Blue Rose – Meaning and Symbolism

If you give away roses, it also reveals your feelings. Without words, just by the effect of the color of the flowers. Each hue has its own meaning in the flower language of love. The statement of red roses is well known.

But what about blue roses? Is it even there? And if so, what love message do they bring to the recipient? There are many blue flowers in the large family of flowering plants. Blue roses, however, nature has not provided.

Neither in this country nor in any far country was a blue rose ever discovered. It was and is a product of fantasy and longing. And because strong desires push for fulfillment, the blue rose is still part of our real world. As a motif in art but also as a living flower, the color was subsequently breathed. A rosebush awakens in spring to new life and creates beautiful flowers. He uses “almost” the whole color palette.

However, by nature, the rosebush can never form a dye: the blue. But why is the wish for the blue rose even present? He could have originally been inspired by a fairy tale.

What Does the Blue Rose Mean?

The rose has long been ennobled as the queen of flowers, making it one of the most communicative plants in the world. The strong symbolic power of the rose was already known in antiquity. The classic of the roses – the red rose – is like no other flower for love and passion. Here it can be given away as a single flower or as a magnificent bouquet. But there are also white, blue and yellow roses, each having a different meaning.

The rose has the most famous meaning among the flowers and is gladly and often given away among lovers. However, caution is advised, because not every rose in the flower language actually for the very big feelings. Depending on the color, the rose transmits another message: in simple pink, it stands for youth and beauty – and it also suggests the beginning of a love.

A white rose stands for a love that can not be pronounced, but is also often found in bridal bouquets. As a yellow variant, the rose radiates friendship and gratitude. The blue rose stands for unreachability and a mysterious romanticism.

Etymological Meaning of the Blue Rose

Roses are the epitome of elegance. They are beautiful, delicate but also thorny. They delight the senses and awaken emotions. Not least because of this they are a timeless and extremely popular gift. It is important to know the meaning of the individual colors well – for both the donor and the recipient. So you can let the rose speak for itself and express feelings that you might not be able to formulate with the language so accurate.

There are also a few lapses that you should not step into. Never give roses lightly.

Therefore, we help you with a brief overview of the symbolism of the most popular rose colors.

Symbolism of the Blue Rose

In distant China lived an emperor whose daughter did not want to marry. The Emperor urged his daughter, but she persistently refused. Probably because no one was able to conquer her heart. In order to be left alone, she set an unattainable condition: the marriage applicant must bring her a blue rose. She got a blue rose of gemstone, a colored rose and a painted one. But of course no one was able to bring her a real, living blue rose. She was not unhappy about that.

Then a traveling singer came to the capital and the two fell in love. Now the princess wanted to marry too. She was sad because her own condition had now become an obstacle. The lover was not deterred and promised to come to the palace next with a blue rose. There he stood in front of the emperor, holding a white rose in his hand and begging for the princess’s hand. “But the rose is white,” said the emperor. “No, the rose is blue,” the princess objected.

The Emperor drew in, after all, he finally wanted to see his daughter married. He gave the couple a country house and many white roses were planted in the garden. He was always called only the “blue garden”. The fairy tale of the blue rose is of course much longer than this short summary. If you feel like reading it completely, you can easily find it on the internet.

In the Far East, the demand for blue roses is especially high because of the fairytale. They are often given away for engagement and wedding and are meant to bring love to the couple forever. Just like in a fairy tale. For this extra white roses are dyed blue. Always in search of something special, unique, the people of Europe have meanwhile also discovered the blue rose for themselves. Their triumphal march, however, is just beginning.

In Asia, the love message of the blue rose is clear: it stands for the perfect and fulfilled love. In the west, however, the blue rose is attributed another meaning.

Perhaps because the naturally growing blue rose does not exist and is just a dream, it has also become a symbol of unfulfilled longing.

In the flower shops in this country even a dyed blue rose is a rarity. Anyone who reaches for it may also say to the recipient: “You are unique and extraordinary like this rose.”

The Blue Rose Facts

The dream of the blue rose challenged the rose breeders. Their ambition was awakened, many wanted to breed this longed-for rose. Over the centuries, attempts have been made repeatedly to achieve a blue rose color by crossing existing rose varieties. But success was always missing. The hoped for blue was at best a purple, not more.

In the meantime, the hopelessness of these experiments has been clarified. Genetic engineering clearly shows why a blue rose can not develop along this path.

According to the law of inheritance, the new rose can only form colors from the existing genetic material of the roses. The age of genetic engineering has not stopped in front of the roses.

At first, genetic engineering provided the explanation why conventionally no blue rose could be bred: it was missing the “blue” gene. Then she showed a way on how a blue rose can blossom: through genetic manipulation. And indeed, this project has now succeeded the geneticists of the Australian company Florigene. Since 2009, there is “Applause”, a genetically modified rose that forms blue-violet flowers. She is already admitted on the Asian Mark. Although it costs a multiple of another rose, the request is huge.

