How to Move Plants Across States?

Are you excited about your relocation to another state? Great! You should be. But wait! What about your plants?

How do you plan to carry them along? If you haven’t yet made a definitive plan to move your plants across states, then you should peruse this article for detailed information about how to make the plan.

It is obvious that moving plants across the country must be done with utmost care. To help you safely move your plants, we have covered all the information in the coming sections. Read ahead to find some useful tips on how to move plants in a safe and easy way.

Checking If it is Sensible to Move Your Plants to A New State

This is the first thing that you must do when you move. Check if your plants would survive in the new state.

If the plant doesn’t get sufficient sunlight, water, soil, etc., it makes no sense to take them along. In such circumstances, you can plan to leave them with your friends or relatives.

Check The Regulations of The New State

Every state in the U.S.A has its own set of regulations related to imports of plants. It is important that you adhere to their guidelines and follow their norms. Not every state is strict when it comes to moving with your plant, but it is important that you check beforehand.

Some states in the country require pest-free certifications. Make sure that you know the requirements before your actual move.

If you need details about the norms in the state you are moving to, you can check out the National Plantation Board website for more info.

Packing Plants

If you still decide to carry your plants along after checking the first two steps, you need to make provisions for packing them.

Packing them properly is very important since you need to ensure sufficient air, sunlight, water, etc., is available to them during the transit so that they may survive during the move.

Also, the way you pack them would determine how you would move them.

You also need to decide if you are taking them along in your vehicle or shipping them. If you decide to ship the plants across the state, make sure that the movers are experts in handling plants.

Also, make sure that you check with your movers about moving your plants since many movers have them on their do-not-ship list.

How to pack potted plants?

Half a month prior to your move, repot the plant into a plastic holder with new sterile soil. Pack the first dirt or ceramic pots like other delicate things utilizing our pressing tips. Then, at that point, prep the plastic pot for moving:

  • Spot a plastic pack over the lower part of the pot and tie or accumulate and tape it at the foundation of the plant to keep the dirt contained.
  • Prep a crate that can hold the pot firmly and put the plant inside.
  • Punch a couple of air holes on each side of the container to consider wind current.

How to pack cuttings?

For open-air plants or those that are too enormous to even think about moving, you can take a cutting. Follow these simple steps to pack cuttings:

  • Toward the beginning of the day, make a perfect, sharp trimmer and cut a three- to six-inch-long space of the flower or shrub that has proper growth.
  • You must use wet paper towels to keep the end of the cutting moist.
  • The stem holder must be kept protected using a plastic bag.

So, there we have it. These are some simple and useful tips to help you move with your plants across the state.

Make sure to handle your plants with care during the move.