Periwinkle Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flower symbolism is there to teach us about the symbolic value of a certain flower, because the simplest way we can use this symbolism is when we are gifting flowers.

If you ever doubted whether to get a certain sort of flowers to someone this is your opportunity to learn whether this particular flower is going to send the right kind of message or not.

Flower symbolism is also there to teach us about the importance of nature and how we are all linked to it whether we want that or not. We all come from nature and everything that surrounds us is there as a reminder that we are all part of something greater and more meaningful.

Flower symbolism dates back hundreds of years and people used flowers as decoration and as gifts to the ones they love.

In today’s text we will be learning more about the Periwinkle flower and the symbolism behind it. This is a small but equally beautiful flower that has a rich symbolical meaning behind it and a lot of fun facts that can be valuable to know.

Meaning of the Periwinkle flower

Every flower has its own symbolical meaning and significance. Often times these meanings are influenced by the way people perceived a particular flower sort and how this flower sort was used. In the past people gave a lot more attention to flowers and nature in general, which is why they assigned many various symbolical meanings to certain flower sorts.

The meanings of the Periwinkle flower are:

  • Friendship
  • Beginning of something
  • Everlasting love
  • Purity and strength
  • Achieving your dreams

Friendship – The Periwinkle flower is a symbol of friendship and beginning of a new one. This small flower is a great gift for someone who just entered your life and you want to show this person how happy you is that they are now a part of your life.

Beginning of something – he Periwinkle flower is a symbol of new beginnings and starting of something exciting. You can even gift this flower to someone who has just made an important step in their life and began a new chapter. The Periwinkle flower is a symbol of new opportunities and you can always gift this flower to almost anyone you love and appreciate.

Everlasting love – This meaning was derived from the stories that were linked to the Periwinkle flower. We will talk more about the symbolism of this meaning in the following segments of the text, but all you need to know is that this small flower is enough to say someone that you love them.

Purity and strength – The Periwinkle flower is also a symbol of purity and strength. This small flower might seem gentle and fragile, but it is actually quite strong and holds a great symbolic value behind it.

Achieving your dreams – the small Periwinkle flower is also a symbol of achieving great things in life. The reason why this small flower has such a significant meaning is because this is the flower that stays green for the entire winter and fights against all the difficulties in nature.

Periwinkle – Etymological meaning

The Periwinkle flower got its name from the Old Latin. This beautiful flower has been an important part of the tradition and culture of many countries, which is why the origin of its name comes from Old and Middle English.

This flower was once called “pervinca” by the ancient Romans, but this name slowly progressed into the name we currently know.

Periwinkle – Symbolism

The Periwinkle flower has a very strong connection to the Virgin Mary in the middle Ages. Virgin Mary is often linked to various flowers and the significance of flowers in Christianity is very important.

The Periwinkle flower was also named the “Virgin Flower” and the color blue especially corresponds to this symbolism. The Victorians linked the Periwinkle flower to blossoming friendships and beginning of something new and exciting. This small flower kept this symbolical meaning until today, which is why we often choose this flower to gift them to our friends and family members.

Periwinkle flower is a symbol of recollecting pleasant memories from the past and remembering those who are not with us anymore. In Ukraine, the Periwinkle flower is a symbol of love that lasts for eternity. This beautiful small flower is often gifted to newlyweds as a wedding gift, as a wish for long and happy marriage. Some even use the Periwinkle flower around candles to make them last longer.

Periwinkle – Color meaning

Color meaning doesn’t have to be a crucial part of the flower’s symbolism, but it is definitely one of the important parts. Flower color can definitely add up to the symbolism of a certain flower or take away from it.

The Periwinkle flower comes up in several different colors and they are:


  • The white Periwinkle flower is a symbol of memories and everlasting love. This small flower can be a perfect wedding decoration or even a beautiful part of the wedding bouquet arrangement. As we mentioned before, the Periwinkle flower in some cultures represents everlasting love and devotion to someone for eternity.


