Flowers That Start With C – Info List With Pictures

Flowers are all around us and we cannot imagine our lives without them. Flowers are inevitable part of weddings, but also of funerals. They are used for both good and bad occasions. A bouquet of flowers is always a good choice if you don’t know what to give someone for birthday or for any other similar occasion.

Also, flowers are used for decoration of gardens, but also for decoration of homes, etc. You can use flowers for many different purposes, but very often it is important to know the meaning of flowers in order to use them for the right occasion.

In the article of today we are going to present you flowers beginning with C. There are a lot of flowers of that kind and we are going to talk about some of the most common in the world. We will not only mention these flowers, but we will also tell you something about them. If you love flowers, you will certainly like this article.

Some flower species you already know, but we will also mention some species that you have not heard of yet. If you are a lover of flowers, we recommend you to read this article.

Flowers That Start With C

Calendula Officinalis. This flower belongs to the genus called Calendula and it comes from southern Europe. You have probably heard of calendula officinalis because it is known for its medical and healing properties. It is even believed that this plant can be helpful in the treating of cancer. This flower is annual and its height is around 80 cm. Calendula officinalis is a great choice if you have garden and it has been used since a long time ago. This flower is usually grown in garden containers or beds.

The most common colors in which you are going to find this flower are orange, yellow, cream and pink. When it comes to the appearance of a calendula officinalis, we have also to mention that this flower is similar to chrysanthemums and daisies. Actually, all these flowers belong to the same family whose Latin name is Asteracea.

California Poppy. This flower comes originally from the USA, actually from the southwest of the USA. It is an annual plant that blooms between early spring and autumn. A California poppy flower has 4 petals and it can appear in many different colors, such as orange, yellow, pink, red, white, etc. The stem of a California poppy flower has the length of around 10 inches.

Calla Lily. This flower is very easy to grow and it will look perfect in your garden or in your vase. A calla lily comes originally from Africa, but today it can be found all over the world. The most common colors of a calla lily are orange, yellow, white, lavender, pink, etc.

Apart from being beautiful, a calla lily flower is also known for its symbolism. Actually, its symbolism has been known since ancient times and it comes from Greece. It is important to know that a calla lily flower usually symbolizes beauty and love, but sometimes it can be also used as a symbol of sexuality.

Another meaning that is typical for calla lilies is purity, but this flower can also be used as a symbol of faithfulness. Other meanings typical for calla lily flowers are resurrection and rebirth. In order to determine the exact meaning of a calla lily, you have to make a difference between different colors in which this flower can be found. For example, it is believed that a white calla lily can symbolize innocence and something pure, while a yellow calla lily is usually used as a symbol of gratitude.

There is also a pink calla lily that represents admiration towards someone or something. We are going to mention the symbolism of a purple calla lily as well. This flower is a symbol of passion and charm, so you can give it to a person you like.

A calla lily is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. This flower has both good and bad symbolism, which means that we can use it both for weddings and funerals. However, a calla lily is one of favourite flowers used for weddings, because it is a symbol of love between two persons.

Campanula Latifolia. This flower is commonly known as a giant bellflower and it comes from a western part of Asia, as well as from Europe. It is a perennial herbaceous plant that is usually high between 60 and 120 cm. Campanula latifolia blooms in summer, actually its flowering time are July and August. This flower is very attractive by its appearance, but some parts of this flower are also edible in many parts of the world.

Candytuft. The botanical name of this genus is Iberis, but it is usually known as a candytuft. It comes originally from the Old World and it comprises a couple of different species of flowers, such as a rocket candytuft, evergreen candytuft, globe candytuft and many others. A candytuft is usually used in gardens and it is known as a very popular ornamental plant. The height of this flower is ca. 30 cm (12 in).

Canna Lily. A canna or commonly called a canna lily is a genus that comprises around 10 species of flowers. A canna flower is a perennial flower and it can be found in many colors, such as yellow, red, orange, etc. This flower is very easy to grow, so you can choose it for your garden. A canna lily flower needs a lot of sun and it is annual flower.

Cape Primrose. This flower also begins with C, but its another name is Streptocarpus. It is a house plant and it has been used since ancient times. This flower doesn’t need too much light and it can resist without water, too. Cape primrose is native to South Africa and it is tolerant to different conditions.

If you love flowers, then we recommend you to choose this flower for your home because it is one of the most popular house plants.

Cardinal Flower. One of the most popular flowers in the world is undoubtedly a cardinal flower. This flower can be found in rivers, woods and similar places. If you see a cardinal flower somewhere, you will certainly notice it. This flower usually appears in a brilliant red color and its appearance is very attractive.

Carnation. You must have heard of carnations because those flowers are more than 2 thousand years old. There are also a lot of myths and legends in which we can notice that a carnation was mentioned. There are many theories related to the name of a carnation and its origin. One of them says that a carnation was a flower that was used as a ceremonial crown in ancient Greece. If we look more deeply into the word “carnation”, we can see that there may be the word “corona” hidden in it, which indicates that this flower has the meaning of a “crown”.

