Green Rose – Meaning and Symbolism

Roses are usually called the Queens of flowers. These beautiful things grow on almost all continents and their mesmerizing scent makes our days more fulfilled. Roses come in various shapes and colors, but one of the more unusual colors is the Green Rose.

This unusual plant grow in specific parts of the world and it can be a gorgeous present to anyone you decide to gift this interesting flower.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the meaning and symbolism behind the Green Rose and how this flower can bring more mystery in our lives.

What Does the Green Rose Mean?

The rose is “the” symbol of love – there you could write a whole book about it! It is still in the first place in the popularity among so many flowers, and it symbolizes the heart in the Indian Tetras and in the Middle Ages was considered a tried and true love item.

It is reported that Eve, when she was expelled from Paradise, secretly took a rose from the Garden of Paradise and thus brought the roses into our secular gardens. Not for nothing is it attributed to the love goddess Venus.

Already among the Greeks it was declared a symbol of love, because in the Greek saga of the saga Aphrodite, the goddess of love, is born from the foam of the sea with a white rose bush

The Italian painter Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) depicts the legend of her birth in his most famous work “Birth of Venus” (= Aphrodite) – it rains roses (identified as Rosa Alba Maxima) from the sky. The roses became red later. It is said that Aphrodite betrayed her husband Ares with Adonis. In revenge, he killed the rival. On the way to her dying lover, she stepped into the thorns of roses.

Her blood colored the white roses red. Thus, the two colors of the rose got their meaning: the white rose represents the purity of love, while red became the color for desire and passion. From Aphrodite the rose passed to the Eros, the Graces and Muses. But the rose was also dedicated to Dionysus and therefore appears as a decoration for the feasters.

Etymological Meaning of the Green Rose

The name Rose was derived from the Roman word „rhodon“ and this world comes from the indogerman word „vrod“ which means gentle.

Symbolism of the Green Rose

In the famous Rose novel by Guillaume de Lorris / Jean de Meun, the rose is simply the female gender. In the Englishman “prick”, Latin for the spike of roses, means the male thorn. Rose buds and petals were used to increase the medial power and to conjure health, protection and happiness.

When roses are worn as an amulet – by women in their hair, by men in their buttonholes – they stand for passionate love, English girls picked a rose on the day of the solstice, kept it superstitious until Christmas, and set it up for church; then the future husband shall appear and take her from the breast

Even handing over a rose equals a confession of love. Thus, in Marvel Carne’s film, “The Children of Olympus,” the beautiful Garance raises a rose to the pantomime Baptiste to express her affection. In Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s Rosenkavalier, the young Octavion is sent as a bridal attendant with a rose to the young Sophie

(Not only) in Tyrol, the groom still today gives the bride roses – “If you give yourself roses in Tyrol, you know what that means. In France, on the wedding morning, the bride throws rose petals into a pond or river as a symbolic farewell to her girlhood. Oscar Wilde begins his novel “The Portrait of Dorian Gray”, which felt shocking at the time, with the sentence: The studio was saturated with a rich scent of roses.

Casanova drizzled the naked female bodies of his admirers in a manic-ritual manner with rose water, before letting himself fall lustfully upon them. Don Juan Don Juan (Spanish) or Don Giovanni (Italian) is the archetype of the women’s hero. In Persia, a mighty thing could win back the lost lover if she boiled his shirt in rosewater, enriched with spices.

According to Coats, farmers in Calabria / Italy traditionally brew a rose liqueur, which is highly perfumed and has not only an intoxicating effect, but also an aphrodisiac effect. It bears the name “Sangü di Rose” = roseblood and is not made from rosehips, but from rose petals. The effect of the rose as a direct aphrodisiac is now rightly doubted; however, with rose fragrance a relaxed, balanced atmosphere is achieved!

In the culinary field, the (fragrance!) Rose conjures up refined delicacies and treats, flavored or refined with its aroma of pastries, desserts or jams; although not “directly” aphrodisiac, yet “sensual”. Perfume your gifts or love letters with a dried rose blossom. As a bath salt and in potpourri she creates a feel-good atmosphere.

The Green Rose Facts

For the great astrologers such as Agrippa von Nettesheim the rose was the actual flower of the goddess of love Venus (= Aphrodite). The Romans could not imagine the pleasure of love without fragrances and reveled literally in roses. Cleopatra is said to have spent her first night of love with Antony on a carpet of roses. The rose was dedicated to the love goddess Freya in the Germanic tribes. That is why we planted roses on the holy places.

Only on Friday, the Freya day, roses (usually the Apothecary’s rose) could be picked for healing purposes, like the mistletoe they had to be cut with golden tools. “Breaking flowers”, especially “breaking roses” and “going into the roses” have long been ciphers for the acceptance of love, but also for the violent robbery of innocence. This meaning is also clear in Goethe’s song.

Comparisons range from the “rose leaf cooling”; “bud-like” locked restraint of the girl to the dedication of the “full-blown” woman. Erotic rose expressions are also “rose garden”, “rose plan”, “rose alley”, “rose angle” as designation for the city districts of medieval and partly also modern cities, in which the joy girls lived.

Meaningful Botanical Characteristics of the Green Rose

Root-bare roses are placed in the water for a few hours before planting so that they can soak. The rose should be in the water at least up to the finishing point. The finishing is the thickened section above the root where the shoots emerge.

Basically, the later you plant the roses, the longer they should be in the water bath. 24 hours in spring, eight hours in autumn.

Tip for keeping them fresh is to use a container for roses (roses in the pot) also grow better if you immerse the pot bale in the water until it sinks and no more bubbles rise. This way the quality growth is almost guaranteed and you can safely wait for the roses to grow tall.

Green Rose Color Meanings

The color green is the color of the balance. In its perfect neutrality between all extremes, it has a calming effect without becoming tiring.

The color green promotes characteristics such as helpfulness, endurance, tolerance and satisfaction.

In medical color therapy, green is considered a color that balances the rhythm of the heart and kidneys.

Also for gastric ulcers, allergies, eye fatigue and signs of premature aging, green is used.

The color green serves as a neutral healing color, which causes no physical discomfort or adverse reactions. It gives you strength and brings regeneration. Green gives peace of mind, because the view into the green is never exhausting, but strengthens the eye for all other impressions.

The color green we associate people with the spring, with fertile meadows, fields and forests. In magic, this color is used in rituals that aim for prosperity, happiness, fertility and success. In addition, the color green stands for harmony, rejuvenation and life.

The color green is the color of life, plants and spring. As the color of the annual renewal and the triumph of spring over the cold winter, it symbolizes hope and immortality. In China, the color green (like black) is associated with the feminine yin, the passive, receiving principle; Yellow on the other hand, the male Yang, the active, creative principle.

Due to its proximity to nature, the color green, in contrast to the stimulating effect of the color red, has a calming and harmonizing effect. Because of this, it used to be the most popular color for living rooms and salons.

The positive healing effect of the color green for body and soul, has already been recognized by Hildegard von Bingen, a leading physician of the Middle Ages.

Even today, many people walk in the green forest to relax and unwind. The billboards in the schools and the playing fields of billiard tables are green, as the color is pleasing to the eyes and emphasizes the contrast with other colors. This concentrates on the essentials.

The Green Rose Message Is

The beautiful Green Rose is telling you to keep your life in balance and to always look for the good things in life.