Columbine Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flower symbolism is full of interesting stories and myths that were created over hundreds of years. These stories were created by people and cultures that lived near flowers that inspired them to come up with these magnificent stories.

Flower symbolism is not only present in mythology or history; we can also find it in art and music. Flowers always represented an inspiration for artists because of their beauty and uniqueness.

Flowers come in various colors and shapes and we can all find a flower that suits our character and our personality. No matter how small or meaningful a certain flower might seem to you, there is certainly a lot more symbolism behind it than you thinks.

Flower symbols still have an important symbolical meaning and flower symbols can be seen all around us. Flower symbolism dates back hundreds of years and many cultures used flowers to show the symbolical significance of events that were taking place. There were even festivals held in the honor of certain flowers and flower sorts.

In today’s text we will be talking more about the Columbine flower and the symbolic meaning behind it. This beautiful flower has a strong symbolical meaning and it dates back hundreds of years.

Meaning of the Columbine flower

Every flower has its own symbolism and meaning. Sometimes the meaning behind a certain flower was created by civilizations that lived near these flower species and used them as symbols.

Flowers can have many different symbolic meanings and not only one. For some flowers, symbolical meaning is well-known like for example roses that symbolize love and romance. The Columbine flower has several symbolical meanings and they are:


  • The Columbine flower is a symbol of love and romance. This beautiful flower has many ancient stories and myths linked to it that are as interesting as the flower itself. The meaning behind this flower is always a great idea for a gift when you want to surprise someone who is your love and your partner. Columbine flower is going to send a strong message of love and affection, no matter how small or unimportant it might seem. Those who understand the columbine flower symbolism are going to be more than happy to receive such a beautiful gift.


  • In some cultures, the Columbine flower represented foolishness and the court jester. THz reason why many linked this flower to this kind of character or this person was probably because of the appearance of the flower itself. This flower is shaped like the jester’s hat and this is one of the reasons behind this interesting connection. Be careful not to gift this flower to someone who might take the message in a wrong way.


  • Columbine flower was also a symbol of faith. This flower actually combined feelings of hope, faith and love and people often gifted it to each other when they wanted to give each other support and love that is always needed. These small flowers can be an ideal example of how you can make a change in the world no matter how small you might be. Columbine flowers can be gifted to people who are going through some rough moments in life, but they can also be taken to graves of the ones who passed away and are deeply missed.


  • Another symbolical meaning of the Columbine flower is winning and this flower was often given as a gift for those who just accomplished something meaningful in their life and made some kind of progress for the future.

Columbine Flower – Etymological meaning

The Columbine flower comes from the Latin word Columba which means love. This word is proof enough that this flower represented love and affection and was a perfect gift for someone who is extremely dear to you. The scientific name for the Columbine flower is Aquilegia and this word translated meant “eagle”.

The reason why this flower was named after an eagle is because it reminded people of and eagle. Eagle and the columbine flower evolved into something unique and strong, by growing in the difficult environment on the mountains of Colorado. Both names are interesting and represent a symbolical meaning behind the Columbine flower.

Columbine Flower – Symbolism

Columbine flower has a deep symbolical meaning that dates back hundreds of years. This beautiful flower was seen as a symbol of wisdom and intellect. This flower had a specifically important meaning in the Christian symbolism and it represented one of the seven gifts from the Holy Spirit. This flower was also a symbol of strength, piety, fear and knowledge. Fear symbolism was associated with the fear of God and fear of everyone who is a believer that he might disappoint God.

In Celtic culture, this flower represented portals to Earth. These flowers were supposedly ways to enter this world and leave the spiritual world. In Austria, the Columbine flower was a symbol of five doves that were placed in a circle. The reason behind this symbolism is because the flower looked like five doves placed in a circle.

In Victorian times the Columbine flower was a symbol of winning and giving this flower meant you are determined to win something or someone. In ancient Greece, Columbine flower was linked to the goddess of love Aphrodite.

Besides these positive meanings, this beautiful flower reminded many of a jester which is why this flower was often linked to symbolisms of foolishness and fools. In general, the Columbine flowers are symbols of love and faith but also symbols of foolishness and strength. The symbolism behind it goes deep and it is a symbolism that was built by many cultures and civilizations around the globe.

Columbine Flower – Color meaning

Sometimes the color of the flower is an important addition to the symbolical meaning of a flower. Some flowers come in various colors and shades, but others only have one or two colors. This doesn’t mean that those with fewer colors are less significant in a symbolical sense; this can actually be completely opposite. Sometimes the color of a flower is what really matters in a symbolical sense, like for example red rose will forever remain a symbol of passion and love.

