Freesia Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flower symbolism is based on many stories and myths that surrounded certain flower sorts for centuries. Flowers were a part of traditional and cultures of many nations and their presence certainly represented something special and without them these events and celebrations didn’t have the same meaning.

Flower symbolism is something that got transferred from generation to another and was always kept as an important part of tradition. We can see flower symbols on national clothing, dresses, and various objects and in works of art of many famous artists.

To express a feeling or a certain opinion, it was always easier to use symbols than to say directly what you mean. When something needed to be kept as a secret or it needed to be transferred to others as a secret code, symbols (among them flower symbols) were used for exactly that. Flowers were there to help us express our deepest emotions and feelings towards other people.

In today’s text we will be talking about the Freesia flower and the symbolic meaning behind it. This flower has a rich symbolism behind it and it is something that has been created by all the cultures that lived near this flower and worshipped it for various reasons. So, if you ever interested in knowing more about the symbolic meaning behind the Freesia flower, this is a chance to do that.

Meaning of the Freesia flower

Every flower has its own symbolic meaning and symbolism. Every flower has its own symbolic meaning that was based on various cultural and traditional values. Stories and myths we read about are there to teach us something and to give us basic guidelines to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Meanings of Freesia flower are:


  • Freesia flower symbolizes trust and giving someone this flower can mean two things. Either you are telling someone you trust them completely or you are telling this person that you are honest in your emotions and feelings.


  • This beautiful flower is also a symbol of friendship and it represents a beautiful gift for someone who is your dear friend and loyal partner. You can always gift the Freesia flower to someone who is your true friend since the message behind it will be more than clear.


  • This gorgeous flower is also a symbol of sweetness and it is a perfect gift for someone who carries this trait in your eyes. This is a person who is completely honest and captures your attention in the best possible way with charm and sweet nature.


  • Innocence is another meaning behind the Freesia flower. This flower is usually used as a gift for those who just got a new addition to the family or as decoration during baptism celebrations.


  • This is another meaning behind the Freesia flower and giving this flower represents thoughtfulness and caring for another person. You can always gift this flower to someone who holds a special place in your heart and someone who is dear to you in a special way.

Fressia Flower – Etymological meaning

Symbolic meaning of Freesia or the friendship meaning is not there without a reason. These beautiful flowers got their name from the botanist called Christian P. Ecklon who discovered them and named them after his friend Friedrich H.T. Freese, who was also a botanist.

These flowers symbolize friendship and are beautiful reminders about the importance of having people around you who love and support you.

Fressia Flower – Symbolism

One of the most important symbolisms of the Freesia flowers is the symbolism of love and friendship. These beautiful flowers are often used as decoration on weddings and are often a part of wedding bouquets.

They are truly symbols of everything that represents love and cherishing the other person in a most complete way. During the Victorian times Freesia flowers were symbols of trust, and they often had a hidden message behind them. In United States these beautiful flowers are symbols of 7th wedding anniversary.

Fressia Flower – Color meaning

Freesia flowers come in several colors and every one of them represents something different. The Freesia flower comes in these colors:


  • White Freesia flowers are symbols of purity and innocence and because of that; they are usually used as wedding decoration and as a part of bridal bouquets.


  • Red flowers symbolize passion and love and go perfectly well with the symbolic meaning of this flower.


  • Purple flower symbolizes beauty, royalty and it is a perfect gift for someone who is special and unique in its own way.


  • Color yellow symbolizes optimism and friendship, and because of that goes perfectly well with the symbolical meaning of the Freesia flower.

Fressia flower – Botanical facts and characteristics

Fine, delicate, silky flowers Freesia, a cluster that is placed on a tall strong stalk for more than three centuries, is widely used in decorative and floral design. The gentle but also strong smell is something like the smell of roses, but the plants belong to the plant family of klubnelukovychnym irises. Most gardeners received recognition among the freeze hybrid that combines all the diversity of this magical flower.

Despite the apparent fragility and weakness, the Freesia flower carries itself strongly. With its high versatility, the plant can successfully breed in the garden as well as the spacious deep pots on the window.