  • Blue Periwinkle flower is a symbol of purity and beginning of something new. This flower color can be gifted to someone who had just started something new and unknown, and you can wish this person a happy beginning and a lot of luck. This flower color is also a symbol of friendship and you can always opt to give this flower color to someone who is dear to you.


  • Color pink in general symbolizes romance and love, and the pink Periwinkle flower is a symbol of everlasting love as well. The pink color goes perfectly with the symbolic meaning of this flower and can be a perfect gift for your partner.


  • Color red is a symbol of love, passion and strong emotions. This flower can be gifted to someone you feel strongly about and to your partner. You can’t go wrong with combining the color red and the symbolic meaning of the Periwinkle flower, because they are going to go perfectly well together.

Periwinkle – Botanical facts and characteristics

Periwinkle popularly known as small evergreen, evergreen or paveric, is an evergreen and highly resistant plant that has long been transferred from natural habitats to gardens in which it is grown mainly as a decorative garden plant. They are often a decoration for terraces and balconies, which do not have enough sunshine. It is fast growing, long blossoms and require almost no care.

Periwinkle should be sown in the spring, and before winter, when all plants are already in the period of rest. If necessary, Periwinkle planting is possible even in the summer, but this should be done at least on a rainy or cloudy day. The Periwinkle works best on a well-drained, loose, neutral or slightly acidic reaction, fertile soil, in the shade or partial shade, although the Periwinkle will feel good in the sun as well.

Periwinkle seed is sown at a depth of 1 cm, and sealed after planting watering. Planting and growing Periwinkle on open ground is so simple that I can be done by everyone. Periwinkle watering should be done only in case of longer drought.

In the rest of the weather natural rain is enough, even if it is rare. The plant’s bark silently gets on, so remove them only if they are bothering the plant. In order to improve the growth it is necessary to fertilize from time to time. Saturate both young and old shoots. It responds well to timely Periwinkle balanced fertilization with mineral and organic fertilizers, but primarily all organic substances in the form of compost, humus and soil. After the end of the mass flowering Periwinkle should be trimmed. The harvest residue can be used as cuttings for rooting.

If it already grows Periwinkle, its seeds will not be needed, because it is much faster, easier and more reliable, this plant propagates vegetative – cut the roots well and let them fall into the bushes. Professionals also recommend vegetative propagation techniques.

If the habitat and other conditions correspond to it, the small Periwinkle will spread persistently. This should be kept in mind when combined with other flowers.

Small Periwinkle is a good choice for parts of the garden that are in the shadows or in the half-shadow. In the shade it can be placed in a blanket like soil, or it can be in placed in a lawn. A shadow comes under the thick tree trunks, and he does not bother much or drop leaves, or the needles that fall off the pine. No more than 20 plants per m² should be planted in the garden.

Small Periwinkle can be planted in a rocky ground, because it does not require too much soil around the roots, it needs some sun and very little watering. It is a good choice for gardeners or large pots.

Since ancient times, small Periwinkles are used in folk medicine to alleviate a number of problems. It can be placed to sit in red wine, and you can drink this mixture for the strengthening of the body and cleansing of the blood. Medicinal whole plant, including the root, can be used for healing. The most effective leaves are harvested before or during flowering and drying.

Periwinkle – Secret message

Every flower has its own symbolic meaning and symbolism, and this symbolic value is something that has been created by cultures around the world. Flower symbolism is also there to teach us about the importance of nature and how we are all linked to it whether we want that or not. We all come from nature and everything that surrounds us is there as a reminder that we are all part of something greater and more meaningful.

Every flower hides an important message that we need to understand and learn about, because it can help us overcome obstacles that life faces us with. The Periwinkle flower message is the one that cherishes friendship.

This flower sort is there to remind you about the importance of cherishing friendships with other people and keeping your friends close. The Periwinkle flower is also telling you to keep reminding yourself about the importance of love in your life and how empty our lives would be without love.