Daisy Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

flower symbolism might seem irrelevant to some people but when you think about it, flower symbols are all around us. Flower symbols can be found in heraldry in art and literature and even in everyday logos.

The reason why people used flower symbolism is because of the rich history behind flowers and certain flower families. In times when people respected nature more and gave it much more attention than we do today, flowers carried an important symbolical meaning in almost all parts of the world.

Flowers symbols were often used in art and literature to express emotions and feelings but also as a way to compare something that was as beautiful and meaningful as a flower. Many organisations today have flower symbols in their emblems and use flowers to express the symbolical meaning of their work.

In today’s text we will be talking about the daisy flower and the symbolical meaning behind it.

This beautiful flower grows in various parts of the world and it is a common part of flower arrangements no matter what the occasion is. So, if you ever wanted to learn more about the Daisy flower symbolism this is a chance to do that.

Meaning of the Daisy flower

Flowers have a specific meaning and symbolism behind them that is a result of many years of cultural influences from around the globe. Flowers have many meanings and some of them are well-known while others not so much. For example, it is not hard to know the meaning of a rose flower since it is a well-known symbol of love and romance.

The Daisy flower has several meanings and they are:

  • innocence

Daisy flowers represent innocence and they are usually linked to children or newborns. These flowers were often used in flower arrangements as gifts for children and their parents. This flower symbolizes innocence because it is also a symbol of new beginning and we all know that children are our hope for a better day and are new beginnings and hope for the future.

  • new beginning

The daisy flower is a symbol of a new beginning and it is a perfect gift for someone who is on the verge of a breakthrough in his life and is ready to make a big step towards the future. This flower can be a great gift for someone who just moved i to a new home or went to college. Daisy flowers represent a new dawn and star of something amazing and new. They close their petals each night and open them up every morning, which can also be a symbol for a new beginning in life. Giving Daisies to someone who is making a big step forward is the best way to use this symbolic meaning.

  • purity

Daisy flowers are also representations of purity, and like we already mentioned they are usually linked to children and newborns. Daisy flowers are gentle and their flower petals are soft, which is another reason why the Daisy flower is a symbol of purity. If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone who just had a child, then look no further because the Daisy flower is going to be the perfect gift.

  • true love

These gentle flowers represent true love and soulmates. Even though they are not that common as gifts for Valentine’s Day they can perfectly send a message of love and care to someone important to you. Daisy flower is going to be a perfect gift for your lived one and the message it is going to send is the message of true love and it is going to say “I care”, to the person you love.

  • harmony

Daisy flowers are also representations of harmony and balance that is telling in your life. These flowers can be great gifts for partners; especially if you want to say them you are happy and completely satisfied in your relationship. Giving this flower to someone you love is going to be proof enough that you care and that you would give everything you have to keep the things between you two the way they are now.

Daisy Flower – Etymological meaning

The name daisy came from an Old English word that is hard to write and even harder to pronounce. This word in translation meant day’s eye’ because the flower would only open their petals during the day.

During the night flower kept its petals closed, hiding the beauty inside. Daisy was also used as a slang word especially during 1800’ but this word was later changed into that’s doozy.

Daisy Flower – Symbolism

Daisy flower, better known as a scarlet, is a flower that has always been a powerful symbol of innocence and purity. And I look at this simple but yet so impressive plant automatically returns us to childhood, remembers the favorite people of that period, the carelessness and warmth of the parental home. In addition to all of the above, in this flower, the strongest image is the persistence, perseverance and unobtrusive power. Daisy, just like the person you give to this flower, appreciates simplicity and modesty, but also counts on your loyalty and patience.

The very name of this flower is the combination of the word day and eye, and from there it is not surprising that in our country, for a little dwarf it is often said that the sun bride – its flowers open in the early morning and close with the sunset. It is therefore clear that this is a strong solar symbol that relates to joy, the most positive, life energy, light, honesty, warmth, and eternity.

White is also a symbol of the Virgin Mary, but in the Renaissance period (much earlier than lily) also applied to the flower showing the baby Jesus, that is, to emphasize the purity of his soul and modesty, which leaves no one indifferent to the fore. In Nordic mythology, the situation is somewhat different. Thanks to Freya, the goddess of love, the Daisy in these areas has always been a sign of sensuality, fertility and maternal strength, so they were often an ideal gift for the mother.

So keep in mind that only one Daisy (just like a bouquet of this flower) is enough to convey a hidden message that reads “I accept your attention, and I return with the same measure.” Yes, there really is not some exaggerated philosophy here. If we add to this the fact that whitewashes can be found almost everywhere around us, on every field and meadows, then it is not surprising that this flower has just been declared a plant that spreads the power of love every day and almost tirelessly. Love is everywhere around us, it is accessible to everyone, equally white, and invite us to share this blessing and supreme feeling with the whole world.

Daisy Flower – Color meaning

Some flowers have more colors than others but having a smaller color range doesn’t mean that this flower has less symbolical meaning than others. Daisy flower comes in several colors and they are:


  • White daisy flower is a symbol of purity and innocence. This flower also represents spirituality and therefore is a perfect gift for everyone who is looking for a perfect gift for newborn or parents of a newborn.