Before putting the bulbs of the plants outdoors, preferably while placing them into the window, put them into pots of peat and compost and bark at a depth of three to four inches. In the middle of spring, when they grow up a bit, they can be planted in the garden. For their exquisite beauty, and for them to feel comfortable in a new place, try to choose an area of ​​the garden, to protect them from wind and direct sunlight.

As a resident of South Africa, Freesia is very sensitive to the temperature fluctuation. Do not plant it to the ground if there is a risk of frost or cold rain. Only when the average temperature in the upper layer of soil reaches 11-16 ° C, the thermophilic flower will feel comfortable in the open. However, delayed planting does not pay off. Gentle Freesia flowers, can die if the ground is too hot or too cold for their preference.

Freesia grows best in rich soil with good drainage. Use when necessary organic fertilizers. By placing bulbs in the ground not less than 10 cm (lighter soils, bulbs can be located below) cover them well and place them in the ground deeper. This will help poor roots to become completely saturated with moisture and, at the same time, doesn’t allow them to be too flooded.

Optimal temperature for proper plant development – 13-22 ° C. Lower temperatures can affect the size and quality of the stem and at higher temepratures – all plants will go compeltely dry. Carefully clean the flower of freesia from unwanted weeds or neighbors that can suffocate the delicate flower.

Soil oxygenation penetrates the soil and helps fertilizers and biologically active substances to easily reach the root system of the plant. Regular watering will ensure a sure moisturizing of the soil, that plant needs for successful releasing of stems. Keep the top layer of soil moist too, and at the same time avoid water stagnation in the soil, which can lead to decay and root death.

Watering  for the entire growth of the flower and during the flowering period should not be greater than 5-6 times. For the first time this should be done as far as the flowers are on the ground. For first feeding, it is best to use a solution of ammonium nitrate at a concentration of 1: 500 (about 10 grams of ammonium nitrate in 5 liters of water). The following routine of feeding every 2-3 weeks should be done with salt and superphosphate.

The Freesia needs strong support. Otherwise, thin stems, might fall down under the weight of lush flowers and can deform and bend to the ground.

Parasites and diseases that affect sensitive flowers, are similar to those that infect gladiola flowers. First of all, the spiders, the bugs, and the butterflies. Improper care or unfavorable weather conditions lead to the fact that the plant infected mushroom Fusarium (rotting roots), creeping, which causes deformation of leaves and flowers, or botrytis, is a characteristic occurrence in all parts of the plant specific gray plaque. Mouse – another frightening enemy of Freesia. If they damage the root of the plant, they lead to the death of the flower.

Subtle scents of freesia, reminiscent of fresh sea breeze and beautiful delicate floral fragrances, like a porcelain decoration in your garden, giving it elegance and aristocracy.

The most desirable and beautiful flowers in the world – orchids that never cease to be admired. These are the flowers that are always begging you to take care of them and the flowers of exclusive and constant concern, which is why Freesias are compared to a relatively ambitious woman, and in order to blossom, you need to have daily grooming and nurturing.

Everyone knows the flower of orchids can hardly grow in the house. You need to know all about the orchid characteristics of reproduction of their forms, difficulties, and types of breeding. Putting together that knowledge, might help you grow the Freesia flower.

Fressia Flower – Secret message

Every flower has its own hidden message and it can be used as a message that we send to receivers. Messages behind flowers are there to help us send this hidden meaning and to express our emotions to the ones we love. Message behind the Freesia flower is the message of friendship and trust.

Every person who receives this flower is a person that is important in your life and someone who is trustworthy.

Giving this flower is also going to send the other person a message of thoughtfulness and love. Like we already mentioned, the Freesia flowers are often used on wedding ceremonies and are beautiful reminders about the importance of love and caring for others.

So, if you are looking for a flower that is going to send the message of love and trust to the person that is dear to you, look no further. Freesia flowers are going to send a clear message and express your feelings better than any words or gifts you might think of.