Lisianthus Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

If you ever thought that flower symbolism is simply there to help you choose the right flower sort for your loved ones, you might find out that there is more to it.

Flower symbolism is a part of human history. People lived in harmony with nature for centuries, and our love towards nature was often expressed through stories and myths we devoted to living beings in nature.

Somehow, people fell in love in the beauty of flowers and their scents and recognized their value. Flowers were there to follow us on every romantic encounter with our loved one, they were there to say goodbye to the people we lost and their presence was always something that was a big part of our lives.

Flower symbolism is full of interesting information about flowers, which makes it even more valuable to know and understand.

In today’s text, we will be talking about the Lisianthus flower. If never heard of it, or you heard of it but you don’t know anything about it, here is a great chance to brush up your knowledge or get to know this flower from scratch.

Meaning of the Lisianthus flower

Every flower has its own symbolic meaning and hidden messages. Sometimes flowers are there to teach us valuable lessons about ourselves or even send us an important message. Meaning behind a certain flower can be the result of people’s imagination but it can also be tied to real life events that took place thought history.

Either way, flower meaning is not only there to teach us more about the history of a certain flower, it is also there to teach us more about ourselves.

The lisianthus flower has several meanings and they are:

  • Sagittarius birth flower
  • Life long bond between two people
  • Appreciation
  • Traditional values

Sagittarius birth flower – If you know someone who is born under the Sagittarius sign, then you already have an idea what this flower represents. This flower is a symbol of people who are fiery about life, who love living and they are always on the go, their creative side is so strong and t can’ be tamed by anything and their hearts can’t lie when they are in love.

Life long bond – This beautiful flower is also a symbol of a lifelong bond between two people. Some often use it as a gift for anniversaries and other special occasion when love is being celebrated. People often use Lisianthus flowers as wedding decoration and in some cultures it is even used as a wedding gift.

Appreciation – Lisianthus flower symbolizes appreciation. This flower can be a great “Thank you# gift for someone who has helped you a lot and gave you something. Lisianthus has been used as a symbol of appreciation for hundreds of years in many cultures, and if you are looking for a perfect flower to make a manse, this is the one.

Traditional values – Lisianthus flower is a symbol of traditional values. Many people link this flower to old traditions and there are many stories to back this statement up. Many cultures saw it as a representation of traditional values and things that were appreciated before, but today they are dying out.

Lisianthus – Etymological meaning

Another name for this flower is Eustoma. This flower is native to Greece and countries surrounding it. The name, Lisianthus, is also created in Greece and the prefix eu (in Eustoma) meant beauty while the stoma part was translated as shape of a mouth. If we translate the name of this flower literarily, it means beautiful mouth or flower that is shaped like a mouth.

Lisianthus – Symbolism

Lisianthus flower is somewhat gentle when it comes to planting it and maintaining it for the first few months. After the flower gets used to the ground and starts to grow, it grows into a strong flower that can withstand some hard living conditions. This is why people often linked the Lisianthus flower to the meaning of rising above the hardship and overcoming difficulties.

Besides that, Lisianthus flower was often used as a gift for people who helped others, as a symbol of appreciation. Lisianthus flowers are a part of rich tradition surrounding weddings, and they are often used as either wedding decoration or as a gift for the newlyweds.

Lisianthus – Color meaning

Color of a particular flower can tell us a lot about the meaning of flower itself. Sometimes the colors can add so much to the symbolic meaning of a flower, but they can also take away a lot. Colors that go perfectly well with the symbolic meaning of a certain flower are going to accentuate the symbolic meaning behind it and give much clearer message to the person receiving this flower as a gift.


  • Color pink is a symbol of romance, love and affection. The pink Lisianthus flower represents a perfect combination of the symbolism of a flower and the symbolic meaning of the color pink. This Lisianthus flower can be gifted to almost anyone you love and feel affectionate towards, because it will send a message of love and romance.