  • Yellow symbolizes happiness, joy and friendship. You can always give this flower to someone who is dear to you and a true friend. The yellow daisies are going to be a perfect eye-catcher in your home and it is going to bring you a lot of positive energy.


  • Color pink is a symbol of love, romance and gentleness. This flower color can be gifted to someone who is your crush or any other person in whom you have a romantic interest. Color pink is also a symbol of feminine energy, therefore it can be a great gift for every female in your life.


  • Red is the color of love, romance and passion. This flower color can be gifted to your partner or crush. The red Daisy flower is going to tell your partner that you care and that you are devoted to him or her 100%. When you want to surprise your partner and express tour love, the Daisy flower is going to be perfect for passing on that message.

Daisy flower – Botanical facts and characteristics

Daisy belongs to the perennial plant plant, the Astro family. It grows in the Mediterranean, in Europe. It is translated from Latin as an excellent pearl, because the petals are similar to this expensive stone. The plant is sensitive to weather, this is its predecessor. Before it rains, the petals can be closed, and then begin to pull onto the ground.

The plant belongs to the grass mind of various short tuberous, leaves in the root is dull, not narrowing and has an elongated shape. There are almost no leaves on the stem. Daisy flowers can be pink or white, the language of the shape. Each flower contains a tubular yellow seed, it is lowered.

The plant can be collected in shrubs, has a bloom in the form of a basket. Daisy refers to long-term medium-sized plants which blooms only a year after the planting. The plant lives for two years, after that it gets deformed and dies in the third year.

Daisy requires unpretentious care, can bloom from April to November, it is resistant to freezing. Winter before spring can keep buds, and even leaves on the plant. The plant reproduces through autosemination, cuttings, dividing the bushes.

Gigantea rose – this variety begins to bloom late in the spring to early summer, it has large petals and the size of flowers, usually in pink color.

2nd grade Daisy has large flowers in white, maybe 25 flowers flourish soon after planting. It is believed that the cultivar – Etna is characterized by dark, light orange, burgundy flowers. A smooth string of tarts is a snowy silver bowl, but it differs from the big bloom.

Margarita types Pomponic are small, can count up to 40 flowers. They have unusual petals, a shape of a feather. The bloom begins in the middle of the spring until the middle of summer. Long chain of grassy plant species, can reach a height of 30 cm, with elongated egg leaves, can be formed on the rosette. This kind of plant has not only medicinal properties, but also decorative using it you can decorate the terrace, lawn, flower garden, because it is small and beautiful. Florists appreciate this flower because of the fact that you can make original bouquets.

Daisy grows without problems in the sun and shadows. Most of all, it is suitable for loose and well-fertilized soil, which includes organic compounds. It is very important for extracting the seeds in the drought. Because, if this is not done, the flower will not blossom or significantly grow in size. Prefers plant mineral and organic fertilizers, to make it best at the end of the spring, when it starts to flourish. The most suitable fertilizers are those in liquid form.

In winter, the plant should be covered with dry leaves, so it will be easier to handle frost. If the soil is inadequate for flowers, they begin to rise above the ground, so it is necessary to settle with compost, sand and humus. Planting plant seeds is best in the middle of summer, before you need to prepare seedlings from them, then it must be transplanted into the ground. Daisy is also multiplied by dividing the bush.

Keep in mind that the rot root, so this does not happen, you have to apply chemicals like daisies often attack snails, caterpillars, then you have to apply metaldehyde.bThe plant belongs to the medicinal species, most often used leaves with flowers. The flowers are rich in unique biologically active substances – organic acids, essential oils, inulin, saponin.

With the help of a little daisy, you can clean the blood, get rid of fever, rheumatism, droplets. Scientists have proven that through a little cranberry can cure serious endocrine disorders, which is why there may be a problem with the exchange of substances and hypertension.

Traditional medicine is used for the treatment of  laryngitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis. It is also effective margarine for liver disease, cardiovascular system, gout, help in problems with the genitourinary system, kidneys. For this purpose, it is prescribed to drink infusions. Outside application of daisy is good for the use in the form of treatments, if the open wound is long presen or has scratches, wounds, hemorrhoids, and bruises. Cosmetic companies appreciates the daisy as a treatment for wrinkles.

To do this, you will need flower petals – up to two tablespoons, and a liter of boiling water. Everything needs to be cooked well. Drink 100 ml to three times a day before meals. If you want to use an treatment on the skin, you need to increase the amount of flowers – three tablespoons.

It is very important to properly prepare a daisy treatment, the collection offlowers should be done when the plant is blooming. The grass should not be dried in a sunny position, it is best to do it in a special oven or in the oven, because in the sun, it loses all its properties. You can also dry the flowers in the attic, if it is low temperature or under a canopy.

Daisy Flower – Secret message

The message behind the daisy flower is the message of purity and hope. This gorgeous and gentle flower is a perfect gift for someone who needs a little bit of support and a ray of sunshine in their life.

Daisy flowers are perfect symbols of innocence and positive energy, therefore they can be perfect gifts for everyone you live and respect. Daisy flower has a strong symbolical meaning behind it and it is definitely far more interesting than it might seem at first.