is usually linked to vanity and overly-confident personalities that tend to be too aggressive with their ideas and emotions.

Through history, narcissus flowers have been used as symbols in art and literature, where the represented everything we already mentioned, both positive and negative. As a birth flower, narcissus represents people who were born in the month of December who can be linked to the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius. If you are more familiar to the meanings and symbolisms of the Sagittarius sign, then you can get the basic idea about what narcissus flower represents. Narcissus flowers are still important symbols and are often used to represent someone’s vain nature and often overly confident personality.