  • Color purple symbolizes beauty, nobility and royalty. The purple Lisianthus flower is really beautiful and it stands out in every room. This flower is ideal for someone you love, especially if this person is not just an ordinary person for you. This should be someone special and someone who is completely occupied your mind.


  • White is a symbol of purity, innocence and spirituality. Many opt for the white Lisianthus flower when decorating their wedding venues and when they are celebrating something meaningful for them in a romantic way. White is always ideal as a gift and it won’t send the wrong message to the receiver in any way.


  • Yellow is a symbol of happiness, joy and positive energy. This flower color is ideal as a decoration for your home or as a gift for someone who is dear to you. Yellow Lisianthus flowers are great for your friends and others who are dear to you but they are not your partner or someone you are interested with in a romantic way.

Light pink

  • The light pink flower is a symbol of gentle and kind emotions and can be a great gift for a young mother or a woman who is younger. This flower color is going to send a message of affection and love but not in a romantic way. This can be an ideal gift for your friend or family member.

Lisianthus – Botanical facts and characteristics

Lisianthus, also known as Eustoma, Texas bells, Prairie lynx or Prairie Rose, and botanically as Eustoma grndiflorum, is suitable for growing in almost all climatic areas. The flowers of the Lisianthus are also adorned with blends of flowers in the gardens. Especially popular as a cut in flower arrangements.

Luxurious Lisianthuses, similar to roses, not only appears in shades of blue and lilac colors, but also in pink, light green, and also white. The flowers can be single or double. Some varieties have flowers with a “necklace” that are darker in color along the edges and in the middle.

Although some instructions for the breeding of the Lisianthus indicate that the planters should not cultivate plants of different colors of flowers, most sources contradict it, and recommend that you choose similar species because there are varieties that can grow too much and are not suitable for growing in the garden. The plant lisianthus reaches 60-75cm high, unless you cultivate some of the dwarf varieties that are most suitable for growing in pots.

Plant lisianthus can sprout from tiny seeds provided you have the proper environment; however, it is more often purchased as an herb. Growers say that it takes 22 to 24 weeks for the development of seedlings, so make it easy for you to grow your own lizard in your home garden and buy ready-made seedlings.

Do not hesitate to transplant leaf plants when you bring them out of nursery. Lisianthus are not suitable for growing in small pots because roots can get caught if they remain in small pots, which can permanently hurt the development of the plant (it will be stiff). Planting times vary from climate to climate. In areas with frosts, begin planting when the danger passes from them. In warmer zones, you can start planting a bit earlier, for example, in March.

The planting of the Lisianthus is done in a well-cropped soil in a sunny place. The Lisiantus should be planted at a spacing of 15-20 cm in order to spread the stems can rely on each other.

The care of a lizard can also involve supporting the flow of well-bloomed plants because the tops can become too heavy for them. If you get lucky, do not bother to pick up the upper flowers and make a nice bouquet for the house. The flowers of the lizard can last up to two weeks in the water.

The popularity of the Lisianthus as a cut flower makes it possible to find them in flowers all year long. The flower is very grateful for growing; you will be surprised how long the flowering season for plants is healthy.

Maintain moisture in the soil, but avoid excessive watering of the Lisianthus and stop with it until the plant is stationary. Tackling the skill of cultivating the Lisianthus will give you pleasure in the lei and will reward you with long-lasting flowers for home arrangements.

Lisianthus – Secret message

When we take all of the hodden symbolism and meaning of flowers, it is easy to assume that flowers are hiding a special message just for us to decipher them. These messages can sometimes be simple and other times they are more complex. When you look at a Lisianthus flower you would never assume that this flower is hiding something special for you. The message behind the

Lisianthus flower is that you always need to show gratitude to other people and always behave towards them the way you want others to behave towards you. This beautiful flower is teaching you to be more open to people and to express your affection towards them, without being afraid that they are not going to give you the same in return. Sometimes we just have to let go and give into our feelings, no matter how fragile we make ourselves.