Bird of Paradise Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flowers were used for expressing deepest and the most hidden emotions to others, but they were also there to make our homes more beautiful and colorful. Flowers associate us to a lot of beautiful moments with other people and make us think back at some beautiful moments.

Flower symbolism dates back hundreds of years and flowers have been an important part of our lives for centuries. They were there to help us say goodbye to the people we love and to greet the ones who were coming back to us.

Artists used flower symbolism to say things that were rebellious and that could have been understood only by people who knew the meaning of these flowers. We wouldn’t be able to surprise others and tell them how much they mean to us without the help of flowers and their beautiful appearance and scent.

In today’s text we will talk more about the Bird of Paradise flower and the symbolism behind it. This peculiar flower is definitely unique and gorgeous in its own way, but there is certainly a rich symbolic meaning behind it.

Meaning of the Bird of paradise flower flower

Every flower has its own symbolic meaning and significance that were created by people and cultures that lived next to it. Sometimes flowers touched our hearts in certain ways, and those moments grew into stories and stories got passed on from one generation to another.

Based on those stories we now have magnificent myths and legends about flowers that could only been created by the human imagination. Like I mentioned earlier, every flower has its own meaning and symbolism that we need to understand before we decide to gift a flower to someone we love.

This is going to save us from sending the wrong message to a person you love but you can also learn a lot about the history of a certain flower. The meanings of the Bird of Paradise flower are following:

  • Success and excellence
  • Royalty
  • Paradise
  • Optimism
  • 9th wedding anniversary
  • Freedom
  • Joy
  • Faithfulness

Success and excellence – Bird of Paradise flower is a symbol of success and overcoming obstacles both in work place and in life in general. This flower is a great gift for someone who has just been promoted or graduated from college, or just to someone who you want to see successful. Bird of Paradise flower is definitely unique and gorgeous and it is a perfect decoration piece for your home that might even bring some positive energy into your home.

Royalty – Bird of Paradise flower is a symbol of royalty and it was the symbol of kings and empresses in the past. There is something special and beautiful about this flower that makes it worth a royal attention. You can definitely gift it to someone as a symbol of great respect to someone who deserves it.

Paradise – Bird of Paradise flower is definitely a symbol of paradise on Earth. This beautiful flower is a reminder that heave does exist on Earth and we can see it as a beautiful piece of nature that can be an ornament for our homes and gardens.

Optimism – This flower is also a symbol of optimism and positive energy, especially because of its bright and bold colors and interesting shapes. It simply invites us to look at it and to simply enjoy its beauty. And when we do look at it, it really does remind us of something that has just fallen out of paradise.

9th wedding anniversary – The Bird of Paradise flower is a symbol of 9th wedding anniversary and couples use it both as decoration for this ceremony or as a gift for a spouse.

Freedom – Bird of Paradise flower is also a symbol of freedom and overcoming obstacles. This beautiful flower reminds us to let go of our worries and to embark on a new adventure to some place we have never been before.

Joy – Just like optimism, this beautiful flower reminds us to always be joyful and to keep our faces smiling. No matter how hard it is right now in life, it can certainly be better and we can overcome everything if we try hard enough.

Faithfulness – Bird of Paradise flower is a symbol of faithfulness and being able to stay truthful to only one person your entire life. It is both a symbol of 9th wedding anniversary and a great way to tell your partner you are faithful and completely committed to him or her.

Bird of paradise flower – Etymological meaning

Bird of Paradise flower belongs to the five groups of flowers that are unified under the name Strelitzia as a scientific name. The regular name for this flower is Bird of Paradise and the reason why it got this name is because it reminds us of a bird by shape.

The name Strelitzia came from Queen Charlote of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Her husband was King George III and when this gorgeous flower first came to Britain the gardener who took care of royal gardens called it after the queen. In its native habitat, that flower is called the crane flower.

