Begonia Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flower symbolism is still relevant and people respect the rules that have been written a long time ago about flower symbolism. We make sure that the flower we have chosen is the right color, size and shape for the person we love and want to see surprised.

Flowers helped us express our emotions and feelings to other people, without us even saying one word. When we presented a rose or any other type of flower to someone, we knew by the look on that person’s face that they are happy.

Begonias are beautiful flowers that can be found around the world. They are perfect decorative flowers that can be used both inside and outside your home, but you can also gift them to someone you really like.

Meaning of the Begonia flower

Every flower has a special meaning behind it. The Begonia flower is no different and there are several meanings that are linked to this gorgeous flower. Begonia flower meanings are:

  • Warning about misfortune
  • Being cautious
  • Dark thoughts
  • Gratitude for something
  • Individuality and uniqueness
  • Justice and peace
  • Harmonious communication.

Warning about misfortune – Begonia flowers can be used to warn someone about the dangers that are about to happen. You can also gift the Begonia flower to someone who has been hurt or in any kind of accident. This is of course just one of several meanings of this flower, and it doesn’t have to be the dominant one.

Being cautious – Begonias can also be gifted to someone who is going on a trip or planning some kind of potentially dangerous activity. Gifting Begonias in the past meant that you are afraid for that person’s well-beings or that you are wishing this person a safe trip.

Dark thoughts – Begonias are also linked to dark thoughts. This symbolism comes from the fact that Begonias are also linked to warning signs and cautiousness. Either way, they are not surrounded by a very positive energy, at least in some cultures.

Gratitude for something – Besides being a warning sign, the Begonia flower also has a meaning of gratitude. This is the perfect bouquet of flowers to gift to someone, if you are thankful to this person for something.

Individuality and uniqueness – Begonias stand out because of their beauty and uniqueness. They are therefore symbols of these two traits, and can be considered symbols of unique appearance and individuality of character and appearance.

Justice and peace – This flower has the meaning of peace and justice, and it was often gifted as a sign of remorse or guilt. People forgave each other after gifting these flowers, for the sins they have committed or things they did that were wrong.

Harmonious communication – If you want to come in peace and start a harmonious communication with someone, these flowers are perfect for that. Gift Begonias to someone with whom you want to talk in a nice and mild manner.

Begonia – Etymological meaning

Name of this flower comes from the French botanist who discovered this beautiful flower. The meaning of cautiousness comes from the name of the flower, and in translation it actually means danger.

Charles Plumier who discovered this flower, called it after a politician that was in power in the Caribbean and it was supposed to mean paying back the favor.

Begonia – Symbolism

Begonia flower might not have the most positive meaning in the world, but it is certainly like that for a reason. Begonia flowers are watch dogs, or flowers that warn us about potential dangers. This is how this beautiful flower got its name and how it got remembered.

Begonia symbolizes connection between people and harmonious communication. Gifting someone this beautiful flower is going to make your communication with this person much milder and you won’t be so stressed about the entire situation.  They are great flowers to gift to almost anyone you love and respect, since their symbolic meaning is not as specific as the one of a rose. They are beautiful flowers to have inside and outside your home, and they can remind about the importance of being a good person.

Begonia flower got its name as a tribute to a helpful public official, so you can gift it to someone who did something nice for you. Gift your co-worker or worker a potted Begonia plant and thank this person for the service without being too pushy.

Begonia flowers are also symbols of individuality and standing out. They stand out both because of their beauty and their unique appearance. They are living proofs that not all flowers have to have a perfect shape or appearance, to still be eye catching and interesting for the person who is receiving them.

Begonia – Color meaning

Begonia flowers come in several different colors. Each color has a specific meaning and combined with the meaning of the Begonia flower it sends a specific message to anyone who is receiving this flower.

Begonia flowers come in these colors:


  • Color red symbolizes passion, romance and love. The red Begonia flower is perfect for someone you love and find to be attractive. You can gift them to your partner or to someone you have just met, but you find this person to be appealing.


  • Color pink, similar to red, symbolizes subtleness, love and romance. This is the perfect gift for your partner for Valentine’s Day.


  • Color yellow symbolizes happiness, wealth and contentment. This is the perfect flower color to gift to someone you want to see happy and in a good mood. You can also place this bright-colored flower in your home to bring in some sunshine.


  • Gold Begonia represents happiness, contentment and wealth. You can gift this flower to someone you want to see successful.


  • Color white symbolizes purity, innocence and spirituality. Color white is a universal color and it has a mild symbolism, so you can gift it so almost anyone. No matter how old this person is or what is your relationship to this person. Color white has a universally positive message.


  • Color blue is a symbol of artistry, passion and creativity. This unusual flower color would be given to someone who is worthy or understanding enough to accept the beauty of this peculiar flower.


  • Color purple symbolizes nobility, royalty and creativity. Purple flowers are usually gifted to people we respect and consider very important in our lives.

Begonia – Botanical facts and characteristics

If you are a fan of decorative flowers whose grace on the inside and outside you can equally respect, then you must have heard of the Begonias. This plant is famous for its brilliant flowers and decorative leaves. In addition, the Begonia flowers are very easy for maintenance and you can keep them both inside or outside your home.

In short, Begonia flower is a beautiful ornamental plant that beautifies many homes. This perennial flower sort counts over 1,700 different species that grow around all over the globe.

Begonia flower originates from tropical and subtropical areas such as South and Central America, Ceylon, East India, Eastern and Southern China, and humid western Africa. There are different types of Begonia flowers, some of them large as for example the Begonia arborescens, which can grow up to 3 meters, while some are very small, such as Begonia humenophyllaa, which grows only 5-6 cm in height.

You can find begonias with a wooden, upright, twisted, creepy, shimmery or very low branches. The leaves are somewhat asymmetrical and come in all types, some leaves are round, hearty, and can be divided into several parts. Others can be the shape of an egg, circle and in some other interesting forms. The leaves can also be hairy or smooth, with bulging or embossed white, red or green nerves.

When it comes to planting Begonias, it is important to choose the right location. The location for the plant should be somewhere where there is light shade and where the flower will be protected from frost.

The Begonia should be exposed to the sun early in the morning or late in the afternoon to ensure their best bloom. Avoid planting Begonias in containers on hot surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.

Choose a fertile ground for planting the Begonia flower. Begonias prefer fertile soil that is rich in nutrients. You can prepare this type of soil by adding fertilizer or compost. You also need to make sure that the roots of your plants have good drainage.

Try to avoid planting Begonias in areas with strong winds because they have poor stems that can be damaged by strong winds.

Water your Begonias regularly. They should be watered until the soil becomes damp, but not soaked with water. Too moist soil can lead to rotting or to damage of the plant.

So, as soon as you notice that the soil is dry, water the plant. Hanging Begonias, whose scientific name is Begonia pendulum, are the tuberous Begonia of characteristic unpainted stems and asymmetric leaves. Hanging Begonias are very beautiful and their flowers can be in all rainbow colors except blue. This decorative plant is an excellent choice for hanging pots or baskets.

During winter, Begonia requires you to keep it indoors. So, unpack the plants before the first frost and put them in pots, and continue to nourish it indoors. Do not forget about sprinkling the plant and often ventilating the room in which you hold it.

Begonia – Secret message

Each flower has a symbolic, hidden meaning behind it. Begonia flower is telling you not to fall into the false sense of security and to always be aware of everything around you.

Remember what others did for you and pay them back as soon as you can. This is how you are going to attract good Karma and positive vibrations.