Purple Rose Flower – Meaning and Symbolism

With a bunch of flowers you make a lot of people a joy – and especially roses are very popular. But which color has which meaning?

Here at Flowermeanings.org you will receive valuable tips and tricks for choosing the right bouquet of roses, so that the floral greeting also arrives well at the addressee.

What Does the Purple Rose Flower Mean?

In alchemy, the rose was considered a flos sapientiae, a flower of wisdom and a picture of the clear mind. The lightly filled roses with seven rows of leaves symbolize in the eyes of the alchemists the seven planets with the associated metals and the secret knowledge that is acquired progressively. Even today, roses are close to esoterics and mystics.

If three red roses were planted in a herb garden, rabble was once believed to have been left behind. If the milk was bewitched in Bavaria, the farmer’s wife hit the fire with a rosehip rod. In general, rose hips protected against bewitching.

Out of gratitude for helping with difficult births, after a good course, midwives once buried the afterbirth under a rose bush – under the dog rose, which was dedicated to the fertility goddess Frigga. The devil is said to have created the climbing rose to climb the thorny spikes into the sky! But he did not succeed because the rose bent its spines downwards.

Dreaming of red roses means: success in love; of withered roses poverty and disappointment.

Roses also serve as political ambassadors. In the “Rose Wars” they were considered symbols of the rival houses York (white rose) and Lancaster (red.) On March 14, 1912, textile workers went on strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts / USA.

On their banners read: “Bread and roses”; they demanded not only fair wages (bread), but also a decent working and living environment. At the founding assembly of the United Nations in San Francisco, the 49 delegation leaders found in their hotel room the Rose ‘Peace’ – in Germany loria Dei – more about it here.

Etymological Meaning of the Purple Rose Flower

The symbol of the rose is attributed to the goddess Venus. It stands for femininity, beauty, love and eroticism. And a bouquet of roses is always well – if he is chosen in the right color.

After all, it should be clear to everyone that for the mother-in-law – as much as one likes her – one does not choose a bunch of red roses. What mistakes to avoid when buying flowers, is explained here.

Symbolism of the Purple Rose Flower

In earlier centuries, many people used the message of flowers to convey messages of family, friendship, and affection. To this day, roses are often a mouthpiece for feelings and express what even the noblest and best-chosen words can not do.

In the world of Greek myths, roses play an important role, although coloring plays an important role. So say the poetry that Aphrodite – the goddess of love – was born with a white rose bush from the foam of the sea.

Aphrodite is said to have cheated her later husband Ares with the beautiful Adonis. Furious, Ares set out to his wife’s lover to kill him. Aphrodite hurried to the dying Adonis, stepping on the thorns of the rose.

Thus, the white roses were dyed red by their blood. From then on, white roses became a symbol of purity and innocence, while red roses became symbols of desire and passion.

Since reports of dueling Greek demigods and legendary family feuds have lately found less and less interest in the media, we can at this point reassure the reader that the extremely explosive significance of the rose colors mentioned in the legend no longer plays such a role today.

In recent centuries, Ares has served a prison sentence in Rhodes, from which he was released in 2009. It is believed that he is currently in Carinthia and does a mask carving, which is why his chances of being challenged to a duel are extremely slim.

The Purple Rose Flower Facts

The meaning of purple roses is particularly beautiful and describes a rare phenomenon. Their symbolism is as rare as the roses themselves, because they stand for love at first sight.

So who gives away purple roses, wants to give the recipient exactly this meaning. He is told that you have fallen for him and you can not think of anything else but him. A purple rose is also a symbol of balance and recovery.

Meaningful Botanical Characteristics of the Purple Rose Flower

Colorful roses are a symbol of the joy of life and variety. If you can not decide for a color, take several and give away colorful roses. You can give away colorful roses for any occasion, they provide for joy and should convey benevolence and sympathy to the recipient.

In addition to the color connotations mentioned above, the rose language lives on through the body language, as well as the handover and acceptance of the flowers.

If roses are worn as an amulet, the lady traditionally puts them in her hair, while the gentleman attaches them to his lapels. Red stands for passionate love, white for true love and yellow for jealousy.

For example, if you give your love a single rose, the thorns of which you have previously removed, give you reason to hope for a positive turn of the love story. However, removing both thorns and leaves and handing over this rose expresses complete resignation.

Getting a bouquet of roses from a worshiper and want to express the response of your feelings, touch the flowers with your lips. Do not reciprocate the feelings, pluck a single petal and throw it away.

Also, the transfer and receipt plays a major role. If the flowers of the flower are held down, the actual effect of what you are supposed to express is reversed. Likewise, individual color attributes can be added to others, which should convey several feelings simultaneously.

Purple Rose Color Meanings

In the color purple, blue meets red, male on female, water on fire, peace on war, sky on earth, and spirit on body. The color almost meets in the middle, uniting opposites to a – not really – harmonious whole. Lila looks tense, restless, contradictory and yet somehow harmonious. As far as the power and meaning of the color purple is concerned, the ghosts differ like no one else.

Mystic-looking sunsets, aromatic fragrant lavender fields, delicately blooming lilac and the violet dye from the rare purple snail – in nature, the color violet is something special. Something you do not see every day.

Many violet plants, such as violets (English and French violet), lilac, lavender and sage, have a very pleasant fragrance and are used as effective homeopathic remedies. The term purple, which is a brightened violet, goes back to the lilac plant, which is called in Arabic Lilak, French Lilas and Lilac in English. Violet foods such as plums, blueberries, grapes, blackberries, etc. are not only vitamin bombs, but also rich in anti-inflammatory and vascular protective antioxidants.

Purple is the color of individuality and self-confidence, of feminism and women’s love, the color of creativity and diplomacy, but also the color of melancholy, the color of healing, and yet the color of death, the color of the clergy, as well the color of sin – the power and meaning of color Purple is diverse and sometimes very contradictory.

In the Christian church, violet is the color of contemplation and spirituality. Dignitaries such as Catholic bishops often wear purple clothing and Lila is also the liturgical color of Lent. Since the end of the 19th century, color has stood for emancipation and women’s love in the women’s movement. It was really fashionable in the 1920s and in the 70s it was the color of feminism; The purple dungarees were the it-piece of every Emanze.

In the autobiographical novel by Alice Walker “The Color Purple” (and in the film of the same name) give the violet flower fields of the abused protagonist strength, but also stand for departure, self-liberation and, in a sense, for women’s love.

In late antiquity, purple clothes were long considered an expression of power and wealth, as the dye for dyeing could be obtained only with great effort from the rare and expensive purple snail or later from the Kermeslaus.

In National Socialism, opponents of the regime who were considered a threat by their denomination (for example, Jehovah’s Witnesses today) were marked with a purple angle on their clothing. The Purple Day, which takes place worldwide on March 26, is a day of epilepsy.

The Purple Rose Flower Message Is

Violet roses are rare, but still have their own meaning. They stand for admiration and great joy. If you give roses of this color, you can say that it was love at first sight and you were literally enchanted by the person in the figurative sense.

Violet roses, however, are not just symbolic when it comes to love. They also stand for the fact that one seeks compensation and has to regenerate.