The Columbine flower comes in several colors and they are:


  • Color purple in general is a symbol of royalty, nobility and beauty. This color can be a great combination with the Columbine flower’s symbolism and an ideal gift for someone who is important to you.


  • Yellow columbine flower is a symbol of friendship, success and happiness. This flower is a perfect gift for someone who is your dear friend or even family member, if you want to surprise this person and brighten up her or his day. Yellow flowers will also bring some positive energy into your home and make you feel even happier with their bright yellow color.


  • Red columbine flowers are symbols of love and passion. These flowers are ideal gifts for people we love and those who mean more to us than just friendship. Red columbine flowers are going to send the other person a message of love and affection; no matter how small these flowers might look in comparison to roses for example.


  • White columbine flowers are symbols of purity, innocence and spirituality. These small and gentle flowers can be a great addition to wedding bouquets and flower arrangements, where they will add a certain dose of elegance and femininity. Columbine flowers might be small, but their significance is something that can’t be denied.

Columbine flower – Botanical facts and characteristics

Columbine is a resistant perennial flower from the Ranunculaceae family (frogs). Columbine grows throughout the northern hemisphere at higher altitudes, and most often in meadows and forests. There are about 70 species of Columbine, and the most common species that is grown in our gardens is aguilegia vulgaris – European pond. Although it also works on sun-drenched plants, the poultry loves the most polished billets, humid and rich in humus.

There are many cultivars of packs and flowers in various combinations of colors and shapes of flowers. They are also different in height, so you can find species of only 20 cm all the way to a species that grow to 90 cm high.

After flowering at the flower site, there are green cauldrons in which seeds ripen. When the seeds are matured, they dry and open on tops, and a lot of small black seeds are scattered. If the conditions match it, it is sampled, and if you have more than one species, they begin to cross, so that self-made Columbine may have something different from its ancestors. Over the winter, the over-ground part of the plant is dying, and begins to grow again in the spring.

Sometimes it is attacked by ashes as a disease, but no serious damage is being caused to this flower from this disease. You just need to remove the dead leaves. When it comes to the pests, it is allegedly loved by some kind of moths, and in the spring the real problem can be represented in Columbine axis – Pristiphora aquilegiae.

Columbine is a very poisonous plant. American Indians consumed it in small quantities and it is claimed to not be dangerous in small quantities, and used as a medicine against ulcers – but without adequate knowledge about it – do not try.

Columbine is a plant where one can see the course of evolution – certain types of Columbines are only available to the “specialized” pollinators, and other insects can not be pollinated. In this way, certain types of Columbines ensured their own reproductive isolation and the inability to cross with others species. Aquilegia (Columbine) is a herbaceous plant of a very interesting flower.

This species belongs to the family Ranunculaceae (frogs) and contains about 70 species. Aquilegia vulgaris (pond ordinary) is a self-contained species. We find it in the forests, on mountainous terrains and rocky fields. Its name is probably derived from the Latin word aquila, which means the eagle, because the flower with spirally twisted scabs resembles the eagle claws.

Columbine is a herbaceous plant, it grows up to 90 cm high. The lower leaves form a rosette from which the floral step emerges where there are incorrectly arranged opposite leaves. Blooms from May to July with bell-shaped hanging flowers 3-5 cm in diameter, in nature, it is blue, but the colors of these species can be white, yellow, pink, red or purple. This plant does not have specific requirements for habitat, although it is best suited for the crop. It likes moist, well-drained humus soil. It is easily propagated by the seed in the spring, and after several years it is also necessary to divide it into late spring.

Columbine Flower – Secret message

Every flower has its own symbolical meaning and symbolism. Sometimes this symbolism is based on myths and legends that surrounded a certain flower for centuries and made it go into the history as memorable and important.

Just like every flower has its own symbolic meaning, it also has its own secret message we need to understand and implement on our lives. No matter how small or meaningful a certain flower might seem to you, there is certainly a lot more symbolism behind it than you thinks.

Flower symbols still have an important symbolical meaning and flower symbols can be seen all around us. This secret message is sometimes something simple but other times it can be complicated and we need to dig deeper into the actually history behind the flower. Secret message behind the Columbine flower is the message of love and success. This flower is telling you to go out into the world and conquer everything.

This flower is also reminding you about the importance of loving others and showing them affection each day. Sometimes we forget things or people that are most important and become preoccupied with unnecessary things. Because of this, columbine flower is there to remind you to relax and to not take things so seriously all the time. You have plenty of time to accomplish everything you want, if only you focus your attention to the things that matter.