Bird of paradise flower – Symbolism

The Bird of Paradise flower comes from South Africa and in its native habitat, this exotic flower has many meanings. This flower symbolizes beauty and freedom, and these are the two meanings that are most commonly associated with the Bird of Paradise flower.

When this flower appears in art or any other form of creative expression, everybody knows what this symbol represents. The Bird of Paradise flower is also a symbol of royalty and it has been associated with the royal family for hundreds of years.

Some even associate the Bird of Paradise flower to success or excellence in every sense. This flower is usually gifted to people who have just made a significant step in their lives or are preparing to do exactly that. Bird of Paradise flower is also there for us to celebrate the 9th wedding anniversary and to show our partners how faithful and committed we are to them. Bird of Paradise flower is a gorgeous and one of the largest flowers used for flower arrangements, so it will definitely be an eye-catching piece in our flower arrangements.

With the rich symbolic meaning behind the Bird of Paradise flower, you can definitely surprise someone and tell that person how much it means to you.

Bird of paradise flower – Color meaning

Color of the flower can certainly add a lot to the symbolic meaning of a flower and make it even more clearly when it comes to message you want to send. Color of the flower is there to make our flower arrangements more beautiful but it is also there to make our message clearer.

Bird of Paradise flower doesn’t have just one color, it is multicolor therefore the color symbolism can’t really be determined based on one color, but you can certainly get a clearer image about the symbolic meaning of it by combining the symbolism’s together.


  • Color red is a symbol of passion, love and romance. This color sends a strong message of affection towards someone and you can always pick red flowers to gift them to your loved one.


  • Color orange is a symbol of passion and optimism. This is exactly what this flower is a symbol of in general and it is a beautiful piece for your home but also a great gift for someone you love.


  • Color blue symbolizes respect and trust. This flower is a great gift for someone who deserves your trust and someone who is dear to you. The color blue doesn’t limit the range of people to whom you can gift this flower so you don’t have to worry about sending the wrong message.


  • Color green symbolizes nature and rejuvenation. Bird of Paradise flower is definitely a reminder about the beauty of nature and its brilliance.

Bird of paradise flower – Botanical facts and characteristics

A tropical, evergreen perennial shooter plant is now being grown more and more as an indoor plant. Due to the combination of colors and shapes of bird-like flowers, paradise flower is also called the crane flower. The flower can be fresh in a vase for up to three weeks, and is therefore appreciated as cut flowers. In every floral arrangement, it brings color and beauty.

Strelitzia belongs to a genus consisted of 5 species plants which bloom each year, belonging to the family of Strelitziaceae plants. This genus got its name after the Duke whose name was Strelitz, the place of birth of Charlotte the queen, who married King George III and became Queen of England in 1761. Types of Strelitzia nicolai and Strelitzia reginae are most commonly used as indoor plants.

Strelitzia originates from southern Africa, where it is known by its name a glowing flower. In its natural habitat it grows like a wild plant and can grow up to 10 m in height. It was brought to Europe in the late 18th century. The arrows are gray-green, and wavy on the perimeter. They are shaped like banana leaves.

Strelitzia usually blooms at the end of winter or early spring, but when the conditions are right, it can bloom at different times. Flowers with six to eight flowers are at the top of a flower handle, long and up to 1 m long. The flower resembles widespread wings, three leaves are usually yellowish-yellow-yellow, and two longer petals, which are usually grown at the base, are widespread in the form of wings of dark blue with a special shine. Flowers open gradually one by one.

When grown as a home-grown plant, the arrows can rise to a height of one to one and a half meter, and therefore fit high pots and need more space.

Bird of paradise flower – Secret message

Every flower has a secret message that we need to understand and keeping mind when we buy these flowers. The Bird of Paradise flower is telling you to always be free and to keep living your life to the fullest.

This gorgeous flower is a great reminder how nature and life around us is beautiful and how life is unpredictable. Bird of Paradise flower has a very strong symbolic meaning that we can use to surprise our loved ones. This flower is a symbol of success, faithfulness and romance that is everlasting.