What the geneticists have not yet convincingly succeeded, Dutch researchers seem to have succeeded in the meantime. They have grown a blue rose without genetic engineering. Their remedy is a special, cobalt-containing fertilizer, which is given to the roses early in the spring. The result is rose petals in a rich blue. It is only a matter of time before this fertilizer will conquer the garden market.

If you want to buy blue roses in order to give your feelings a flowery look, you do not have to travel far. Here, too, some flower shops offer blue-colored roses. For the garden are also some varieties of roses available that bear the name “blue” in the name.

They do, however, suggest the blue rather than that they are actually blue. Nice are these varieties anyway. Until it is time for blue roses to grow, they can decorate our gardens.

Meaningful Botanical Characteristics of the Blue Rose

To enjoy the bulk of the year in roses, now is the ideal time to plan a rosette. It should be planted in a sunny and airy place because otherwise it will have fewer flowers and will be more prone to diseases and pests. If the soil is not light and rich in humus, it should be enriched with compost and peat. – Roses prefer mild acidified soils, the ideal pH is the soil reaction of about 6 and 6.5, – emphasizes Leon Golub, B.Sc. ing. agr., expert advisor for horticulture at the Advisory Service, emphasizing that roses should be planted in places where water is not retained in the soil, because the damp soil allows the development of fungi.

Experienced gardens recommend that new roses are never planted in places or in pots where they have been planted before, and the soil at a depth of at least 50 cm should be well fertilized. Selection of seedlings When buying rose seedlings, you should take one with a healthy root.

Sometimes it’s difficult to estimate because the root is usually wrapped in foil, but one of the methods is to see if the seedling plant has.

They are often a sign that the seedlings were standing in a warm place. A better choice is the purchase in nurseries, directly from the producer or the cultivation of the plant from the cutter. –

Depending on the weather, roses are planted during March and April, but this depends primarily on the temperature of the soil and the air. Before planting, the plant should be placed in a bucket with water and left for several hours. Dried root shoots and overgrowths should be cut off. It is recommended that roses be planted for the cloudy day – advises Leon Golub.

The rose in planting should be adhered to make a good upright root. The pruning starts in the first year during flowering, and you should regularly cut the flower’s flowers. Roses that have long been planted in rosinaceae every spring should be pruned – remove dried branches and those that evolve from the center of the bush.

Especially remove wild shoots. Vases for the vase should always be cut with gardener scissors, and cut it with a cut. The most common types of World Rose are extremely rich, and sometimes there is some doubt about the type of choice. One of the common species is the rose tea tree. Their bush grows from 80 to 120 cm, and it is well planted at a distance of 40 cm. Roses of climbers seek support – fence, wall.

They can grow to a height of 2 to 5 meters. The planting distance is 1 to 2 meters, depending on the lushness of the variety, and is pruned after the formation of an imaginary form, usually in the third year. Mini roses grow from 25 to 30 cm and are full of tiny flowers.

Blue Rose Color Meanings

Blue tones are counted among the cold colors that generally have a cool effect, create distance and convey objectivity. Speaking of language, we can get away with a black eye or experience our blue wonder, if we are blue, too blue-eyed or talk down the blue from the sky. But what force and what meaning does the color blue have? With the color blue we immediately associate the radiant sky and the wide sea. Often you read or hear that this color does not occur in nature (which is why blue plates reduce appetite and help you lose weight).

But at least since Heino’s hit song we know: blue flowers of the gentian. And not only the: bluebells also bloom, Eisenhut and forget-me-not. Kingfisher and blue tit have blue feathers. And last but not least, there are not a few blue gemstones in the rock layers. In literature, the Blue Flower was the central motif of Romanticism. In this epoch, in which emotion, longing and passion stood in the foreground, she symbolizes the connection between man and nature as well as the human yearning for the unattainable.

The color blue also plays an important role in art. The Expressionist artists, who were active in the environment of the Blue Rider at the beginning of the 20th century, paved the way for modern art. Pablo Picasso worked in the Blue Period melancholy feelings, Yves Klein used for his works often only the color blue.

In religion, blue is the color of the Mother of God Mary, which is usually depicted in blue robes. However, it is important not only for Catholicism, but also for the Jewish community. For example, the blue Star of David symbolizes the people of Israel and Judaism. With the color blue we combine peace, silence, relaxation and serenity.

Furthermore, it is a symbol of longing, freedom, distance and eternity. On the one hand, it should have a calming effect, dampen excitement and nervousness, thus helping to fall asleep, and on the other hand promoting concentration, communication and objectivity.

In color therapy, where the effect of colors on humans is used, blue is used for example in cases of fever, inflammation, heart problems, sunburn, atopic dermatitis and stress – because the color is attributed to an analgesic, cooling, antiseptic and antihypertensive effect.

Our charisma on others is influenced, among other things, by the colors of our clothing. Because they allow conclusions about our nature, our behavior, and are as it were a message to our fellow men. If you prefer blue clothes, you strive for harmony and stability, they look reliable and balanced – but they are also more introverted.

The Blue Rose Message Is

The message of the Blue Rose flower is: „You are my friend and I love you.“