When it comes to the symbolism of a carnation, we have to say that this flower can appear in many different colors, such as red, purple, pink, etc. It is important to know that each of these colors has its own meaning and symbolism. In a general sense a carnation is a symbol of distinction and also a symbol of love. But, if we take into account the color in which we have seen a carnation, we can talk about a difference in the meanings of these flowers.

For example, if we have a light red carnation, it is usually perceived as a symbol of admiration, while a dark red carnation is usually a symbol of true love. When it comes to the carnation in a pink flower, it usually represents the affection and love of a mother.

On the other side, we have a purple carnation that is used as a symbol of unpredictability. Another color that is typical for carnations is white and this type of a carnation usually represents purity and love.

As you can see, there are many different colors of this flower and we have told you what each of them can represent. We hope that now you can understand the symbolism of a carnation because this flower is favourite and very popular all over the world.

Celosia. Another flower whose name starts with C is Celosia. This name comes from a word of ancient Greece, which means “burning”. This flower has gotten the name for its appearance. The head of this flower is like a flame and it appears in different colors, so you will recognize it easily.

This flower is a very popular ornamental plant and it is a member of the so called amaranth family. It is an annual plant and it produces a lot of seeds. Celosia is a flower that comes originally from Africa, but it is also very popular in India.

Chrysanthemum. This flower is one of favourite flowers in the world, especially in Australia, where it comes from. This flower is usually called a Mother’s day flower because it is usually used as a symbol of love that children have for their mothers. It is also important to know that a chrysanthemum can be also called “the autumn flower” and it is one of the first signs that autumn has come.

A chrysanthemum can also appear in many different colors, but the most popular of them is a gold color. It smells like a perfume and people simply adore this type of a chrysanthemum. Another popular color of a chrysanthemum is pink, but there are also yellow and white chrysanthemum flowers.

A chrysanthemum blooms usually in spring and it is an annual plant, even though it may be found in the category of perennial plants sometimes. Apart from those botanical facts related to a chrysanthemum, it is interesting to know that one of the products of this flower is the so called Pyrethrins which is known for its protective properties against bugs, such as mosquitos, etc.

Clarkia. This flower comes originally from North America and it is an annual plant. Clarkia has 4 petals and they are usually in pink color. Most clarkia flowers are used for gardens and different types of decorations.

Clover. Another flower that begins on “c” is a clover. This flower is usually used as a symbol of prosperity and comfort. It can also be a symbol of beauty and freedom. Clovers can appear in many different colors, but the most common of them are yellow, white, red and pink color.

It is also important to say that a clover is full of calcium, phosphorus, protein and other nutrients. Because of that it is usually used as a food for livestock.

Coneflower. The symbolism of a coneflower is associated with health, so it is believed that this flower has a lot of healing properties. If you have any health problems, it is possible that a coneflower may help you.

It is believed that a coneflower can make your immune system stronger and it can be also used as a natural antibiotic. A coneflower can adapt to many different conditions and people simply love it. The most common colors of a coneflower are yellow and purple.

Cosmos. If you love flowers and if you are a romantic type when it comes to love, then you certainly know what cosmos is. This flower is a symbol of love and it usually indicates that there will be a lot of love and harmony at your home. Even though this flower may not be very attractive at the first sight, it can look great if you put a couple of these flowers together into a bunch.

The most common colors in which you can find this flower are yellow, red, pink, orange and white. When it comes to the appearance of a cosmos, you will recognize it for its tall stem that has one flower on the top.

Crocus. If you like iris flowers, then you have certainly heard of crocus. It is a flowering plant that belongs to the iris family. You can find crocus in scrub and woods all over the world. Crocus flowers can appear in lavender, white and yellow color. They are low-growing flowers and when you see them you will know that spring has just arrived.

A crocus flower comes from Mediterranean but today you can find it in almost all parts of the world. If you would like to plant a crocus, you should know that this flower needs a lot of sun and a good drainage.

Corocosmia. This flower is also a member of the iris family of plants and it comes from Africa. However, today these flowers are grown all around the world. A corocosmia has an exotic look and its leaves have the shape of a sword. The most common colors typical for corocosmia are orange, yellow and red.

Crown Imperial. Another flower whose name starts with C is a crown imperial, but its Latin name is Fritillaria imperialis. This flower has the height between 20 and 100 cm and it is best to plant it in sunny places. A crown imperial is flowering in the period between April and June. The most common type of a crown imperial appears in a yellow color.

Cuckoo Flower. A cuckoo flower or may flower has the botanical name Cardamine pratensis. This flower comes originally from western Asia and Europe and it is a perennial plant. The petals of a cuckoo flower appear usually in a pink or violet color. A cuckoo flower is a very popular ornamental plant and it is usually used for gardens.

However, in many parts of the world a cuckoo flower is in a danger because it is favourite food of one type of butterflies.

Cyclamen. A cyclamen is a flowering plant that comes from Europe, but also from some parts of Asia. This flower may be found in purple, pink and white color. A cyclamen is grown both outside and inside.